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What Makes A Good Blog Post?

What Makes A Good Blog Post?

As a new blogger, there are plenty of challenges you are faced with every day as you try to write blog posts that can gain readership.

I get questioned via emails from many people who start a blog, their challenge is trying to figure out what makes a good blog post. It’s hard to start a blog and make a success out of it when you do not even know what makes a good blog post stand out.

Blog Post

Often bloggers get cornered when it comes to writing exceptional blog posts, they want to write for search engine and they also want user-experience to be excellent, how do you find a balance?

What makes a good blog post is the user experience matched by value a reader gets out of every blog post you write. What it means is that every blog post you write, make sure that:

  • It delivers the customers’ expectations.
  • It Provides valuable takeaway tips and tricks for the reader who engages with your blog posts.
  • It informs and offers actionable step by step to move the reader from one level of knowledge to the other.

Blog Post

If I write a blog post about how to start a blog and make money, my post should make sure that it takes a newbie from knowing little to nothing and move towards getting started and earning the money through that blog.

Our FREE course- Express 10K is a perfect blog example. It takes new bloggers through real business case studies, showing them exactly behind the scenes in a real business with no holding back step by step and over the shoulder as they build their own real business.

First Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post

Blog post ideas for writers

Writing your first blog post shouldn’t be something to worry too much about. Many new bloggers struggle to write their first blog post, and this is why I choose to write out some ideas for people looking for their first blog post ideas.

List of first blog post ideas

1. Choose a topic you know very well, a topic you can competent with and ready for questions about it anytime. Alternatively, research about a topic if you don’t know much about it.

2. People love to read a post with statistics and figures, it is important to share such data.

3. Create inspiring quotes relating to your keyword or topic.

4. In details, write down the process you are taking in creating something.

Blog Post


5. Share the tactics you use to get results out.

6. List the tactics other bloggers use in some of their topic or post.

7. Create easy to use a template for your visitors to use and which saves time.

8. Don’t forget to share how to make money in your niche.

9. How fast and better to do something which is related to your topic.

10 Talk about the common problems your target audience have and how to resolve them.

Get This $1 /Month Web Hosting With Cpanel And All Features To Start A Blog Even If [You are A Newbie].


11. Create an inspiring post with what inspires you.

12. Share some truth on how you go about your work and how you are making the best of what you do.

13. Ask friends online solutions to some problems you may have.

14. Ask Other bloggers for advice on any problem you may have.

15. Suggest to your audience what to read and where.

16. Share with your audience free courses and products that would be helpful to them.

Blog Post
17. Write detail FAQ on topics of your interest.

18. Compare other bloggers to identify common things about them.

19. Find common questions on forums and answer them.

20. Join social groups online like facebook groups, find their questions and answer them if you can.

21. Target problems your visitors have and provide answers or solutions.

22 Pick some successful bloggers that are related to your niche and talk about some of their posts.

23. Suggest what your audience can do and what they should avoid doing for best results.

24. Offer your audience a chance to ask questions through email or comment box or offer to help with something.

25. Share your experience and journey and how you got results.

26. Share what books and recommendations that have helped you.

27. While writing a blog post, answer your audience or readers questions.

Blog Post

28. Snoop on their blog comments and gather repeated questions and provide answers.

29. Share what skills are vital for your chosen niche.

30. Talk about the common mistakes about the topic you are writing about.

31. Lessons to be learned from your experience.

32. Write a list of blog links for guides purposes.

33. Write a complete review of any products you use.

34. Talk to other bloggers and ask them questions or for ideas on how you can improve your blog post.

35. Write a thank you post thanking everyone who had helped you along the way.

36. Share the latest headline news on your chosen topic.

37. Make videos tutorials on some of your topics.

38. Write about some common mistakes other bloggers make and suggest alternatives.

39. Do a thorough keyword research using Keyword Everywhere, Adwords, BuzzSumo, KWFinder, StoryBase.

I really hope this helps someone out there struggling on What Makes A Good Blog Post?. Leave a comment below and share your own experience with Writing a blog post.


How To Start A Fashion Blog

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Want To Start A Fashion Blog?

Here Is How To Start A Fashion Blog

How To Start A Fashion Blog Alexander McQueen

Starting a fashion blog is one of many forms of earning money online writing blogs. Believe it or not, many aspiring bloggers ask me questions via our Facebook group and email, and the question is always how to start a fashion blog?

Every time I answer questions about how to start a fashion blog, I feel like am repeating myself like a broken record. Considering that I also have a blogging beginners framework course to run, I thought of putting this post out,  so I can just copy and paste a link with an organized set of tools and reading resources for anyone who is wondering how starting a fashion blog works.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

By the way, if you are new to our blog, you must check out our blogging beginners’ framework course we have plenty of FREE resources you could use when starting a fashion blog.

How To Start A Blog – A Beginners Guide to Successful WordPress Blogging In 90 days

How To Start A Fashion Blog

How to start a fashion blog, is not much of a different scenario, especially if you are following our blogging system inside our Blogging Framework.

Most aspiring bloggers get it all wrong when they get inspired to start a fashion blog, they typically go on a whip, with no blogging plan in place. No blogging system that works to hand, quite frankly they do not consider how they will run the blog, how their blogging efforts will eventually translate to a money making site.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Usually, they will start a blog, using free hosted blogging platforms like blogger or (Mind you! there’s free hosted one and self-hosted)

No wonder many bloggers who choose to start their blogging business this way, get stuck for years without making any money at the setup stage. They will publish a couple of articles, and wait for a miracle to happen, which will propel their blog into stardom status.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way how starting a fashion blog or just about any profitable blog works. You need a plan.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Fashion bloggers who are successful at running their blogging business have plans and they are constantly delivering value to their audience every day.

Fashion Blogging Ideas

Here is a list of 20 fashion blogging ideas to help you kick-start your fashion blog:

  1. Get organize with your fashion wishlist
  2. Give style advice using pictures from any new items you added to your wardrobe
  3. A fashion haul
  4. A fashion DIY
  5. Your seasonal fashion choice
  6. Connect with fellow blogger who shares same ideas but different approach
  7. Share fashion tips to your audience
  8. Share your everyday fashion choice like going to office wears etc
  9. Your favorite shops
  10. Share your gym wear ideas
  11. Introduce your own fashion trend
  12. Festive outfit tips with pictures
  13. Vacation fashion tips
  14. Your best choice winter outfits
  15. Your best choice spring outfits
  16. Your best choice autumn outfits
  17. Your best choice summer outfits
  18. Your choice of coats, bags, and shoes
  19. Your top 5 fashion icons
  20. Your top 10 must have season fashions

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Create Your Own Website It’s Easy & Free

Fashion Blogging Sites


vlogging tools – Do You Really Need To Own The Best Vlogging Camera To Become A Vlogger?


Blogging For Money

Blogging For Money – How Much Can You Make From Blogging?

How Much Can You Make From Blogging?

Blogging for money can be misleading for many new bloggers especially when your motive for starting a blog was more to do with the current trend and potential seen in top money making blogs.

Nothing wrong in seizing the opportunity presented with blogging for money, however, if you intend on starting your own blog to earn money, just make sure your chosen niche is more interesting to write about.

The trouble with the current proliferation of money making blogs is those scrupulous internet marketers who get sloppy in promising success to anyone who jumps at blogging for money rather than competence and value.

Having run my own blog for nearly 8 years now, I know a thing or two about blogging for money. Top money making blogs are easy to find online, and if you look at them carefully enough, you will quickly notice that they have one or two things in common:

Here Are Some Of Common Blogging For Money Facts You Must Know

  • Blogging for money is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s hard work combined with persistence and consistency.
  • Many new bloggers read the Cinderella stories of the top money making blogs and jump on the blogging for money wagon.
  • This is why there are many failures in launching blogging businesses around.
  • Blogging for money only works if the core of your blog is value-centered rather than profits.
  • Regardless of whether your interest is blogging for money, unless you have valuable content, no money will exchange hands.

How Much Can You Make From Blogging

Blogging For Money:

How much money can you make blogging

Serious money can be made through blogging, but you do need to understand that there is a formula before you start salivating when you hear of how much money you can make blogging. | Hosting, Domains, Website Services & Servers

I can’t speak of how much money can you make blogging without mentioning the sort of work you have to put in to get your foot into the seven-figure blogger status.

Just like any other job, how much money you make blogging demands hard work in order to sustain a consistency monthly payout from your blog.

Bloggers who are earning more than enough from blogging are persistent individuals who sacrificed plenty of time in building an audience.

Self-confessed college dropout Jorden of  Writing Revolt earns $15K a month(and growing) from her blog she set up after she and her fiance lost their jobs unexpectedly.

“It only took 4 months of full-time freelancing to get my blog making $5K a month. If you are wondering how much money can you make from blogging, please look no further than this. Jorden is your girl next door kind of a blogger you would easily find to be blunt in her blogging style and straight to the point when delivering valuable points she is always sharing. In her unfiltered response, she says, “I didn’t have a degree (still don’t). I didn’t have a ton of experience. But what I did have was a passion for learning and an unstoppable desire to grab life by the balls and control my career. So that’s exactly what I did. Now, I make far more from freelance writing and blogging than I have at any other job.”


Blogging For Money

Stay at home mum Allison Lindstrom of is not your average blog mum, she is a fierce and focused blogger who set her eyes on quitting her 9-5 job after maternity leave motivated her to explore if blogging for money was a viable option.

Having set her goal to at least make enough money to cover her monthly paycheck from her job, she was surprised how quickly and timely her blogging efforts paid off when she made $8K (and counting).

Allison Lindstrom says she is a total nerd when it comes to blogging, and her goal is to reach out to female bloggers and help them find their voice online. You will find her blogging style and delivery to be insightful, inspiring and full of value. Her style is indeed an antidote to failure if you are a struggling blogger.

How do bloggers get paid

Bloggers earn money differently from one to the other, if you are wondering how they get paid, there are a handful ways to bank big with blogging. If you are just beginning your journey in the blogosphere, you have a whole lot of ground to cover. 

The great news is that, getting paid as a blogger only takes a little bit of focus and goal setting with a strong intent to getting paid for your work as fast as possible.

Some bloggers get paid to promote other people’s products, it is called affiliate marketing, Eg Amazon associate program

How to make money blogging for beginners

There is something immensely comforting about starting a blog, knowing that your thoughts are out there, changing other peoples’ lives. Frankly speaking, that is the reason why many folks start blogging.
My case was different, I knew I could make serious money running a blog, so I jumped in and got started. If you are wondering how to make money blogging as a beginner, then you should know that there are many ways how bloggers make money, and some of these can be:

  • #1 Starting a service ie becoming a freelancer.

Freelancing is one of the lowest hanging fruits in how bloggers make money almost from the day they start.

To learn more about how to become a prolific freelancer, I recommend Writing Revolt as your best go to resource to learn how you too could take on the freelancing slice share of market in less than three to six months. Joden has plenty of free resources you can dive into to get you on the right track with little to no investment.

How Freelancing as a business work?

Pros and Cons of Making Money as A Freelance blogger.

  • #2 Make Money as An Affiliate Blogger

  • #3 Make Money As A Product Creative Blogger

How Much Can You Make From Blogging

Website Builder 250x250
Many people complicate things when it comes to making money selling your own products you create.

Creating a digital product is a way to make money from a blog, it’s very much underutilized way of making money by bloggers as it involves preparing and selling your own e-book.

However you look at it, I love it and it pays well. There is no roadmap to this! Just pick a subject you’re knowledgeable in, one that people are likely to pay to learn about, write your e-book, then market it on your site. Listen, I could give you a list of near-perfect ebook launches here just to encourage you, but I won’t do it and look salesy just so you can take a leap.

If you are serious about making money with a blog, this is it. Make sure to sign up for PayPal — and you should if you want to work on the web — Paypal can be a handy tool as a new blogger, you can use their shopping cart to not only collect payments for your e-book but also to download it once they’ve paid. Again, this is an easy, passive way to earn extra money from your blog.

You would be forgiven to think that wondering how bloggers make money is an irrelevant question, in fact, many folks have no clue of how to monetize their blog and they are still pounding the internet, trying to find answers.

Guys! It’s happening as we speak! people are going crazy On Facebook, Instagram and even in live workshops asking, how come some folks make more money blogging than a teacher or doctor who studied their craft for 7 years before practicing.

Anyone can make money blogging provided they are willing to put in the time and effort to start and grow a blog. They say hard work is a bitter pill that’s hard to swallow. But am always encouraged by the hefty cheques hitting my bank every month even when I have only worked 40hrs the whole month!

Listen, if you really have something to say, and you are contemplating of starting a blog, you should take a step and start your own blog.

Yes, to become a successful blogger it will not be easy, at the very least, you will have to publish great content, learn or know how to build relationships with your audience and the right people in your industry, you will also have to master the right traffic strategies, but at the bottom of it all, you have to have a wicked smart personality that gushes belief to make you accept that you deserve better income and all the attention that comes with blogging.

As bloggers, we are truly uniquely positioned and special people in our respective niche markets. And am sure you too have what it takes to make money writing blogs. You just need to find and carve your own share of the market where you can be a rock star.

Blogging For Money

Hard to believe how easy it is to become the kind of a rockstar blogger you always dreamed.

Unfortunately, the society is made of classes of people. There are others who are blessed with impeccable writing skills, yet so useless if not wasteful at making a business out of their skillsets.

So they go out and get their books published, just like all other losers who are some combination of ignorant, obtuse, unoriginal, boring, or forgettable. You read their work, and you come away thinking they’re kind of dumb, heck! at least they are trying, right?

So if you have something to say, come online and start a blog. Besides, what have you got to lose? Even if it means calling out others and shaming them….. erm is that not what gossip bloggers use to make millions?

If you’re not sure making money with a blog is possible, just look at these bloggers who started out just like you and grew their blog to thousands a month!

Suggesting that these successful bloggers are smarter than you are is just plain stupid, and frankly speaking, it’s dumb!

Running a successful blog as a business is knowing how to leverage other people’s expertise, listening and knowing when to ask for help from others who are ahead of the game in your industry.

Blogging For Money

There is a set of traits you can find in pretty much all of these bloggers, lucky for you it can be learned if you are willing to learn and put in the work.

They know damn near everything about their topic. And if they don’t know it, it’s in their reading pile.

They can take enormously complex ideas and compress them into simple language anyone can understand.

At least some of what they say is truly original. You’ve never heard it anywhere before. Ever.

Even if you have no interest whatsoever in their topic, they find a way to captivate you and make you interested. It’s spooky.

You find yourself thinking about something they wrote or said weeks or even years into the future.

How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging?

Top Blogs That Make Money Writing Blogs

Top blogs that make money online have one thing in common, and that’s solving problems that readers seeking a solution are searching for.

Chances are that you might be considering in joining in on the growing trend of six-figure top blogs that make money online.

I want to save you some grief and time so you can get to your goals and start crushing it like these other top bloggers earning money while working from home.

Listen, you have probably heard of niche sites and affiliate, maybe you even jumped on youtube to see how to start a website guide and some WordPress tutorial. Actually, that’s a noble thing to do…
Finally, you are taking steps to create a blog and hope to make money blogging…

Read More On Make Money Writing Blogs

Best Blog Sites To Read When You Start A Blog As A Business

Best Blog sites to read when starting a blog as a business are a key to your success as a blogger and in this article, I will be sharing some tips and tricks you can use to better improve your chances of making a success out of your blog.

We all go online in search of something, those looking for entertainment won’t find any value in an SEO blog. Equally, for blog readers seeking for best ways to make money writing blogs will not enjoy reading Buzzfeed. Having said that, the good news with blogging is the fact that it has so many facets catering for just about everybody’s taste, you just have to browse and see what tickles your fancy.

Am passionate about three things and having run blogs for a few years, I have now come to learn that regardless of which category your blog falls in, you will need a few general understanding of:

Read More On Best Blog Sites To Read

Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Finding the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog can be daunting when you are new to the blogosphere! Luckily for you deciding which one would be the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog has been made easier even if you are a complete newbie to starting a blog. Web Hosting $3.95

I recommend using WordPress And Here’s Why?
Common sense is the cheapest commodity for many but when it comes to keeping us grounded, it is the most precious commodity. I would highly recommend WordPress to be the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog as it is unbelievably customizable and can adaptable to almost anything you can imagine it doing in your business, whether you want to build a WordPress based sales funnel, WordPress based Membership website or an e-commerce store for your business, WordPress is your best friend.

Read More On Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Blogging For Money

How To Make Money Buying And Selling Domain Names

Flipping domain names for profit may not be your Ideal small business on your mind, however when done right, making money through the sale of domain names can be a very lucrative business.

It also has to be said that flipping domain names for profit are not your average business model. It is most definitely not your get rich quick scheme either.

If you want to make money selling domain names, you will have to do market research and due diligence way before you buy your domain.

Buying the rights to an internet domain name that someone else wants allows you to charge them either for licensing or purchase. Even sites that others don’t want right away can be an opportunity for advertisement.

This can be a risky business, but the right domain name can create a substantial return on investment.

In this post, I share with you a step by step to the dos and don’ts for flipping domain names for profit.

Read More On Flipping Domain Names For Profit

best student planner apps

Best Student Planner Apps For Productivity

Best Student Planner Apps For Productivity

The growing responsibilities for students as they go to college or university can never be underestimated. Back in the day when I was a student, we had no student planner apps, but what we had was printable student planners in pdf format. Life was not easy, but we made the best out of it.

You might be wondering why am walking down the memory lane when I could just go straight to the point. My point is , despite all the technology, you would think that the way student planners work has evolved to the extreme, as  a matter of fact, student planners still remain an integral part of becoming a good and well organised student. Being organised today has taken a new twist with all these android student planner apps.

The one thing I love about best student planner apps found on android and ios is that they are just an adaptation of best student planner pdf. What many developers have done with student planners, is to skin it and make it more portable by digitizing into and making it mobile friendly for techie savvy students.

Why Best Student Planner Apps?

You are a student who wants to achieve results with precision and would like to develop a surgical approach to your studying strategies.

If you are a student who wants to avoid getting overwhelmed by the growing list of things to do list. Probably you also want to get a side hustle to earn a little bit of money on the side and you just want to make sure that your side hustle doesn’t get in the way of your studies.

More importantly, you might be considering of starting a blog as your side hustles, in that case then you will need to really get organised in the way you plan you activities so that nothing is left behind.

Hard to admit, but many students are used to parents helping them with  getting organised in their daily life activities, getting up in the morning, doctors appointments, and budgeting , good news is that when you leave home, you can now use these student planners apps or student planner pdf to put you on the right truck of daily activities.

Office Lens

Office lens is a free ios, android and windows student planner app which you can use to plan on your life around.

The office lens plays a vital role in planning as it is capable of taking pictures of receipts, blackboard or just about anything then turn that into editable and easy to share notes.

This application is a powerful mini machine which can take pictures from a distance, then clean all the blaring to render a clear picture for you!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep is the best medicine that cures and replenishes your energy levels, as a student you are going to need loads of it whether you like it or not. This is because you brain relies upon it to function at it’s best. Reality is the growing responsibility can trigger anxiety and stress related sleep apnea. What sleep cycle alarm clock does is that it helps you regulate your sleep patterns so you can get the best out of your sleep clock.

Sleep Cycle uses your phone’s microphone and/or accelerometer to analyze your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the best time, when you’re in your lightest sleep state (within a window that you set, so that you’re not late).

Dragon Dictation

The dragon dictation app is probably the best app for me as a blogger, most of my students run blogs along with their college and university studies, with dragon dictation, my students can dictate blog posts, lesson notes taking which are delivered into their inbox seamlessly therefore saving them the typing and nail crunching jobs of spending hours in front of the laptop.

Microsoft office free app

I love the idea of having full access to my desktop office applications on my mobile, and if you too would like to access your office applications then you will definitely like this app. Get power point ,word and even note all in your comfort  of your mobile phone.

My Homework Student Planner

Isn’t it amazing how much of a life changer these little apps can do to our lives? My homework student planner is the maverick you will always have access to when you need to. And the best part of this app is that you can track classes, schedule and monitor progress so you can do what you need to stay on top of things.

Download Free App Here

Wunderlist The To Do List And Task Planner

You got to see wunderlist in action for you to believe what it is capable of doing. From shopping , to packing for college, this app has you covered. Set due dates for your projects, share your projects in a collaborative and intuitive dashboard which allows teams to sync collective efforts into wunderlist.

wunderlist student planner

wunderlist student plannerwunderlist student planner

student planning applicationsstudent planning applications


Bruna Lima Case Study-How This Instagram-Famous Fitness Guru Makes Money With Instagram

How This Instagram famous Model Makes Money As A Blogger, An Affiliate And Model

Bruna Lima is an Instagram-famous model and occasional fitness guru, who is best known for her swimsuit photos, bublicious booty every girl envies. Unlike Julia Gilas, another famous fitness guru, who is now 31 years of age, Bruna Lima is only 21. Bruna Lima has stated that her goal is motivating and inspiring others. What we all know after a careful look into her activities over at Instagram says otherwise. What is impressive about Bruna Lima, is her clever move to turning her passion for fitness into an income generating activity which has earned her serious money through e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Before Fame

Bruna Lima was working at a juice bar inside of a local gym when everyone would tell her that she had everything it takes to become a fitness model.

Despite having earned over 1.6 million Instagram followers on her xoobruna account, she was adamant that she was only a girl next door and nothing more could come out of her impeccable good looks and love for showing off her well formed.

There is something phenomenon about Instagram and starting a blog which I find to be immensely comforting about starting a small scale business blog.

Bruna Lima knowingly fronts her perfectly formed Brazilian bottom out there, she says changing other peoples’ lives by sharing her results of coordinated diet and best exercises for grutes come first.

This resonates well with many of her followers who aspire to achieve the same butt and body type through her workout guides.

Frankly speaking, the reason why many girls have saggy butts is lack of commitment to starting to live consciously.


​Most effective buttocks exercises achieve better results when you combine your butt workouts and dietary supplements which makes your bum fuller and round.

Taking fat burning exercises that works both your butt and thighs gives your core workout what it needs to deliver an effective buttocks exercises.

Bruna Lima does squats to bolster her core, this also helps to tone her body while lifting her buttocks into what you call a perfect Brazilian butt but also squats helps her build overall lower body strength.

To do squats for the most effective buttocks exercises:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be facing forward, rather than turned out to the side. Tighten your stomach muscles for stability.

Place your hands in a prayer position, with the palms touching. They should be parallel to your chest, but not touching.Bend your knees and squat down as if you were going to sit on a chair.

Stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground.Be careful that you squat downward, rather than forward.

Perform your first squats sideways in front of a mirror, so that you can check your knees and the curvature of your back.

Pause at the bottom. Then, rise again squeezing your buttocks as you stand. You should feel your gluteal muscles and upper thighs working to lift you to a standing position.

Repeat this exercise in reps of 10-20. Keep in mind that squats are a strength training and cardio exercise so they should be difficult.

Reduce the repetitions to 10 if you cannot keep the proper form throughout the exercise.Increase the intensity of this butt-lifting exercise by adding hand weights.

Use 2 to 5 lb hand weights and hold them down at your sides as you squat down.

Do You Struggle with saggy buttocks? Try Plie Exercises.

The plie is actually an exercise that got it’s start in ballet studios.

A common exercise for dancers, doing plies is another great exercise to lift your butt.Move your feet out so that they are slightly wider than hip-width apart.

Your toes should be turned outwards away from your body at about a 45-degree angle.Check whether you are in proper position by ensuring your knees line up with your second toes.

If they do not, turn out your feet less. Your knees must track over the second toe to keep the pressure from falling into the knee joint.Raise your arms out to the sides so they are parallel to the floor, like a ballet dancer, as you squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor.

If you cannot plie to a parallel position, do a smaller move and work toward the full squat.Pause at the bottom. Then, slowly lift yourself back up to a straight position squeezing your glutes as you come back up to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times.

You can increase the intensity by holding a kettle bell with both hands. The process of turning out the legs will concentrate the effort in a different part of the glutes.

Bruna’s case may be different, I know she is a Brazilian native so everyone will jump to conclusions about Brazilian bubble butts. I don’t buy that!

Bruna works hard for her body type to show for her, and the good part is the serious money she is making running an e-commerce blog off her body and passion for fitness.

If you are wondering how Bruna Lima makes money as a blogger, then you should know that there are many ways how bloggers make money, and Bruna Lima isn’t an exception to make serious money with a blog, you too can replicate her business model and make a great success out of it.

How ?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can all have an important role to play when it comes to starting a blog and making money running that blog. What you see on Bruna Lima’s Instagram account is a min fitness photo magazine.

Now if you take a look at her profile, you will notice that she has a website link which takes you to her e-commerce blog where she promotes fashion accessories.

There is even a better way of doing this with Instagram and Youtube to really zero-in on long-term value out of Instagram.It all begins with an Instagram funnel design where you can apply tactical list building on a niche focused audience.

With this system running behind your business, you can scale your Instagram business from making 10K to 100K or a million dollars depending on what model you want to apply in your business.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

How Do Bloggers Get Paid: How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging?

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

how to get paid for blogging on wordpress

One single most important question in the mind of anyone who is hoping or trying to start a blog is, how do bloggers get paid? If I can be honest with you, this should be your last question after you have done a thorough research on how you can start a blog.

Passion pays you more than any other lifestyle you can think of. Your passion for something earns you greater reward than just an escape root. Imagine footballers today, none of them started playing football because it is the highest paying profession,  it is their passion for football that earns them those rewards.

Also, if you think you want to blog because those who blog make money, then my friend, you have a long way to go. Blogging has a vast category of areas it covers, how do you know which to follow if you don’t have the passion?

If you want to get paid blogging, then decide what type of blogging you will be most suited. Myself as an example, I love to write, write stories, answer peoples questions and provide need direction and assistance to things. The only root which allows me to do all these is by blogging, so here I am blogging all night and day. Because of this, I can confidently answer the question of how do bloggers get paid.

If you are now at the right stage of your blogging or writing career to ask those questions, then let’s get going.

How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging?

get paid to blog and write articles from home

Let me first break this down so you can understand. There are 2 ways a blogger makes money blogging

There are 2 ways a blogger makes money blogging, the first is –

1 Through a method known as The Low Passive Income (Low Maintainance Passive Income)

2 Through a method known as Personal High Income (Personal Involvement High Income)

The Low Passive Income (Low Maintainance Passive Income)

get paid to blog about your life

These form of income doesn’t require you to invest any money or exchange goods for money. It is, in fact, the easy way in which a blogger makes enough money to take care of all necessity. This is because it is a recurring passive income and it is generated through those plugins on your blog eg, paid for click campaigns like Google Adsense, selling advert spaces, membership sites, ebook sales and affiliate marketing.

I call this method the low-hanging fruit, you can make money with this method even when you are away, or sleep at night without having to spend any time for you to be paid.

Personal High Income (Personal Involvement High Income)

how do fashion bloggers get paid

This form of income involves your personal time, as time is more. You get paid for spending your time on something like offering personal consultation for your niche.

Personal high income can be earned through webinars, speaking at live events and personal consultations. All these take away your time, that is why it is worth the time and money even though you charge more than others.

It is wise to set up a passive income first so you can pay your bills and maintain your family and have more time for yourself, then venture into helping others through personal involvement by creating webinars, personal consultations and speaking at events.

With all these being said, let’s get to the question of how do bloggers get paid.

How do bloggers get paid

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

You should know there are many bloggers out there, and they all use a different method to earn money. But the secret is to be a master on one before jumping to another. The list of income streams is huge, dont be tempted to think you can takle all at once. But personally I can only share with you what I know and tried and what other I personally are using and getting paid blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

How does affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is when you partner with a merchant (product or service provider) to promote their product for a fee. You do this by reviewing a product or service offered by the merchant or producer to your audience and providing a link to the product or service when your audience clicks on the link which takes them to that product or service and the purchase the product or service you get paid a commission.

You do this by reviewing a product or service offered by the merchant or producer to your audience and providing a link to the product or service when your audience clicks on the link which takes them to that product or service and they purchase the product or service you get paid a commission.

Some affiliate pays you just by bringing them a new customer, while some only pay you when someone actually buys the product or service you recommended. You can make some substantial amount of money by sending a lot of customers to them not just sending one or two customers. Some also pay you a recurring fee for a customer who buys.

Examples of these affiliate programs:

Amazon affiliate program


Commision Junction (CJ)

Paperjam affiliate network





CPM Advertising Networks

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is CPM advertising networks?

With CPM advertising network you earn money with the amount of traffic sent to an advertiser. That traffic you are sending to the advertiser does not have to click on the advertiser’s product to generate any pay. By just displaying an AD on your site you will earn some money, but with this, you need to be driving a lot of traffic to see reasonable results.

Examples of CPM advertising networks:


Burst media



Tribal fusion



Casale media




Pay Per Click ADs

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-click (PPC), is also called cost per click (CPC). It is an online/internet advertising tool which is used to send traffic to your site, and this case the advertiser pays an owner or a network of websites when the ads are clicked. Read more.

Examples of Pay Per Click Ads:

Google Adsense


Yahoo Publishers network 

Workshop Leader

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Workshop leader?

Workshop leader is someone who teaches others on how to guides, either on how to generate traffic to your site or something else. Being a workshop leader is another way a blogger makes money because most people like to listen to an experienced person talk to them on a particular topic. By attending workshops you will get to ask direct questions and get direct answers.

Paid Webinar

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Paid Webinar?

Paid Webinar is when you do a video teaching your paying subscribers on how to guides. A paid webinar is a good way of generating good money but you have to know how to charge for webinars. There are two types of webinars, free webinar and paid webinar. With a free webinar, you give the teachings for free, but make money with the packages you have included in the free webinar like learn more packages.

Physical Products

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

Selling physical product is another way to earn money as a blogger, you can sell audio CDs or Video CDs of your popular webinars, books and other products relating to your blogging site. What you are selling must be something with value, something worth buying and also know how to contain your price.

Online Course

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Online Course?

Online course conveys a progression of lessons to a web program or cell phone, to be helpfully accessed to whenever and wherever. An online course is and planned and a constructed avenue for learning to many people. By creating an online course with or from your blog post is another great way bloggers make money. Personally, I have an online course going on, because it targets the basic learning tools for bloggers, it’s being a success.

Audio Book

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Audio Book?

An audiobook is usually a digitally recorded version of a book on CD or cassette which is usually a reading from a book or novel. You can make money as a blogger with audio book if you convert your online course into audio book and sold on Amazon. You can do the recording yourself or by a professional narrator or by an actor which can be sold alongside your ebook or online course.

Job Boards

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Job Board?

Job board allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled, also you can sell your own advertisement by listing job. Other employment sites offer employer reviews, career and job-search advice, and describe different job descriptions or employers. You can also earn money per click when traffic to your blog click of your job board to apply for the job positions.

Example of Job Board?


For best ways on how do bloggers get paid, choose what works for you. Don’t be everywhere, be familiar with what you are doing, establish a passive income stream. Creating quality content is also ideal for your blog, so when it comes to converting them into passive income you will only need to copy and paste.

Blogging For Money: How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners
How To Make A Youtube Video

How To Make A YouTube Video

How To Make A YouTube Video

How To Make A YouTube Video For Free

How To Make And Post A Youtube Video

I have carefully listed some bullet points to follow on how to make a youtube video. These points are not rocket science, and you need not be an artist in other to create a professional or viral video on youtube. Soon you will find out its same old simple things we all do in our rooms that have landed so many people into becoming youtube millionaires.
The secrets to making a youtube video:

How To Make And Upload A Youtube Video

Knowing What Gadgets To Use For Your Video

Using A Smartphone

When I mention gadget, I wasn’t talking about video recording equipment, by simply using your smartphone you can create an amazing video for youtube. Smartphones are quite portable which makes them an ideal video recording tools for youtube.
Smartphones come with some very interesting benefits which will help any Vblogger capture the best moments anytime. Smartphones have two-way cameras both front and back, this features come handy when you want to record an event and also record yourself at the same time.
Also, smartphones come with enough storage space to save your recordings. Even though videos are known to take up storage spaces, you can either delete after the work is complete( if you have successfully uploaded on youtube) or transferred to your computer or cloud.

Some of the best smartphone cameras for youtube videos:
How To Make A YouTube Video

UMIDIGI Plus E 5.5 inch Unlocked SIM-Free 4G LTE Smartphone

Cubot MAX 6-Inch SIM-Free Smartphone

Apple iPhone 6 UK Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F 32GB Unlocked Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SIM-Free Smartphone


HTC U Play 32 GB SIM-Free Smartphone

Sony Xperia XA1 (Dual Sim) UK SIM-Free Smartphone

How To Make A YouTube VideoUsing A Webcam

A webcam will seem to be the least of gadget to use for a youtube video, but compared to smartphones webcam also makes good videos.

Webcams have a capacity to make significantly quality videos, yet in the event that you can’t afford to buy a smartphone, they will take care of business.

If the laptop or PC you are using doesn’t have a webcam, you can normally buy and install an external camera.

How To Make A YouTube Video

Laptop/PC Webcam

Using A Camcorder

Using a camcorder can also be very good. Camcorders have quality videos just like any smartphones, but the produce preferably better pictures. commonly have preferred show quality over a cell phone or webcam.

You can also use the camcorder SD card to transfer videos from your camcorder to your laptop for editing and upload to youtube. There a handful of camcorders out there, use the ones with removable SD cards and avoid camcorders which use VHS and super 8 cameras. This is because transferring your recorded data can be difficult because of the format used in them.

How To Make A YouTube Video

SD Card Camcorder

3rd Party Software

You can record information from your laptop screen by downloading a 3rd party software. This 3rd party software allows to record contents on your laptop screen, and some of this software also gives you the option of recording live stream contents/videos.

Always do a test video before going live or recording the actual content for your youtube video. 

Some 3rd party software to use for recording your PC contents:

Hyper Cam

Open Broadcast Software



PC Recording Microphone

You can use an external PC microphone to produce a good quality noise reduction sound for your video. Most smartphones, webcams and laptop/PC have inbuilt microphones, but a good PC microphone is highly recording because to help reduce background sounds so your video can stand out once you have published it.

PC Recording Microphone

Having An Idea

Do you have an idea?

Are you ready to share an idea with the world?

Then what are you waiting for?

You must have an idea of what type of video you want to create. An idea should come first before embarking on how to make a youtube video.

Now that you have an idea, you should write it down in form of a script. Have a go at writing a content/script, doing this before settling on a video classification will help decide the sort of video you wish to record.

1&1 Hosting

Using Trend for your Videos

Trending videos are the most watched videos on youtube. Youtube has a large presence all over the world, and this causes a variety of videos to be uploaded daily on youtube. Even though there are thousands of videos posted everyday on youtube, only a few number of them gets a massive attention.

I will give you some ideas of such videos which have a massive view and a good amount of following.

Some of the youtube videos that tend to get massive attention are:

  • Vblogs also called video blogs: This type of videos will appear with the person who made it where they are talking about a particular thing.
  • Video games
  • Tutorial videos
  • Pet videos
  • Review videos
  • Comedy videos

How To Make A YouTube Video


Personal Videos

Your idea for a youtube video can be personal, and personal video can only be viewed by people close to you whom you choose. They can only view the video when you share the video URL, meanwhile, those you share the URL with can decide to share it with others. So it’s not really personal when it comes to videos being shared on youtube.

Personal videos can be that of your wedding or friends and family weddings, party videos, tour videos, videos of you giving a speech either in a seminar or in a similar setting. Either way, you have to plan for it so to capture the best moments before moving on to edit the videos to be published on youtube.

Remember, youtube have strict guidelines on videos to be published on their website

Youtube Monetization-How To Make Money On Youtube

How To Make A Youtube Video

Making A Youtube Video

Make sure you have a lot of light.

How To Make A YouTube Video

Record different versions of the video.

Speak loud and very clear.

Once you are done, stop recording.

Do not wear the same colour as the background of your video. ( you can wear white outfit with a white background )

Have a spotless foundation! Individuals will think you are sloppy and chaotic if your experience isn’t sufficiently spotless.

It is for the world to see, so, therefore, do your recording in a clean background.

Avoid giving out your address on social media or you will end up with embarrassing visitors or stalkers.

Remember, not everyone will like what you are doing.

How To Transfer And Edit Videos

How To Transfer Video From Smartphone To PC

Transfer the video from your smartphone to your PC/laptop by connecting your USB cable from your phone to your PC/laptop. Once you have connected to your PC/laptop, use the software on your smartphone to transfer the videos, and if you don’t know what software to use, consult your phone manual for instructions

How To Add Videos To Youtube Editor

Open the youtube app,

log into your youtube account,

Select the video camera icon,

Select the video from your smartphone or PC where you saved it.

How to Transfer Video From Camcorder

Connect your camcorder to your PC using SD card or USD cable. This automatically suggests to you what software to use to aid the transfer. If you are using SD card, you should drag the video file to save it where you desire on your computer.

If you are using SD card, you should drag the video file to save it where you desire on your computer. Also, you can copy the file and paste it.

How To Transfer Webcam Video

Usually, this can be found in the in the video folder on your PC. Also, you can locate your webcam recording on the webcam folder from there you can transfer your content to your desired location.

How To Edit Your Video

There are several options for editing your video, some smartphones like iPhone and latest Samsung comes with video editing features. Also, most PC and laptops have some editing features but you must know how to use before you can perform some actions. You can always try out with other videos just to know what you are doing.

There are also several options available for editing your video, some of this options can be found on your smartphones and windows, but others can be downloaded free and some can be bought.

Here are the options:


Windows Movie Maker

HitFilm 4 Express

Final Cut Pro X

Vegas Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Saving Video

Once the editing is done, save the video where it easy to locate, use your title keyword to save the video.

Transfer/Upload Video To Youtube

After you are done with all the editing, it’s time to upload your video to youtube. You can upload videos to youtube with your smartphone and PC, but the procedure will differ regardless of what platform you use.

Blogging For Money: How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

Making money with a blog for beginners gets really complicated when as a beginner, you are constantly told that getting to a point where you make money with a blog is hard.

Abby confesses in one of her blog post  where she says: “If the only reason I had started a blog was to make money, I wouldn’t have been at it very long. I blogged for several months before I made my first dime. I blogged for several more before I even matched my expenses. And I blogged and blogged and blogged and blogged for many, many more months before it became a full-time income.

One thing I actually like about this post is that she makes a point that resonates with my line of thinking, Everyone’s timeline is different, and we agree that making money with a blog is not a get rich quick scheme, since blogging became so popular, it has never  been an instantaneous money maker.”

How To Find An Acceptable Balance To Running A Profitable Blog?

Most successful bloggers online today will tell you how hard they found to get their blog to make money from when they  setup their blog. I completely understand that society accept working hard as a badge of approval and it signifies that what ever success you enjoy is well deserved.

Is it really necessary to toil for years before you can make a living off blogging? Not if I can help! Unfortunately many bloggers jump into the blogging business without a blog business plan. They have no idea how to buy a domain, how to get affordable web hosting for WordPress and they have no clue how to leverage their passions and turn them into a real business through writing  blogs.

how to make money blogging


How To Create  A Blog For Free And Make Money

Making money with a blog depends on how you create a blog and the way you pre-define on how money will be made on your blog.

How is your blog framework look like when you lift up the hood to see what is running behind your blog business? Many bloggers including myself have said it now and again, there is no substitute for good quality content if you want to run a successful blog. Making money with a blog even if you are a beginner is reliant on what sort of value you are delivering to your audience.

When I started this blog, the idea was to lift up the hood and share with everyone who is starting a blog or have already started their blogging journey, but are still struggling to find a writing voice, organised delivery system and how to build and grow lasting relationships with their audience.

This is why when you come here you are guaranteed to learn how to start a blog, how to make money with a blogger even if you are a beginner and how to scale up your business  when you start small. So our frame work is built to deliver value precisely to that audience and not otherwise.

Are you looking for ways on how to start a fashion blog? Chances are that if you have been looking around, you have been told that all you have to do is:

  1. Start A Blog
  2. Start Creating useful content
  3. Get off your blog and start promoting your blog or find people who can read your content.
  4. Engage your readers to build a robust and dynamic audience
  5. Monetize your blog and start making money.

All that is great, only if you have a blogging business plan which has a functioning system behind it, am afraid that is not WordPress! Whipping up a nice WordPress, creating great content and driving multitudes of traffic to your blog is not good enough if you do not have a blogging system that works together with your WordPress CMS.

When I first got started blogging, little did I know much about how to start a blog and make money with that blog. And this is very common, most Gurus online fluff about how to start a blog guides that I quite frankly find misleading.

Starting a blog eventually gets perceived by many blog beginners as hard, overwhelming with so much to learn about and almost impossible to crack. I mean, who can blame them for thinking that making money with a blog is reserved for a few select people?

Through trial and error, I have managed to crack the blogging plan system, soon I realized that all that was lacking for me to get my blog making money within a reasonable amount of time and work was that I had no blogging guide or a book that  would show me everything I needed to start a blog, drive traffic to my blog, convert that traffic into buying customers and how to grow a sustainable traffic source so I didn’t have to spend money or rely on google rankings for traffic.

Finding a place where you could get a complete blogging package was my first challenge, this is why when I had found a working system that makes money almost on autopilot, I knew I had found the missing piece of the blogging jig. A Blogging Framework for Beginners.

Easier said than done, putting a resource like Ultimate guide to email market or ultimate guide to starting a blog is not for slackers. Gurus can afford to gross over inflated online course membership websites, what I personally felt I couldn’t afford was to compromise the blogging framework for beginners that would lead other new bloggers into the same problems i had.

I needed tested and proven system that can pretty much plug in into any blog business plan, whether is how to start a fashion blog or how to run a news blog.

This kind of system can’t be full of unqualified blogging theories, I know from experience that as a new blogger, you need someone to hold your hand and clearly show you how to install WordPress, which tools to use for setting up a blog, how to drive traffic to your blog. If I could get that delivered via this blogging framework for beginners, the world would have one less failed blogger every day.

What Will You Learn From A Blogging Framework For Beginners Course.

There are plenty of people looking for How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners tutorials, the problem is most tutorials are not complete. If you are looking for tutorials that shows you How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners, make sure that they are complete in the sense that they have taught you everything you need to setup your blogging system.

Starting a blog with Ideas or passion in mind is not a problem for many of my previous students I have come across over the years. The challenge for many new bloggers is how to navigate around the technical aspect of the blog. Trying to figure out the pros and the cons of best cheap web hosting for WordPress, how to choose and register a domain name to which tools are Ideal for building an email list can all be intimidating to say the least.

Now with a blogging framework for beginners, you have all the tutorial guides you need to show you everything you need from WordPress installation to how to monetize your blog.

Do You Want To Know How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners?

Start By Learning  How To Do Email Marketing Step By Step

The damning fact about email marketing is that you just can’t have a relationship with your audience unless you start applying email marketing strategies. Unfortunately with so many bloggers doing it the wrong way, email marketing turns out to be a frowned upon marketing channel for many bloggers.

Truth be said, if you have to run a profitable blog, no matter what niche, you need to learn how to harness the automation that email marketing delivers. I can’t emphasize enough about the need for learning how to do email marketing the right way. This is how we draw the audience in by first applying micro commitments. It all begins with becoming a fan, then a subscriber which converts into an informed customer ready to buy again and again.

Best Blog Sites To Read When You Start A blog As A Business.

Best Blog Sites To Read When You Start A Blog As A Business

Best Blog sites to read when starting a blog as a business are a key to your success as a blogger and in this article, I will be sharing some tips and tricks you can use to better improve your chances of making a success out of your blog.

We all go online in search for something, those looking for entertainment won’t find any value in an SEO blog. Equally, for blog readers seeking for best ways to make money writing blogs will not enjoy reading Buzzfeed.  Having said that, the good news with blogging is the fact that it has so many facets catering for just about everybody’s taste, you just have to browse and see what tickles your fancy.

Am passionate about three things and having run blogs for a few years, I have now come to learn that regardless of which category your blog falls in, you will need a few general understanding of:

  1. Traffic -How will you drive traffic to your website.


      2.  Targeting – Who Is your I deal Customer.


      3. Conversion – How will you convert your raving fans into buyers.

Knowing everything that I know about the three corners stones of starting a successful blog, I then embark on finding the king makers of each of these three essential pillars of starting a blog. I will go through a number of all the best blog sites to read and I create my favorite reading list based on the niche and keyword research I have done.

This list of best blog sites to read when you start a blog as a business is somewhat universal as every website needs traffic generation, every blog you start as a business will need niche research so you can laser target your audience and of course every blog you start will need ways to convert fans into buying customers.

Best blog sites to Read About SEO When You start A Blog As A Business

I love the way Inc puts it, as it has been said over and over, like a broken record,  I’ll say it again: SEO is not a one cap fits all, it is diverse and always on the move with never ending changes. This past few years we have seen Panda and Penguin updates, the increased importance of semantic SEO, new features available in AdWords, updates to Google+ and authorship, and much more.

Blimey! How does one keep up with all this? One of the best ways to keep up with SEO news is to follow some of the top SEO blogs in the industry. Do you have your best blog sites to read about SEO? Unfortunately, navigating through all of your choices isn’t always easy.

This is why as a new kid on the blogoshphere, you need the best blog sites to read about seo when you start a blog as a business.

What you want to look for in an SEO blog is not only that it covers the latest SEO news, but that it also takes that news and dissects it into chunks that are further analyzed to extrapolate what it means for your business, and gives you an actionable road-map.

SEO or search engine optimization is a must learn art of writing blog content that is highly optimized for search engines without compromising user experience. If you want to learn how to write better blog posts these best blog sites are ideal for your reading.

Link Building Techniques –Brian Dean Backlinko

It’s no secret that blogging goes hand in hand with good knowledge in link building techniques as it is the most important skill in SEO which helps you rank your blog posts on google’s first page.

In fact, link building techniques is a culmination of several different skills: you need to master content, sales, programming, psychology, and good old-fashioned marketing if you want other people to link to your site. Best blogs to read to combine that are not always easy to find. For the past few years I have found Brian Dean to be one of the most useful resource for link building techniques.

Following some of his best link building techniques, I have managed to grow my traffic exponentially, and the best party is all link building techniques I have applied from Brian Dean are all free.

link building tools –Neil Patel Quick Sprout

Link building tools goes hand in hand with link building techniques to mount a profitable prospecting campaign for link building opportunities and reaching out to webmasters to help you drive up  new links back to your website. Of course link building techniques can be done manually for free – however there are plenty of great tools out there that can make the process much easier and much faster!

There is no place for me as a blogger to find as my best blog site to read about link building tools than Neil Patel’s blog. Having built a handful SEO based multi million dollar businesses like Kissmetrics and QuickSprout all you have to do is check out any of his link building techniques and what sort of tools he is using to replicate his results for your business.If you have ever needed a kick in the pants to take your link building campaigns to the next level Neil Patel is your best blog site to read about SEO and link building tools.


Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Finding the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog can be daunting when you are new to the blogosphere! Luckily for you deciding which one would be the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog has been made easier even if you are a complete newbie to starting a blog.

 I recommend using WordPress And Here’s Why?

Common sense is the cheapest commodity for many but when it comes to keeping us grounded, it is the most precious commodity. I would highly recommend WordPress to be the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog as it is unbelievably customizable and can adaptable to almost anything you can imagine it doing in your business, whether you want to build a WordPress based sales funnel, WordPress based Membership website or an e-commerce store for your business, WordPress is your best friend.

Most Popular Blog Sites You Know Are Built On WordPress CMS.

Believe it or not, CNN, The Huffington Post,, and they all run on WordPress

Because at this point there are no better/easier ways to build a website… But more importantly:

1. WordPress is FREE

WordPress doesn’t cost a dime to download or install (though it’s being updated each month), and there’s a huge community who help/guide people for free.

2. WordPress is VERY flexible

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you already know how add your own content. WordPress can be expanded with free plugins to handle just about any site you can imagine. There’s more than 2000 free themes to choose from.

3. No need to learn HTML, CSS and PHP from scratch (can take 6+ months)

Since WordPress acts as a “website editor”, you don’t need to learn all the coding skills just to add one single image or line of text

4. There’s huge developer network

Vast majority of web designers and developers use WordPress. This means you can get help quite quickly.

5. WordPress is great for small and large sites

When the big guys in the industry like eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA, all trust WordPress why would you go and start questioning the logic there? From websites to online stores it’s all here!  WordPress capable of handling just about any kind of website.

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