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Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Strategy – What Is Mobile Marketing?

What to Know About Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing is basically the liquid gold of marketing, it is the star of online marketing, the final bus stop of online marketing. Mobile marketing is the center stage of all promotions, some call it “the attention seeker” or “messenger” because it delivers its goal and purpose.

Do you know that 85% of internet users own smartphones? This is more than half of the target audience waiting to be reached.

Are you all excited now? Better not be, because there are numbers of things that can make it a success or failure.

What Is Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Mobile Marketing Strategy

The mobile marketing strategy is using multi-channel links through digital marketing to reach a target audience on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets through emails, websites, SMS, social media, MMS, and apps.

Smartphones are increasing customer engagements with brands and products, it is giving both producers, marketers, retailers, and consumers a direct access in terms of communication, promotions, and sales. The desktop was previously a direct access to online marketing, but right now, the surge in mobile usage has since pushed that away. It is much easier to access your social media accounts, visiting websites, and opening your email with a mobile phone.

See it this way,

There are millions of people using smartphones,
All connected to the internet,
60% of them surfing the internet at least 3 times an hour,
What is posted in Russia gets seen by someone in South Africa within minutes.

Mobile marketing is the new intercontinental missile of the digital world, and can only be compared to the speed sound, ironically.

But to create an effective mobile marketing strategy, you have to understand customers behavior and your mobile audience. You have to create or designing your content to appease the mobile platforms, to organize and execute effectively using apps and SMS/MMS.

Objectives Of Mobile Marketing Strategy

Setting objectives are like setting goals, what do you want to achieve? Once the goals/objectives are set, then the means follows, how? when? and where?.

Mobile advertising should not sound different from every other marketing strategies, but the goal and objectives are more targeted especially where mobiles are more present and in use. To start a mobile marketing, follow this trail of other mobile advertisers is using.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Brand Awareness:

Creating and maintaining good brand awareness is very important, it helps to maintain the success of any business through consistency. When creating a brand awareness, it should have a memorable brand message, let the audience remember the brand and associate the brand with different functionalities.

When setting out with brand awareness through mobile marketing, ensure that your advertising message complies with your audience psychological, geographical and demographical information. Align your target market with the message you want to deliver especially when it comes to brand awareness, content is vital and should be seen as a means of unifying and growing a positive awareness of the brand.

Be informative about it by creating informative ads, make the content useful not to appear to be selling.

Mobile Website Traffic:

One of the main objectives of mobile marketing is to generate mobile website traffic, and increase conversion. Mobile website traffic can be measured in different ways:

  • Tracking metric through total visit
  • Traffic source through segments eg
    Direct traffic (URL)
    Organic traffic
  • Having to get up to 15% returning traffic is basically huge and successful mobile advertising.

Mass Marketing Strategy


Mobile Lead Generation:

Mobile lead generation can be challenging, its like walking into a lion’s den and hope to come out with a lion cub, if you succeed, you will grow yourself a huge lion. To get the mobile lead generation right will increase sales, getting it wrong will destroy the mobile advertising efforts. There are few methods to generate leads,

  • Online registration form
  • Request for information
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Pay per click (PPC) ads
  • Organic SEO
  • Local SEO

Mobile Phone Calling:

Mobile phone calls are one of the highest means of generating leads, and it is regarded as a quality lead source because it involves direct interaction with actual customers. Marketing ads with phone number get more attention and engagements, customers who are interested in online purchases but need assistance will call to ask some question. If you are engaging in search engine marketing, add click-to-call services so to generate calls as a result of searches on mobile phones.

Mobile App Downloads:

The fun of using a smartphone is the availability of apps, and it is one of the top objectives of big companies because app downloads are a premium commodity. App downloads in today’s market are equivalent to the value a product sale. Smartphones users spend more time on apps, while mobile marketers channel their ads to this apps. App developers make money through app purchases and in-app purchases, advertising commissions, content sponsorships and CPI networks.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Product Sales:

There are two active working parts to this mobile product sales, mobile phone users and making a sale. Over 60% of high street stores engage in online sales, to increase sales, sign-ups, leads, awareness, and traffic. Online product sales are growing and will soon surpass physical stores. The mobile website will generate click-to-call customers, reach mobile searchers quickly, displays actual store/shop location for nearby searches.

Types of Mobile Marketing Campaign objectives

Managing reputation:

Create a good mobile experience for your audience, build a good and responsive mobile-friendly website, target mobile SEO more, and create a good content for brand awareness.

Create demand:

If your targeted audience doesn’t want what you offer or don’t find your ad interesting, it is not good for the paid campaign. Center your campaign around creating demand, creating awareness, solving problems, customer interest.

Engage in digital channels for demand generation through, email, mobile and social searches. Create a responsive email design, link the search and social campaigns to the landing page, and create mobile call-to-action.

Enabling sales:

Test the proposed mobile/digital tactics, engage with reps to determine their needs, experiment with pipeline acceleration application.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Increase market intelligence:

Gather data on mobile visitors behavior, their needs and preferences, gather information via web analytics, automate marketing platforms for information, frequently accessed mobile content, types of devices used and conduct surveys.

How To Create Affective Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Create a good buyer personas
  • Set achievable goals
  • Establish measurable KPIs
  • Monitoring mobile metrics (google analytics)
  • Creating mobile friendly website
  • Create mobile advertising email
  • Consider SMS and MMS marketing
  • Include mobile apps
  • Use push notifications for apps
  • Use in-app notifications

Types Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Promotional campaigns:

Spreading information about new deals, new contents, and new products.

Transactional campaigns:

Using businesses to build brands. Displaying offer messages after sign up, sign up, in-app downloads.

Onboarding campaigns:

Educating target market about the functionality of the company website, apps, brand, products, and services.

Opt-in priming campaigns:

Asking visitors for feedbacks, to sign up, take surveys, and offer of discounts.

Triggered campaign:

Targets action of user/visitor by sending triggered push messages eg congratulatory push messages of purchases or gaming success.

Dynamic content campaigns:

Personalising and updated information sent to customers in form of images or an updated copy of the message, providing update relevance.

Activity campaign:

Targeting activity of followers either through their comments the sent it across the board so other members can see and join/engage.

Location-based campaign:

Ad campaign which appears on a mobile phone based on their location, usually restaurants, popular areas, nearby shops.

Re-permission campaign:

This is also the re-targeting audience of what they may have missed, in some cases an app appearing twice, also a user who may have opt-out or revoke permissions of an app getting reminder offers so they can join back.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Examples of Mobile Marketing Strategy

One of the key skill for every digital marketer is to be able to create an effective mobile marketing campaign which will engage audiences, increase conversion, generate leads, increase traffic and deliver ROI for businesses. Big brands are engaging in mobile marketing, spending millions for a share of the mobile users market. For a good typical mobile marketing strategy examples, here is the list of effective mobile marketing campaigns.

  • The Bitcoin Billionaire ad integration
  • Halifax Home Finder App
  • Hiscox’s location-based WiFi campaign
  • Nivea sun protection track your kid’s app
  • Audi start-stop app
  • Nissan interactive video ad
  • IKEA catalog app
  • Redbox
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Lifetouch Portrait Studios
  • Starbucks Mobile Payments
  • National Wholesale Liquidators
  • L’Oreal INOA color capture app
  • The Co-operative: driving education and awareness through mobile
  • LG Ticket Hunter

How Do Bloggers Get Paid 

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What Makes A Good Blog Post? 

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Features of Mobile Marketing Strategy

By Location:

This involves targeting customers with location-based ads, either targeted by subscriptions, or related purchases or around an area covered by the promotions.

By Interest:

This involves targeting customers what apps the visit, download, or purchases made, offering them other services or products that could go with what they already have.

By activity:

This involves targetting customers with adds across the board, it’s like preying on mobile phone users especially when they move from one app to another, displaying either repetitive ads and ads related to what they are viewing.

By Irritation:

This involves sending or displaying unrelated ads to customers phone, either because they sign up for an offer, or downloaded a game app, hoping somehow they will engage with such ads. Basically, this can be referred to as ad spamming.

By Attention:

This involves ads which send alerts or notifications to customers phone, prompting them to open it, this form of ads usually are news alert, eBay alert, Alibaba alerts, they are usually sent 3-4 times daily.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • It is cost efficiency.
  • Reach more target audience.
  • Easy to target audience.
  • It is effective.
  • Provide immediate and fast response.
  • Establish a long-term relationship with customers.
  • Easier to issue promotions and marketing incentive services to the user.
  • Due to the size of the mobile phone, it convenient for the content creators to keep it basic and simple.
  • User response can be tracked almost instantaneously.
  • Mobile marketing has huge viral benefits.
  • It gives the mobile marketer the opportunity of geo-location, sending location-specific messages to users, through the use of GPS and Bluetooth technology.
  • The use of microblogging feature like Twitter can be very highly beneficial to the marketer.
  • Easy and accessible mobile payment options.
  • Accessible user information.

Mobile Marketing Strategy



Hostgator Review 

Hostgator is one of the biggest and most well-known hosting organizations on the planet. Hostgator offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and also manage WordPress hosting plans.

Continue reading to find out if Hostgator is for you.

In this Hostgator review, we will be looking at different customer experiences and reviews of Hostgator web hosting by different review websites.

First on the items to review is the unwavering quality or reliability based on your hosted website, performance of your hosted website, the customer support if you have a problem, the features it offers that allows for easy navigation and setting up your website, and finally if the pricing is good for both existing and new customer.

Brief Story About Hostgator


Hostgator first came to limelight in 2002 and developed rapidly and today it is one of the biggest and best hosting companies.

Their headquarters are in Houston and Texas and manages over 7 million domains with their workers of more than 750 and 24hrs on desk customer support.

Hostgator massive growth can be said to be attributed to their massive development on the shared hosting plans, reliable web hosting, and quality client support and benefits.

Hostgator Performance

What might you do in the event that you agree to accept a host and find that your website is agonizingly slowly and frequently vanishes? You’d need to switch suppliers, and this will cost you more cash.

That is the reason you need to pick a web hosting organization that is dependable, quick with stable execution record all around.

Upgrade your hosting account when you begin getting more guests to your site.

What you post on your website essentially influences the page load time. The more pictures you upload will increase the load up time, this influences your server’s speed test.

Try using Bitcatcha to run a speed test.

Hosting Plans and Features


Hostgator offers a quite number of hosting plans, which include:

Shared Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting Plans

Dedicated Servers Plans

Cloud hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting Plans

All of the listed Hostgator hosting plans are quite good and fits your spending plans, and also for your web hosting requirements.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is an ideal hosting if you starting a website, and also for low traffic. With Hostgator shared hosting, your site shares resources with other sites hosted on the shared server.

HostGator’s shared hosting plans come with three distinct levels. All designs incorporate boundless stockpiling and transfer speed. The primary distinction is the numbers of websites you can have.

– Hatchling: The Hatchling design enables you to have just a single website. It incorporates 1-click WordPress installer and comes with standard plans.

– Baby: The Baby design enables you to have boundless websites. It incorporates every one of the components of Hatchling design, and you can likewise utilize add-ons.

– Business: Suitable for private venture websites. This plan incorporates free SSL certificate and free dedicated IP.

Cloud hosting:

While a shared hosting account is restricted to a solitary server, cloud hosting uses different servers. This plan is reasonable if your website gets more traffic.

WordPress hosting:

This is their shared hosting plan advanced for WordPress controlled websites. It improves execution and shields your website from some basic WordPress attacks.

VPS (Virtual Private Server):

Virtual Private Server enables you to deal with your virtual assets on a cloud hosting stage. It is appropriate for websites with visit more visits.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

With dedicated hosting you get a server exclusively to host your website, it also accompanies extraordinary duty since you’ll need to keep up with the running yourself.

Hostgator Web Hosting Customer Service


At Hostgator customer service, they offer extraordinary services, with everyday telephone and live email ticket services.

You will also find their help services on your dashboard, also their help services show hundreds of questions and answers including video tutorials and articles.

If you ever have a consistent issue, you can request help or ask for your ticket be doled out to Adam Farrer, the CEO of Hostgator will personally answer to every ticket sent to his desk.

Pros And Cons of Hostgator Review

Like other webhosting firms and administration, each hosting organization have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Hostgator.


Hostgator ensures an uptime of 99.99%. In the event that you encounter downtime, you will get your money back GUARANTEED.

Hostgator offers 45 days money back guarantee, as other hosting companies offer 30 days money back.

You also pick a monthly or yearly subscription, but the yearly subscription will fetch you a discount.

Hostgator offers free hosting transfer for the first 30 days.


Hostgator does not offer a free domain registration. If you want a free 6 months registrations, go to Dataracehero Webhosting

You may experience delays when contacting their customer service, this is due to a large number of calls.

Conclusion on Hostgator Review


Now for the important questions.

Is Hostgator Right for You?

The answer is YES.

Hostgator offers you varieties of web hosting plans that will fit all your financial plans and prerequisites. Everything you need to build a website you can get with Hostgator web hosting.

With over 2 million clients who have officially signed up with Hostgator web hosting, no matter your experience with the internet as a professional or a newbie, you’ll find materials you need to take bring your website to next level.


Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship Marketing Strategy And Implementation

What is Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship marketing definition:  A relationship marketing strategy is a strategy which is created to encourage customer loyalty, communication and future engagements. The strategy also aims to develop a bond between the customer and the business by directly providing information which targets their needs and interest through promotions. 

 Relationship Marketing Strategy

The Goal of Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing Strategy

The goal of marketing relationship is to get the customers interest, retain the customers as long as possible and to also grow or increase customers engagements through targeted promotions.

Importance of Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship marketing is a very important factor to consider if you want to create an effective customer relationship management(CRM). This is because relationship marketing aims to cultivate a long-term customer engagement and foster customer loyalty instead of only focusing on single sales.

Relationship Marketing Strategy

How To Do Niche Market Research

How to Maintain a Good Customer Relationship

  • Focus on promoting an effective communication with the customers
  • A timely effective and efficient communication should be your priority
  • Maintain and promote positive attitude
  • Treat your customers as an individual
  • Be completely open
  • Share positive knowledge
  • Meet or exceed your customer’s expectations
  • Engage in survey and feedback from customers

Relationship Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing Strategy

  • A good customer relationship, this allows you to know more about your customers and remember their needs. This will make your customer believe you know and care about them.
  • Increase the cross sellability, knowing your customer’s needs and wants to enable you to provide current and future solutions to their problems.
  • Increased team collaboration, this is when the management team work together to implement CRM by learning and using the tools.
  • Helps to improve effectiveness and efficiency in serving customers
  • Improve employees knowledge on how to implement CRM to record customers interactions, solve customers problems and create efficiency in serving customers.
  • The business will increase its profit and revenue.
  • Relationship marketing help save cost.
  • Encourages customer feedback.
  • Enable customers to communicate any complaint about product and services

Relationship Marketing Strategy

Types of Relationship Marketing

Classic relationship: This is having a classical network and distribution channel relationship between the business and customers.

Special relationship: this form of relationship exists between marketers, service providers, interactions between customers, suppliers, new and old customers.

Mega relationship: this has to do with personal and social, having knowledge of the customer, and engaging in mass media relationships.

Nano relationship: this covers the product and services within the company, internal customer relationship, the relationship between operations and marketing management, employees relationship, external providers of marketing services and the business owners.



Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Content Marketing Strategy – What Is Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Content promotion definition:

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

The content marketing can be described as core marketing strategy which is focused on creating and distributing valuable contents, this valuable content must be relevant and consistent which in turn attracts audiences, and also retains that clearly defined audience.

With these clearly defined audiences, there is also a high chance of driving actionable and profitable customers.

What is Content Strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

When content strategy is mentioned, it is been referred to the all the planning work involved, the development of the content and the management process of the content.

The content strategy helps businesses manage all their content.

What is Content Plan?

What is Content Plan

A content plan is an outline of all important basics, requirements for your content.

The content plan tells you how to execute, whom will be in charge, what topic areas to cover, what content to create, when to create such content(time frame), how to share the content, and what call to actions should be used.

How to get content ideas

How to get content ideas

Here are some content ideas for blogs

  • Trying walking out when you are loss of ideas
  • Speaking to family and friends and hear their responses and questions
  • Listen to songs, they are a good source of inspiration
  • Remember some popular saying and try to figure out what there meaning is
  • Watch animals do their thing and try to figure out why they are doing it
  • Trying creating fake stories or background of people you see for active brains
  • Use fictions to make contents more interesting or true life inspiring stories
  • Meditation can also provide you with few content ideas
  • Playing games or engage in sports can help with some inspirations for good content ideas
  • Engage in email sign-ups and newsletters and offer ebooks or guides
  • Read related contents
  • Use visitors or customer reviews to boost your content idea strategy
  • If you are an individual, walk around your home or office and concentrate on every detail, if you are a company,
  • do the same
  • Use industry support forums for questions
  • General forums like Quora, Yahoo etc, to find titles
  • Search for your chosen keyword forums for content ideas
  • Use online groups like facebook, linkedIn, Google plus
  • Search for related niche to see their titles and topics
  • Use comment sections to answer questions readers are asking
  • Spy on people who follow you on social media and those you follow to know what they are engaging with on how to get content ideas
  • Follow industry influencer on social media and answer questions their followers are asking
  • Use SlideShare to create content on popular topics
  • Use youtube and search for related content ideas
  • Read comments from competitors on Instagram for inspiration if possible answer those question with references
  • Interview people to hear their stories or experiences to find some content ideas
  • Read your website comments to see your readers questions and suggestions and add them or create new content
  • Read your competitors FAQ sections and answer questions from there or use it for content ideas on your site
  • Attend conferences and ask question relating to your content
  • Make use of salespeople who get loads of questions from customers and use them
  • Use webmaster tools for keyword search queries
  • Use Google search box suggestions to find topics and related content ideas


  • Uses Google related searches topic and content ideas
  • Read popular industry related e-newsletters and subscribe for content ideas
  • Use popular contents types publication from other industries for ideas
  • Use content topic generator like Hubspot.com, Portent.com
  • Use local news broadcasts, local business networking events, local newspapers
  • Search your content topic on Amazon for books related to your content

How To Do Niche Market Research

How to do Content Marketing

How to do Content Marketing

  • Create a blog category on your website, this involves tweaking your website design a little bit except if the design is no complicated.
  • Do a keyword research using Ahrefs, Google AdWords, Buzzsumo, keyword everywhere.
  • Write and post content once a week to the blog.
  • Do the writing yourself, this is not expensive but only needs your time.
  • Assign a team of writers to do the writing, this will cost you more, even if you don’t pay them as writers, but you still have to pay them as employees.
  • Hire a freelancer who can write good articles, this will also cost you few quid, but remember, the more you pay the more quality content you will get.
  • Make use of content provider, content providers like textbroker.com and odesk.com, these services cost money but you will surely get what you are looking for.
  • Hire content marketing firm, they are usually more expensive but comes with quality outsourced content with good SEO.
  • Curate contents, this is using contents created by others, but making use better with more information.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Content marketing it top priority when it comes to lead generations, this is why most of the big companies pay a huge amount to get the best contents. Just writing and posting to your blog is enough to generate leads or attract someone to read your content. You have to realize that there is a bit of work to be done.
  • And there many reasons for this, but the question is, What benefit does content marketing have? Remember, there is a reason for writing content, and it is to draw readers to your blog, and convert them into buying and paying customers. But to achieve this, there is a lot of work going in into every content.
  • You have to think of the overall size or length of the content because this is important. If you are able to produce contents that is more than 2k in words, you have chances of outperforming those contents with fewer words.
  • Also, there are good reasons for large size contents, not only those this have marketing advantages, it also has-
  • Huge online presence, more link integration, social media presence and shares, good authority site. To achieve quality content, you must produce good size or lengthy contents. Include long size contents to your content plan.
  • Main benefits of content marketing strategy, online presence and search visibility. Online search engine ranking appears to show search results with a higher ranking.
  • Contain more information, create a brand expert in that particular industry or brand, generates more organic traffic, drives a massive social media shares when linked to other website contents, drive a huge link building opportunity.
  • Large size articles provide more info which usually prompts visitors to reshare. Useful contents are more likely to be shared online. It helps or encourages link building and sharing with the help of share buttons.
  • Online research shows that contents marketing generate more traffic to a site, more shares, and good quality link building.
  • Quality contents get found easily through higher ranking, this is due to the high number of keywords. With search engines crawling for quality contents, good content will surely be identified. A typical example is Buzzfeed, people spend so much time on this website. There are other websites that enjoy such huge visitors and large social interactions.
  • Among the benefits of content marketing is value. Quality contents get more value especially when it is a long content.
  • Most known blogs that publish long contents of several topics often get attention, and this is why content marketing is still a game changer.

Types of Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

To be successful as a content marketer, you have to have to know the types of content marketing and how each of them will help achieve your marketing goals.

1. Video Content

To present to your audience or showcase a more effective explanation of what article is about, then video content marketing is the answer. Video contents are usually more explanatory, more educational, more entertaining, more engaging and draws more attention.

Types of Content Marketing

Facts About Video Content

  • People watch more videos than reading.
  • You are more likely to engage the audience with a video content than any other content marketing.
  • It helps with a massive growth of any business.
  • Increases conversation.
  • Customers prefer to watch videos before purchases.
  • Increases in clickthrough rates.
  • Increases chances of good ranking.
  • Massive social media shares, views and backlinks.

Types of Marketing Video Contents

  • Customer testimonials videos,
  • Demonstrations videos,
  • How to videos,
  • Explainer videos.

2. Images

Writing a blog without images is like driving a car at night without headlights. Content images are key to keeping your blog post interesting to read.

Most internet users today are using their mobile phones to surf the internet, and images which appear bold, high quality and large enough attract more attention than those without an image. Articles or blog post with images are 90% more likely to be viewed than those without one.

When sharing your articles on any social platform, you need those article to have images which not only catches the eye but portrays some visual image of what the article is all about.

If you post an image on Twitter, you are more likely to get those images retweeted, this also applies to Facebook, Instagram and all other social platforms.

Images help to boost shares of the articles and build backlinks.

Facts About Images

These images can be-

  • Motivational images,
  • Educational images,
  • Humorous images,
  • Images with quotes.
  • You can create your own images or use other people images.
  • Images can capture certain feelings, lifestyle and mood.

3. Screenshots

This is also a good form of content marketing strategy. A screenshot helps you capture certain informations which you can relate to your audience. To relate what you’re offering to your audience, a screenshot could do that easily, because it gives your readers the first-hand information.

If your blog is about transferring a domain, a screenshot of how it’s been done will make your article not only interesting to read, but also increase the chances of re-shares and interactions between readers.

Facts About Screenshots

  • It easily passes information to your audience.
  • Increase the chances for readers to continue reading.
  • Build trust among your readers who believe you know what you are doing.
  • You can screenshot testimonials, contents, images, guides from others and make it yours.

4. Memes

Memes are ideas which can reproduce or interpret the actual message to mean something else to different people. An image or cartoon of a woman searching a bin in blogging article can represent a woman searching for information.

Today, memes are playing an important role as part of content marketing strategy.

Facts About Memes

  • It is common among students and youths.
  • Easily used to target the younger generation.
  • Portrays positive images which can pull attention.
  • As a visual content, it sets your business apart.
  • It brings your audience together and triggers massive comments and huge shares on social media.
  • It is a source of entertainment.

5. Infographics

This is used to bring together a large information or points together, by presenting complex information in a more digestible way.

Facts About Infographics

  • Easily understandable.
  • Receives more shares, retweeted and likes on most of the social media.
  • Your readers will spend more time studying or reading your articles with illustration and text.
  • Readers spend more time on articles with infographics (images with information).
  • Infographics with the right shapes, colours and fonts attract readers.
  • Infographics generate huge shares and quality backlinks.

Everything To Know About Mass Marketing Strategy

Content Promotion Strategy

Content Promotion Strategy

If you are thinking of driving traffic to your site and see your services and products convert, think content promotion strategy. It is the pillar, the foundation and the backbone of your content marketing practices.

Driving just one unique visitor to your site can bring a huge change to your website and content as well. But visitors don’t just come, you have to go find them through content promotions. Your job is to create good content, drive traffic and visitors, their actions on the site will generate leads and sales.

Below is some basic list of content promotion strategy that both professionals and newbie can use.

Social Media Promotion

  • Tweet it
  • Engage in targeted sharing by mentioning people in your article.
  • Follow people who are interested in the topic you are writing about.
  • Tweet a quote from your content
  • Pin on your twitter feed
  • Post on Facebook and share on Facebook groups
  • Post on LinkedIn and share LinkedIn groups
  • Post on Google+ and share on Google+ communities
  • Post on Reddit
  • Post on Pinterest
  • Post on Digg
  • Post on StumbleUpon
  • Post on Alltop
  •  Post on Delicious
  • Answer questions on Quora
  • Register and share on forums (Inbound, Product Hunt, Growth Hackers)
  • Share on Buffer

Email Marketing

  • Send emails to your subscribers
  • Send follow up emails

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Align your post with Keyphrase
  • Include keywords which are related to your article
  • Link to other posts

On Your Website

  • Add your articles on the first page
  • Add it on thank you page
  • Add it to webinars
  • Reformat and republish older and more engaging post
  • Add or mention it in podcast, meeting and sales
  • Find other bloggers like you, add them to the article and share with them.
  • Engage in Guest blogging

Paid Promotions

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Adwords
  • Retargeting
  • Native Adverts

What is Influencer Marketing Strategy

What is Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy is also referred to as influence marketing. This is a marketing strategy that is been directed and targeted at influential individuals.

By targeting these influential people instead of the whole market through marketing activities, they a been presented with products and services which they have previously purchased or are potential buyers of the product and services.

What is a Content Strategist?

What is a Content Strategist

A content strategist is someone who is in charge of the planning, development and management of all content information which is produced for or by a company. The define what content is, what it is about, creating the content so it delivers supposed value on behalf of the company.

Content strategist represents the image and voice of the company and also drives effective communication through image and word.

What to Know About Product Marketing Strategy

How to Create Website Content?

How to Create Website Content?

To create a good website content, Follow this steps.

  • You should define your goals
  • You should conduct a personal research
  • Run a content audit
  • Determine a content management system
  • Come up with content ideas
  • Decide what type of content to create, example, blog post, ebook, template, infographics, videos, podcasts, Guest content.

What is the Email Marketing?

What is the Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sending a large number of promotional messages to a group of persons via emails. The people who receive this emails are either customers who have used the service or just potential customers. The process of sending this promotional or commercial messages are referred to as email marketing.

What is Digital Marketing Services?

What is Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing which involves the use of digital technologies to market and promote products and services. This process takes place via the internet, mobile phones, display adverts and other digital mechanisms.

What is the Content of a Marketing Plan?

What is the Content of a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan has to fit the needs and situation of the marketing process. The essential contents of a marketing plan include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Situation Analysis – The SWOT analysis ( strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Marketing strategy – Mission statement, objectives, focused strategy (market segment, focus and product positioning).
  • Sales Forcast – Plan and actual analysis ( sales by product, by region or market segment, by channels, by manager responsibilities).
  • Expense budget – Tracking monthly expenses, plan and actual analysis.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation is using a software to automatically share and post contents on social media, emails and other websites.

This software makes marketing automation easier by accomplishing different tasks at once.


Download Marketing Automation Software.



Product Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing Strategy – What Is Product Marketing

What to Know About Product Marketing Strategy

The Product marketing strategy is an extraction of the 4 Ps in within marketing mix. The marketing mix a combination of different controllable and tactical marketing tools used by companies to create a unique response and relationship with the (target) market. The main 4 groups or Ps of the marketing mix are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place (or distribution)
  • Promotion


Product Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing Strategy

What is Product Marketing Strategy

The product marketing has to do with the creation, promotion and selling a product/service to end user. It is the beginning and end of a product cycle, the governing body that can guarantee a successful or failed launch.

For a Successful Product Marketing

  • The product marketers need to know how to position the product and its features to the market.
  • The sales and marketing teams need to have good knowledge and right materials which will help to attract customers.
  • Maximum satisfaction should be derived from the product by the target market.
  • The product should be in a continuous demand and continuous increase in standards and quality.
  • Know your audience, who they are and what they care about.
  • Identify your market, this will help build a strong product-market fit so to take in full control of the credibility, authority, and expertise.
  • Identify the product story, this will connect the product easily to people who need it, but make it concise, compelling and narrative.
  • Ensure product delivers value not just features.

Tools and Methods for Executing Product Marketing

  • Customer Insights

These can be done through interviews, focus groups, surveys and customer orientation.

  • Data Analysis

Marketers should be highly quantitative especially in gathering results of marketing attribution to be able to measure revenue.Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

  • Product Validation

Marketing is an easy means for testing and validating product ideas before resources are committed to developing the product.

  • Testing

Exhaustive marketing, pricing, product lineups and visuals should be developed to achieve a product marketing strategy touch point.

Product Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Product Marketing Strategy

Before A Product Launch:

  • Positioning,
  • Messaging,
  • Customer development,
  • Market Strategy.

After A Product Launch:

  • Sales enablement,
  • Driving demand,
  • Adoption,
  • Successful product.


Mass Marketing Strategy

Mass Marketing Strategy – What Is Mass Marketing?

Everything To Know About Mass Marketing Strategy

This is a form of marketing which does not use the market segmentation process were by a particular niche market is been targeted.

Mass Marketing Strategy

What Is Mass Marketing?

Mass marketing targets the general market with a particular product regardless of age, sex, location, and beliefs. It uses one strategy for the whole market which is usually an old form of marketing. But today, there is a need for a niche market strategy as more and more products or brand are sold based on the targeted market.

This marketing strategy is often used by new companies to alert or make the market aware of their presence, but this will soon change into a segmented marketing once the goal has been achieved.

Objectives of Mass Marketing Strategy

  1. Is to optimize huge sales
  2. To reach vast number of customers
  3. To make customers aware of the product or brand

Mass Marketing Strategy

Examples of Mass marketing Strategy

We would remember that in the past, a product can satisfy a general market, for example, sandals. People were more interested in wearing something to protect their feet and get some fresh air on their feet, 90% of people don’t think of the brand but rather comfortability.

People are more interested in wearing a branded sandals even if the sandal is expensive, but provides quality. In poorer communities today, mass marketing strategy seems to strive more because everyone just wants to satisfy their needs instead of wants.


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In more developed or rich communities, people are more interested in a branded product because they can afford it. You can’t sell Prada or Gucci sandals to a community which can not even afford electricity or a proper house to sleep in.
Another example where mass marketing still run the show is telecommunications service, soaps and detergents, deodorants personal hygiene products. The products use mass marketing strategy to sell because these are products which the whole market use.

Mass Marketing Strategy

Features of Mass Marketing Strategy

  1. It is used to introduce new products or offers into the market
  2. It is used for brand building and brand recall efforts
  3. It is used to target as many people as possible, unlike the niche market a certain group of people are targeted
  4. It uses mass media as a marketing tool with a simple message for all
  5. It targets a huge section of the market, the bigger the better

Mass Marketing Strategy

Downfall of Mass Marketing

  1. There is a shortage of return on investment, this is due to an increased market research with low cost effective.
  2. The cost reduction in targeted marketing is more effective than random marketing, this is because in mass marketing there is high expenditure (even niche marketing is not all that cheap) and low return on investment, even buying media is costly.
  3. More profit on the targeted market is also a factor, this is because targeted market connects the brand/product to the right market and creates brand loyalty.
  4. Stiff competition growth, this is because many players out there are competing with each other which cause them to make a narrow and more targeted plan instead of a broad marketing plan which in turn increases return.
  5. The creation of SEO search engines like Keyword Everywhere, Buzzsumo, Google Keyword Planner and others are also a contributing factor.

Mass Marketing Strategy

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

How Do Bloggers Get Paid: How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging?

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

how to get paid for blogging on wordpress

One single most important question in the mind of anyone who is hoping or trying to start a blog is, how do bloggers get paid? If I can be honest with you, this should be your last question after you have done a thorough research on how you can start a blog.

Passion pays you more than any other lifestyle you can think of. Your passion for something earns you greater reward than just an escape root. Imagine footballers today, none of them started playing football because it is the highest paying profession,  it is their passion for football that earns them those rewards.

Also, if you think you want to blog because those who blog make money, then my friend, you have a long way to go. Blogging has a vast category of areas it covers, how do you know which to follow if you don’t have the passion?

If you want to get paid blogging, then decide what type of blogging you will be most suited. Myself as an example, I love to write, write stories, answer peoples questions and provide need direction and assistance to things. The only root which allows me to do all these is by blogging, so here I am blogging all night and day. Because of this, I can confidently answer the question of how do bloggers get paid.

If you are now at the right stage of your blogging or writing career to ask those questions, then let’s get going.

How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging?

get paid to blog and write articles from home

Let me first break this down so you can understand. There are 2 ways a blogger makes money blogging

There are 2 ways a blogger makes money blogging, the first is –

1 Through a method known as The Low Passive Income (Low Maintainance Passive Income)

2 Through a method known as Personal High Income (Personal Involvement High Income)

The Low Passive Income (Low Maintainance Passive Income)

get paid to blog about your life

These form of income doesn’t require you to invest any money or exchange goods for money. It is, in fact, the easy way in which a blogger makes enough money to take care of all necessity. This is because it is a recurring passive income and it is generated through those plugins on your blog eg, paid for click campaigns like Google Adsense, selling advert spaces, membership sites, ebook sales and affiliate marketing.

I call this method the low-hanging fruit, you can make money with this method even when you are away, or sleep at night without having to spend any time for you to be paid.

Personal High Income (Personal Involvement High Income)

how do fashion bloggers get paid

This form of income involves your personal time, as time is more. You get paid for spending your time on something like offering personal consultation for your niche.

Personal high income can be earned through webinars, speaking at live events and personal consultations. All these take away your time, that is why it is worth the time and money even though you charge more than others.

It is wise to set up a passive income first so you can pay your bills and maintain your family and have more time for yourself, then venture into helping others through personal involvement by creating webinars, personal consultations and speaking at events.

With all these being said, let’s get to the question of how do bloggers get paid.

How do bloggers get paid

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

You should know there are many bloggers out there, and they all use a different method to earn money. But the secret is to be a master on one before jumping to another. The list of income streams is huge, dont be tempted to think you can takle all at once. But personally I can only share with you what I know and tried and what other I personally are using and getting paid blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

How does affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is when you partner with a merchant (product or service provider) to promote their product for a fee. You do this by reviewing a product or service offered by the merchant or producer to your audience and providing a link to the product or service when your audience clicks on the link which takes them to that product or service and the purchase the product or service you get paid a commission.

You do this by reviewing a product or service offered by the merchant or producer to your audience and providing a link to the product or service when your audience clicks on the link which takes them to that product or service and they purchase the product or service you get paid a commission.

Some affiliate pays you just by bringing them a new customer, while some only pay you when someone actually buys the product or service you recommended. You can make some substantial amount of money by sending a lot of customers to them not just sending one or two customers. Some also pay you a recurring fee for a customer who buys.

Examples of these affiliate programs:

Amazon affiliate program


Commision Junction (CJ)

Paperjam affiliate network





CPM Advertising Networks

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is CPM advertising networks?

With CPM advertising network you earn money with the amount of traffic sent to an advertiser. That traffic you are sending to the advertiser does not have to click on the advertiser’s product to generate any pay. By just displaying an AD on your site you will earn some money, but with this, you need to be driving a lot of traffic to see reasonable results.

Examples of CPM advertising networks:


Burst media



Tribal fusion



Casale media




Pay Per Click ADs

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-click (PPC), is also called cost per click (CPC). It is an online/internet advertising tool which is used to send traffic to your site, and this case the advertiser pays an owner or a network of websites when the ads are clicked. Read more.

Examples of Pay Per Click Ads:

Google Adsense


Yahoo Publishers network 

Workshop Leader

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Workshop leader?

Workshop leader is someone who teaches others on how to guides, either on how to generate traffic to your site or something else. Being a workshop leader is another way a blogger makes money because most people like to listen to an experienced person talk to them on a particular topic. By attending workshops you will get to ask direct questions and get direct answers.

Paid Webinar

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Paid Webinar?

Paid Webinar is when you do a video teaching your paying subscribers on how to guides. A paid webinar is a good way of generating good money but you have to know how to charge for webinars. There are two types of webinars, free webinar and paid webinar. With a free webinar, you give the teachings for free, but make money with the packages you have included in the free webinar like learn more packages.

Physical Products

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

Selling physical product is another way to earn money as a blogger, you can sell audio CDs or Video CDs of your popular webinars, books and other products relating to your blogging site. What you are selling must be something with value, something worth buying and also know how to contain your price.

Online Course

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Online Course?

Online course conveys a progression of lessons to a web program or cell phone, to be helpfully accessed to whenever and wherever. An online course is and planned and a constructed avenue for learning to many people. By creating an online course with or from your blog post is another great way bloggers make money. Personally, I have an online course going on, because it targets the basic learning tools for bloggers, it’s being a success.

Audio Book

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Audio Book?

An audiobook is usually a digitally recorded version of a book on CD or cassette which is usually a reading from a book or novel. You can make money as a blogger with audio book if you convert your online course into audio book and sold on Amazon. You can do the recording yourself or by a professional narrator or by an actor which can be sold alongside your ebook or online course.

Job Boards

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

What is Job Board?

Job board allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled, also you can sell your own advertisement by listing job. Other employment sites offer employer reviews, career and job-search advice, and describe different job descriptions or employers. You can also earn money per click when traffic to your blog click of your job board to apply for the job positions.

Example of Job Board?


For best ways on how do bloggers get paid, choose what works for you. Don’t be everywhere, be familiar with what you are doing, establish a passive income stream. Creating quality content is also ideal for your blog, so when it comes to converting them into passive income you will only need to copy and paste.

Blogging For Money: How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners
How To Make A Youtube Video

How To Make A YouTube Video

How To Make A YouTube Video

How To Make A YouTube Video For Free

How To Make And Post A Youtube Video

I have carefully listed some bullet points to follow on how to make a youtube video. These points are not rocket science, and you need not be an artist in other to create a professional or viral video on youtube. Soon you will find out its same old simple things we all do in our rooms that have landed so many people into becoming youtube millionaires.
The secrets to making a youtube video:

How To Make And Upload A Youtube Video

Knowing What Gadgets To Use For Your Video

Using A Smartphone

When I mention gadget, I wasn’t talking about video recording equipment, by simply using your smartphone you can create an amazing video for youtube. Smartphones are quite portable which makes them an ideal video recording tools for youtube.
Smartphones come with some very interesting benefits which will help any Vblogger capture the best moments anytime. Smartphones have two-way cameras both front and back, this features come handy when you want to record an event and also record yourself at the same time.
Also, smartphones come with enough storage space to save your recordings. Even though videos are known to take up storage spaces, you can either delete after the work is complete( if you have successfully uploaded on youtube) or transferred to your computer or cloud.

Some of the best smartphone cameras for youtube videos:
How To Make A YouTube Video

UMIDIGI Plus E 5.5 inch Unlocked SIM-Free 4G LTE Smartphone

Cubot MAX 6-Inch SIM-Free Smartphone

Apple iPhone 6 UK Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F 32GB Unlocked Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SIM-Free Smartphone


HTC U Play 32 GB SIM-Free Smartphone

Sony Xperia XA1 (Dual Sim) UK SIM-Free Smartphone

How To Make A YouTube VideoUsing A Webcam

A webcam will seem to be the least of gadget to use for a youtube video, but compared to smartphones webcam also makes good videos.

Webcams have a capacity to make significantly quality videos, yet in the event that you can’t afford to buy a smartphone, they will take care of business.

If the laptop or PC you are using doesn’t have a webcam, you can normally buy and install an external camera.

How To Make A YouTube Video

Laptop/PC Webcam

Using A Camcorder

Using a camcorder can also be very good. Camcorders have quality videos just like any smartphones, but the produce preferably better pictures. commonly have preferred show quality over a cell phone or webcam.

You can also use the camcorder SD card to transfer videos from your camcorder to your laptop for editing and upload to youtube. There a handful of camcorders out there, use the ones with removable SD cards and avoid camcorders which use VHS and super 8 cameras. This is because transferring your recorded data can be difficult because of the format used in them.

How To Make A YouTube Video

SD Card Camcorder

3rd Party Software

You can record information from your laptop screen by downloading a 3rd party software. This 3rd party software allows to record contents on your laptop screen, and some of this software also gives you the option of recording live stream contents/videos.

Always do a test video before going live or recording the actual content for your youtube video. 

Some 3rd party software to use for recording your PC contents:

Hyper Cam

Open Broadcast Software



PC Recording Microphone

You can use an external PC microphone to produce a good quality noise reduction sound for your video. Most smartphones, webcams and laptop/PC have inbuilt microphones, but a good PC microphone is highly recording because to help reduce background sounds so your video can stand out once you have published it.

PC Recording Microphone

Having An Idea

Do you have an idea?

Are you ready to share an idea with the world?

Then what are you waiting for?

You must have an idea of what type of video you want to create. An idea should come first before embarking on how to make a youtube video.

Now that you have an idea, you should write it down in form of a script. Have a go at writing a content/script, doing this before settling on a video classification will help decide the sort of video you wish to record.

1&1 Hosting

Using Trend for your Videos

Trending videos are the most watched videos on youtube. Youtube has a large presence all over the world, and this causes a variety of videos to be uploaded daily on youtube. Even though there are thousands of videos posted everyday on youtube, only a few number of them gets a massive attention.

I will give you some ideas of such videos which have a massive view and a good amount of following.

Some of the youtube videos that tend to get massive attention are:

  • Vblogs also called video blogs: This type of videos will appear with the person who made it where they are talking about a particular thing.
  • Video games
  • Tutorial videos
  • Pet videos
  • Review videos
  • Comedy videos

How To Make A YouTube Video


Personal Videos

Your idea for a youtube video can be personal, and personal video can only be viewed by people close to you whom you choose. They can only view the video when you share the video URL, meanwhile, those you share the URL with can decide to share it with others. So it’s not really personal when it comes to videos being shared on youtube.

Personal videos can be that of your wedding or friends and family weddings, party videos, tour videos, videos of you giving a speech either in a seminar or in a similar setting. Either way, you have to plan for it so to capture the best moments before moving on to edit the videos to be published on youtube.

Remember, youtube have strict guidelines on videos to be published on their website

Youtube Monetization-How To Make Money On Youtube

How To Make A Youtube Video

Making A Youtube Video

Make sure you have a lot of light.

How To Make A YouTube Video

Record different versions of the video.

Speak loud and very clear.

Once you are done, stop recording.

Do not wear the same colour as the background of your video. ( you can wear white outfit with a white background )

Have a spotless foundation! Individuals will think you are sloppy and chaotic if your experience isn’t sufficiently spotless.

It is for the world to see, so, therefore, do your recording in a clean background.

Avoid giving out your address on social media or you will end up with embarrassing visitors or stalkers.

Remember, not everyone will like what you are doing.

How To Transfer And Edit Videos

How To Transfer Video From Smartphone To PC

Transfer the video from your smartphone to your PC/laptop by connecting your USB cable from your phone to your PC/laptop. Once you have connected to your PC/laptop, use the software on your smartphone to transfer the videos, and if you don’t know what software to use, consult your phone manual for instructions

How To Add Videos To Youtube Editor

Open the youtube app,

log into your youtube account,

Select the video camera icon,

Select the video from your smartphone or PC where you saved it.

How to Transfer Video From Camcorder

Connect your camcorder to your PC using SD card or USD cable. This automatically suggests to you what software to use to aid the transfer. If you are using SD card, you should drag the video file to save it where you desire on your computer.

If you are using SD card, you should drag the video file to save it where you desire on your computer. Also, you can copy the file and paste it.

How To Transfer Webcam Video

Usually, this can be found in the in the video folder on your PC. Also, you can locate your webcam recording on the webcam folder from there you can transfer your content to your desired location.

How To Edit Your Video

There are several options for editing your video, some smartphones like iPhone and latest Samsung comes with video editing features. Also, most PC and laptops have some editing features but you must know how to use before you can perform some actions. You can always try out with other videos just to know what you are doing.

There are also several options available for editing your video, some of this options can be found on your smartphones and windows, but others can be downloaded free and some can be bought.

Here are the options:


Windows Movie Maker

HitFilm 4 Express

Final Cut Pro X

Vegas Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Saving Video

Once the editing is done, save the video where it easy to locate, use your title keyword to save the video.

Transfer/Upload Video To Youtube

After you are done with all the editing, it’s time to upload your video to youtube. You can upload videos to youtube with your smartphone and PC, but the procedure will differ regardless of what platform you use.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Free website traffic generator

Initially, my thought on generating or getting people to visit my blog was just words of mouth to friends and colleagues, but that didn’t work. My second thought was to share my blog articles on Facebook, that worked but with less impact because I had just less than 200 Facebook friends. Then I began researching on free website traffic generator. In the end, my research paid off, I was able to teach myself a few tricks on how I generate traffic to my website.

These are not for people or website owners who are good at hacking up traffic to their blog, but for marketers or website owners who genuinely want to drive organic traffic to their website. I have compiled some very interesting secret on how to generate traffic to your website free.

But first:

Traffic: How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

What is traffic on a website?

Website traffic is the measure of information sent and received by guests to the website. This fundamentally does exclude the traffic created by bots. Web traffic has been the biggest segment of Internet traffic, it is controlled by the number of guests and the number of pages they visit.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

And now for the main topic; How To Generate Traffic To Your Website?

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keyword definition

Long tail keywords are about three, four and five keyword phrases which are very specific to whatever you are writing about selling. People who are specific in what they are looking for use long tail keywords.

It is very important to target long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have plenty of web searches, and to bag in on them you have to search for it. They also help in SEO optimization, and they a huge opportunity if you are focusing on them as a major aspect of your SEO optimization. You can use google.adwords to search for long tail keywords.How To Generate Traffic To Your WebsiteHow To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Catchy headlines

What are catchy headlines?

A catchy headline is what draws the attention of the reader to read what you have written. Catch headlines are extremely important because it brings the reader into viewing an article or advertisement. It includes words and thoughts designed to catch someone’s eye and get that person interested in reading what follows the headline.

Catchy headlines or irresistible headlines include words and thoughts which are intended to catch someone’s eye and to also get that person to want to read what follows next.

Catchy headlines are one of the most critical parts of your content, and without a convincing headline, even the most extensive blog entry will go new.

Social Media

What is social media?

Social media are internet based applications. Social media are technologies mediated by a computer which facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression through virtual networks and communities.

How To Generate Traffic To Your WebsiteHow To Generate Traffic To Your Website

How to increase social media engagement?

There are different ways on how to increase social media engagement, they are as follows:

Making use of free social media monitoring tools

Show your personality

Share Link and participate

Ask for opinions from your network

Repurpose your content

Be visual

Include contests and giveaways

Types of social media












Just to name a few.

With these social media networks, you can sufficiently deliver awesome contents and expect that followers or users to see it and visit your website. But you must be proactive, be a standout amongst other competitors to drive traffic to your website.

Sharing your links to your contents on social media will make them be seen, and it is a constant activity that you must share, comment and reply to your own post always and every day.

Traffic: How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Video Content Strategy

Adding video content strategy is an important resource for drawing in new visitors and making your website more captivating. Visual material data shows that information retention is higher than it is for content, which means that video content strategy showcasing is a fantastic approach to get traffic and keep them on the website.


Advertising meaning?

Advertising is a visual and an audio form of marketing, it employs an openly sponsored, nonpersonal message to promote or sell product, service or idea.

Types of advertisement

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Paid traffic or advertisements are the best ways to drive traffic to your website. You have to create an image of the product you are advertising or make a video of the product you are advertising.
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Advertising tells a lot of stories and also give the reader an idea even before the read the description. But you have to modify your paid procedures to suit your objectives, do a more extensive research before choosing the product. Because paid adverts have advantages and disadvantages, and also to avoid losing money.

Mix It Up

Mix it up involves adding or creating more engaging content to your website. You can’t be everywhere, but you do a little more to engage a broader audience. You can do the mix it up by writing short meaningful contents, including news blogs, long tail keywords, short tail keywords, long shape content, videos, infographics and information parked contents.

Read Blogs

Read blogs for inspirations and ideas. Reading other related blogs help you create great contents for your website. You can read personal blogs of marketers or people with a similar niche as you, some are interesting personal blogs, famous blog sites, popular personal blogs and most popular lifestyle blogs.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO also known as On-site SEO, this is the practice in which individual owners optimize their web pages in order to rank greater and earn more website traffic through an online search engine. By optimizing the contents on your website, you stand the chance of profiting from web crawlers.

You can benefit from on-page SEO through picture contents, creating internal links, writing meta descriptions for each and every post. Optimizing on-page SEO help to generate organic traffic to the web page and also places your website on google first page when related keywords are searched for.

Off site SEO

Off site SEO is also known as off page SEO, this is the actions which are taken outside of your website, this creates an impact on your rankings within SERPs (search engine results pages). Off-site, SEO helps improves the search engine and user understanding of your trustworthiness, site authority, site’s popularity and relevance. This can be achieved by linking, pages, websites, people and by promoting your website.

On page SEO checklist

Use this on page SEO checklist to make sure You have done well for search engine optimization.

Start your title tag SEO with keyword

Use SEO friendly URLs

Add modifiers to your title SEO

Use <h1> tag for your title SEO

Use multimedia like videos, pictures and diagrams

Use your keyword in the first 100 words

Optimize your website for mobile friendly

Use outbound links

Use internal links

Use LSI keywords

Optimize image by saving the image file name with your keyword

use social media sharing buttons

On page SEO techniques

Some on page SEO techniques for use when creating quality contents.

Page Titles

Meta Descriptions

Meta Tags

URL Structure

Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)

Keyword Density

Image SEO

Internal Linking

Traffic: How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Are you still finding my how to generate traffic to your website guide interesting? Then continue reading.

Internal Linking

Internal linking are links that go from one page on a website to other pages on the same website. Internal linking is most useful to maintain navigation. Internal linking assists with SEO optimization also.

External Linking

External Linking are hyperlinks that go to other websites from your website. When a website links to your website, it is called external linking to your website, if you link to other websites, it is also called an external linking. External linking also help to build backlinks to your page and backlinks help with search engines like google. Backlinks really help if you are looking for how to generate traffic to your website.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one method used by bloggers to increase traffic to their blogs. One blogger writes posts which are published on another bloggers’ blogs, while another blogger writes a post which is published on your blog. The method of guest blogging is been used for a long time to generate traffic but many now use it to spam other websites, be mindful if you are going to try this in other not to be punished by Google.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is when someone clicks on your link from another website where your post had been shared on your website, Analytics tracks the click as a referral visit. You can easily get referral traffic from social media networks.

Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics data is a more significant part of your website, from your most prevalent pages to visitor socioeconomics. Watch out for your Google Analytics data, and utilize this information to educate your promotional and content methodologies. If you focus on what posts and pages are visited the most, where visitors come from, when and how the visit your site, this can help you target those traffic either through promotions or content sharing.

Content Sharing

Content Sharing is the strategic sharing of a web page and blog contents across relevant social media sites. Content sharing helps to build engagement with your website or page and also to generate referral traffic. Try Reddit, Pinterest, Diggs, Medium, Live journal and Torial.
Traffic: How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Use BuzzSumo To Research Your Competitors

BuzzSumo is a tool that tells you how contents perform online, it also breaks it the performance by multiple metrics across websites, keywords or topics. BuzzSumo data helps bloggers or marketers to better create, optimize and promote content.

Host Webinars

Hosting webinars are a superb approach to confer your work to your traffic, backed by a social media campaign, webinars are an awesome approach to generate traffic to your website. Host webinars are not that difficult as you think, hosting webinars is as easy as taking a selfie and posting on social media. Read more on Vlog What Is A Vlog And How To Become A Vlogger?

I really hope this helps someone out there struggling with how to generate traffic to your website. Leave a comment below and share your own experience with traffic generation.

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Interserver Web Hosting Review

If you are planning on Starting a Blog, here is an example of low-cost web hosting that will meet all your needs. Register for a free domain and sign up for your website/blog hosting with InterServer. One of the basic reason why InterServer web hosting made it to our top list webhosting is that it covers a large variety of building, managing and running a successful website.

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InterServer.net is a hosting service provider, it is also among the trustworthy hosting companies that supply a steady and accurate web hosting services and have been around since 1999. Maintain and running a domain is the long-term component of running an effective online business. In other words, it demands a constantly sustained hosting, which is provided by with a high degree of expertise and most importantly cost effective.

This is where Interserver web hosting comes into play as the popular webhosting company to provide that service. Interserver web hosting looks after every essential and also tiny element that could ruin your performance and hard work.

InterServer Managed Web Hosting

INTERSERVER WEB HOSTING With InterServer, you will enjoy profitable deals because of its resources, with their plan which begins at with $5 a month with benefits of limitless access to storage space, emails and website. Also easy to manage with a dedicated control panel. Exclusive packages have also been considered for a WordPress or Windows managed webhosting. For a functioning window, webhosting will cost $5 a month, while functional WordPress website hosting will costs only $8 a month.

Cloud VPS ( virtual private servers)

INTERSERVER WEB HOSTINGInterServer web hosting is rather very good at dealing with website pertinent affairs as well as rank them with its determined equipment while taking care of Virtual Private Servers. You can use its slidable calculator to choose a profitable plan.

There are also alternatives which are open to customization such as CPU cores, memory availed, CPU storage, as well as CPU transfer. When it comes to the server itself, you could opt to choose the Linux cloud VPS which cost $6 a month, or the Windows cloud VPS which cost 10 each month.

Quick Servers

Quick servers: There is an order form which is present under this server option which allows you to be able to choose and shop for all important element. The most inexpensive plan features Intel i7-2600 processor, 8GB RAM, 903 GB of HD space, and they can also able to be modified to suit a particular individual or task.

With InterServer, the option of administration has been a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of a specific website to easily go through the process for rebooting, re-installation as well as out of band console access. This particular transformation checks your equipment activity and also keeps the system maximized for a totally free functioning, and every premium option is readily available and runs with KVM virtualization.

Dedicated Servers

INTERSERVER WEB HOSTING Dedicated Servers: When you apply for a dedicated server, your system is quickly upgraded for a seamless operation on the Internet. If you are a premium client, you qualified for all the facilities of a shared VPS to a greater degree than normal if having a performing interface. And the benefits of premium servers are a speedy login at a reduced rate, without being bound by any contracts.

These accounts are fitted with business tools and sustained by personalized Intel-based servers. The setups could go as high as 128 GB RAM, running your application online with the entire emphasis.


Colocation: Scalable, redundant and resilient mission-critical environments, for those who are searching for a scalable and also repetitive setting for their computing hardware, there are options for colocation solution. Protected by a Biometric access to your system, which can be operated at any time. Meanwhile, your system remains supported by a power uptime and with 24 hrs email and phone help.

Free Migration

Free Migration: The most preferred category on InterServer is free migration. This makes it possible for every customer to transfer their services from one of the web hosting firms like BlueHost, NameCheap, EUKhost, Insty, A2, to InterServer itself. On the dashboard, every activity is reported/shown with practically or no downtime. You will save your new plan and also get protected against potential loss of data. This is why if you want To Start A Blog, this is part of a beginners guide to Successful WordPress Blogging. You can choose Interserver to deliver. Also all your site documents, database or e-mail will stay appropriated to the migration process which is also totally assisted by the professionals during the transfer.

Customer Assistance

InterServer customer assistance is a group of hosting experts who offer its clients/users services around the clock. You could reach them through live chat home window for query or call directly on the phone. Also, they have a fast feedback team for supporting the question tickets.

Guaranteed Distribution

InterServer promises to provide your valid, non-spam and non-bulk emails to the included contact list. Due to its e-mail discovery and spam barring system, that the concept stands definitely practical. InterServer deploys cutting-edge digital signature technology for confirming the danger status of every e-mail obtaining refined under it. So, any consistent attempt from any person would inevitably press him in the obstructed checklist. The monitoring is more improvisation with the carefully observed analytical information every minute.

InterServer standard Web Hosting

INTERSERVER WEB HOSTING Unlimited Transfer Unlimited Storage Unlimited Website Unlimited Email Free SSL Certificate

InterServer One Click Installs



Free Website Migration, InterServer offer free migration from your website to your current host for free. $1.99 Domain Registration, you can register or transfer your domain for $1.99 with the purchase of any web hosting plan. Privately Owned Datacenter, InerServer own and operate their datacenter with a team on site 24/7 for any support needs.

Onsite support, their team of experts is located at our U.S. headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey. Quality Hardware, all their infrastructure components are datacenter grade designed. 24/7 support, their support team are available via Email, Live Chat, and Phone. Guaranteed email, their internal monitoring will track who sent each message, tracks sender behaviour which detects and reduce abuse and with response analytics technology. 

Easy to use control panel, Their standard control panel is cPanel and for Windows they offer Plesk. SSD Enhanced Servers, hardware raid 10 servers with SSD Drive Caching. SSD SQL Offloading, SQL databases are stored on Ultra-Fast SSD Drives. 50% Server Capacity, they do not overload their servers and utilizing only 50% of available resources.

This allows the support for the growth of their customer’s websites without experiencing performance issues. Easily scalable, You can easily scale your website to VPS or Dedicated Servers with their No Downtime migration process.

One Click Install Scripts, they have 100’s of scripts available for quick installation through their control panel. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, if in any way you are not satisfied with their service, InterServer will refund your payment. Price Lock Guarantee, InterServer annual renewal rate remains the same for the lifetime of your account. Monthly Payments Available, InterServer advertised price is for monthly service. If you pay ahead of time, you will receive additional discount even though it states that you are not allowed to do that. 

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