Where To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business As A Beginner

I know you have been exploring the best online opportunities that can allow you to earn money online passively. And if affiliate marketing for beginners has been tempting for you, its simply because starting an affiliate marketing business is one of the easiest ways to make money online fast.

Really all you have to do is Choose your affiliate marketing niche,

Pick one of the affiliate marketing business models, and rock on! And that begs for the question…

What sort of business do you really want?

You see, the question about business model choices may seem like an odd question!

But the type of business you want to develop from being an affiliate then growing it into a fully fledged household brand, will be determined by the importance of the following few steps as your journey from starting and growing evolves into a productized brand down the road.

So to make sure your business brand and future is secured online, make sure you register all social handles, domain name and reliable web hosting supplier. Personally, I use Bluehost as they are WordPress officially approved by WordPress parent company Automatic.

What I like the most about “Bluehost is how fast their technical team when I get stuck! Coupled with the FREE Domain registration you get, I can not really complain, can I? Don’t think so!

Businesses range from one man band type of business to global corporations, all are valid and all can satisfy their owners’ demands. The question really comes down to what you want the business to do for you personally.

When we started our business, the goal was really simple…

We wanted to build systems that can solve other people’s problems and the only condition attached to it was that those problems must be one that people were willing to pay money to solve this problem.

With that in mind, the question of skills, lifestyle goals and financial goals were called into question so we can narrow down the process from starting a potentially profitable business, cost of running and growing that business and whether there was an opportunity to offer continuity programs beyond the initial point of contact.

So, do you want to work from home or anywhere with internet connectivity, or is it simply because of how lucrative affiliate marketing has been in recent years that seem to attract you? Maybe the perks of having it all between the working and semi retirement type of lifestyle that you seem to like the most?

Here, you have this opportunity to honestly choose whether wanting what is known as a lifestyle business that will also provide you with a good level of income until you retire is what you are chasing.

There are numerous opportunities in this category and the most common typical examples of these businesses are small consultancies or service
providers such as website designers, management consultants, photographers, technical consultants and so on.

These businesses are capable of providing their owners with very comfortable incomes, good job satisfaction, and flexibility but no equity.

In other words, the owners are the business and there is normally no potential to sell the business on or raise finance from investors.

If finance is required for any form of expansion it is normally acquired against personal guarantees from the owner (who remortgages the family home for example).

Where To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business As A Beginner

Do you want a business that you can build over a long period then sell on when you retire or hand over to your children?

Examples of these businesses include fashion lines sold directly to consumers or shop owners, specialist manufacturing or service companies and specialist suppliers or distributorships.

They are typically larger than the lifestyle businesses and they tend to have
an equity value that can be sold or traded.

So, if you are ready to get started working on your affiliate marketing business, so you can make money, you need to choose which business model you want to start, what business type is best for your skill sets, lifestyle and financial goals long term and short term too!

And as long as you Choose wisely, then you should know whether your startup business will have upfront costs in hard currency or all you will ever need to start your affiliate marketing business is sweat equity.

And I say this from experience…

Affiliate marketing has had a huge impact on my life, and I have no doubt that if you have been dreaming about starting a wildly profitable business, affiliate marketing will surely have a huge impact on your life too.

When I decided to put together this affiliate marketing for beginners training, My goal was to take the guesswork out of getting started as a beginner in affiliate marketing.

If you are new to this blog and my youtube channel, my name is Eddie and I publish new videos here every week.

Our video guides are value packed with best tips and guides, and that includes affiliate marketing business models, where I help affiliate marketing beginners find the most promising routes for anyone looking to build a wildly profitable business.

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What You Should Expect From Me

In this free affiliate marketing training am laying it all out for you…STEP BY STEP!

Most people fail at affiliate marketing, and that’s because they don’t really have good mentors to help them in their early stages.

Listen, there is a difference from learning how to start and grow a business( theory) from actually watching someone how they make decisions, build teams and business tools they use at every stage of the business process.

And that’s what you get when you sign up to this blog email list and Youtube channel where we publish How to guides about starting and growing a business!

Here is What You Will Learn?

Module 1: Starting Your Business

The Housekeeping: First, we’ll cover the essential information all business owners need to understand before they get their businesses up and running – from choosing a niche, Defining goals, picking an ideal business model, legal considerations to managing finances.

Module 2: Traffic, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Ads

Everyone is telling you to be on every social media platform, do just about everything from Pinterest, Instagram, Blogging as well as email Marketing.

We have a different approach and systems that we use to make sure that we do not spread ourselves thinly all over these platforms.

Module 3: Email Marketing and Sales Funnels

Building a successful email marketing campaign has a lot of moving pieces – from selecting the best automation to writing subject lines that are guaranteed to convert.

Module three covers everything you need to know to set up the perfect email marketing campaigns, how to build sales funnels and expert insight into affiliate marketing.

Module 4: SEO and PPC

There is no secret, you’ve probably heard about these acronyms before, but there is more to paid traffic and organic traffic strategies, so if you haven’t got a clue- don’t worry we got you covered.

This module gets you up-to-date on best practices for SEO and PPC marketing campaigns, putting you on the right track to get your affiliate marketing business (and yourself!) on that coveted first page of Google results.

Module 5: Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing

Module five covers everything you need to know about building a wildly profitable business from the ground up, and then planning keyword strategies to form the foundation of creating compelling content that drives sales through value you deliver to your audience when they engage.

Module 6: Landing Page builders, Autoresponders, Analytics, Tools, Templates, and Third Party Services

Affiliate marketing to product launch is a long term investment for anyone wanting to start and grow a successful business.

As the new business owner, you should take advantage of the best tools around to gather leads, analyze reports for your business, competition and run great marketing campaigns – and you’ll learn all about these tools in module six.

Module 7: Brand modeling, Clients base augmentation and Pricing Your Products or Services

By module seven you’ve learned all the skills necessary to establish a thriving affiliate marketing to product launch business model, and now it’s time to start evolving into a household brand name you have always aspired to be.

This module walks you STEP by STEP everything you need to know to build and maintain an impeccable brand reputation, establish new client list – from prospecting to building B2B distribution proposals and overcoming objections and on-boarding new clients.

Module 8: Outsourcing and Building Your Team

As your business evolves from an affiliate into a productized brand with a growing client list, your team will need to grow with it.

This module prepares you to expand your team through outsourcing – from knowing when it’s time to roll the dice and start evolving to hiring and training your virtual assistants.

The Affiliate marketing to product launch business model is a concentrated, eight-module Start and Grow online course, packed with actionable insider tips and expert know-how you need to launch your wildly profitable business from scratch. You don’t need experience, exorbitant upfront startup costs. It is a true low barrier to entry type of business you need…

But it’s not for everyone…

If you sign up today, you’re only ninety days away from launching your own business…so, why wait?

I know that other folks would charge you money for this, am giving this away because I know that if you find value in this affiliate marketing to product launch training, you will share with others who need it the most.

Happy Hustling!


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