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Bruna Lima Case Study-How This Instagram-Famous Fitness Guru Makes Money With Instagram

How This Instagram famous Model Makes Money As A Blogger, An Affiliate And Model

Bruna Lima is an Instagram-famous model and occasional fitness guru, who is best known for her swimsuit photos, bublicious booty every girl envies. Unlike Julia Gilas, another famous fitness guru, who is now 31 years of age, Bruna Lima is only 21. Bruna Lima has stated that her goal is motivating and inspiring others. What we all know after a careful look into her activities over at Instagram says otherwise. What is impressive about Bruna Lima, is her clever move to turning her passion for fitness into an income generating activity which has earned her serious money through e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Before Fame

Bruna Lima was working at a juice bar inside of a local gym when everyone would tell her that she had everything it takes to become a fitness model.

Despite having earned over 1.6 million Instagram followers on her xoobruna account, she was adamant that she was only a girl next door and nothing more could come out of her impeccable good looks and love for showing off her well formed.

There is something phenomenon about Instagram and starting a blog which I find to be immensely comforting about starting a small scale business blog.

Bruna Lima knowingly fronts her perfectly formed Brazilian bottom out there, she says changing other peoples’ lives by sharing her results of coordinated diet and best exercises for grutes come first.

This resonates well with many of her followers who aspire to achieve the same butt and body type through her workout guides.

Frankly speaking, the reason why many girls have saggy butts is lack of commitment to starting to live consciously.


​Most effective buttocks exercises achieve better results when you combine your butt workouts and dietary supplements which makes your bum fuller and round.

Taking fat burning exercises that works both your butt and thighs gives your core workout what it needs to deliver an effective buttocks exercises.

Bruna Lima does squats to bolster her core, this also helps to tone her body while lifting her buttocks into what you call a perfect Brazilian butt but also squats helps her build overall lower body strength.

To do squats for the most effective buttocks exercises:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be facing forward, rather than turned out to the side. Tighten your stomach muscles for stability.

Place your hands in a prayer position, with the palms touching. They should be parallel to your chest, but not touching.Bend your knees and squat down as if you were going to sit on a chair.

Stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground.Be careful that you squat downward, rather than forward.

Perform your first squats sideways in front of a mirror, so that you can check your knees and the curvature of your back.

Pause at the bottom. Then, rise again squeezing your buttocks as you stand. You should feel your gluteal muscles and upper thighs working to lift you to a standing position.

Repeat this exercise in reps of 10-20. Keep in mind that squats are a strength training and cardio exercise so they should be difficult.

Reduce the repetitions to 10 if you cannot keep the proper form throughout the exercise.Increase the intensity of this butt-lifting exercise by adding hand weights.

Use 2 to 5 lb hand weights and hold them down at your sides as you squat down.

Do You Struggle with saggy buttocks? Try Plie Exercises.

The plie is actually an exercise that got it’s start in ballet studios.

A common exercise for dancers, doing plies is another great exercise to lift your butt.Move your feet out so that they are slightly wider than hip-width apart.

Your toes should be turned outwards away from your body at about a 45-degree angle.Check whether you are in proper position by ensuring your knees line up with your second toes.

If they do not, turn out your feet less. Your knees must track over the second toe to keep the pressure from falling into the knee joint.Raise your arms out to the sides so they are parallel to the floor, like a ballet dancer, as you squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor.

If you cannot plie to a parallel position, do a smaller move and work toward the full squat.Pause at the bottom. Then, slowly lift yourself back up to a straight position squeezing your glutes as you come back up to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times.

You can increase the intensity by holding a kettle bell with both hands. The process of turning out the legs will concentrate the effort in a different part of the glutes.

Bruna’s case may be different, I know she is a Brazilian native so everyone will jump to conclusions about Brazilian bubble butts. I don’t buy that!

Bruna works hard for her body type to show for her, and the good part is the serious money she is making running an e-commerce blog off her body and passion for fitness.

If you are wondering how Bruna Lima makes money as a blogger, then you should know that there are many ways how bloggers make money, and Bruna Lima isn’t an exception to make serious money with a blog, you too can replicate her business model and make a great success out of it.

How ?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can all have an important role to play when it comes to starting a blog and making money running that blog. What you see on Bruna Lima’s Instagram account is a min fitness photo magazine.

Now if you take a look at her profile, you will notice that she has a website link which takes you to her e-commerce blog where she promotes fashion accessories.

There is even a better way of doing this with Instagram and Youtube to really zero-in on long-term value out of Instagram.It all begins with an Instagram funnel design where you can apply tactical list building on a niche focused audience.

With this system running behind your business, you can scale your Instagram business from making 10K to 100K or a million dollars depending on what model you want to apply in your business.

Blogging For Money: How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

Making money with a blog for beginners gets really complicated when as a beginner, you are constantly told that getting to a point where you make money with a blog is hard.

Abby confesses in one of her blog post  where she says: “If the only reason I had started a blog was to make money, I wouldn’t have been at it very long. I blogged for several months before I made my first dime. I blogged for several more before I even matched my expenses. And I blogged and blogged and blogged and blogged for many, many more months before it became a full-time income.

One thing I actually like about this post is that she makes a point that resonates with my line of thinking, Everyone’s timeline is different, and we agree that making money with a blog is not a get rich quick scheme, since blogging became so popular, it has never  been an instantaneous money maker.”

How To Find An Acceptable Balance To Running A Profitable Blog?

Most successful bloggers online today will tell you how hard they found to get their blog to make money from when they  setup their blog. I completely understand that society accept working hard as a badge of approval and it signifies that what ever success you enjoy is well deserved.

Is it really necessary to toil for years before you can make a living off blogging? Not if I can help! Unfortunately many bloggers jump into the blogging business without a blog business plan. They have no idea how to buy a domain, how to get affordable web hosting for WordPress and they have no clue how to leverage their passions and turn them into a real business through writing  blogs.

how to make money blogging


How To Create  A Blog For Free And Make Money

Making money with a blog depends on how you create a blog and the way you pre-define on how money will be made on your blog.

How is your blog framework look like when you lift up the hood to see what is running behind your blog business? Many bloggers including myself have said it now and again, there is no substitute for good quality content if you want to run a successful blog. Making money with a blog even if you are a beginner is reliant on what sort of value you are delivering to your audience.

When I started this blog, the idea was to lift up the hood and share with everyone who is starting a blog or have already started their blogging journey, but are still struggling to find a writing voice, organised delivery system and how to build and grow lasting relationships with their audience.

This is why when you come here you are guaranteed to learn how to start a blog, how to make money with a blogger even if you are a beginner and how to scale up your business  when you start small. So our frame work is built to deliver value precisely to that audience and not otherwise.

Are you looking for ways on how to start a fashion blog? Chances are that if you have been looking around, you have been told that all you have to do is:

  1. Start A Blog
  2. Start Creating useful content
  3. Get off your blog and start promoting your blog or find people who can read your content.
  4. Engage your readers to build a robust and dynamic audience
  5. Monetize your blog and start making money.

All that is great, only if you have a blogging business plan which has a functioning system behind it, am afraid that is not WordPress! Whipping up a nice WordPress, creating great content and driving multitudes of traffic to your blog is not good enough if you do not have a blogging system that works together with your WordPress CMS.

When I first got started blogging, little did I know much about how to start a blog and make money with that blog. And this is very common, most Gurus online fluff about how to start a blog guides that I quite frankly find misleading.

Starting a blog eventually gets perceived by many blog beginners as hard, overwhelming with so much to learn about and almost impossible to crack. I mean, who can blame them for thinking that making money with a blog is reserved for a few select people?

Through trial and error, I have managed to crack the blogging plan system, soon I realized that all that was lacking for me to get my blog making money within a reasonable amount of time and work was that I had no blogging guide or a book that  would show me everything I needed to start a blog, drive traffic to my blog, convert that traffic into buying customers and how to grow a sustainable traffic source so I didn’t have to spend money or rely on google rankings for traffic.

Finding a place where you could get a complete blogging package was my first challenge, this is why when I had found a working system that makes money almost on autopilot, I knew I had found the missing piece of the blogging jig. A Blogging Framework for Beginners.

Easier said than done, putting a resource like Ultimate guide to email market or ultimate guide to starting a blog is not for slackers. Gurus can afford to gross over inflated online course membership websites, what I personally felt I couldn’t afford was to compromise the blogging framework for beginners that would lead other new bloggers into the same problems i had.

I needed tested and proven system that can pretty much plug in into any blog business plan, whether is how to start a fashion blog or how to run a news blog.

This kind of system can’t be full of unqualified blogging theories, I know from experience that as a new blogger, you need someone to hold your hand and clearly show you how to install WordPress, which tools to use for setting up a blog, how to drive traffic to your blog. If I could get that delivered via this blogging framework for beginners, the world would have one less failed blogger every day.

What Will You Learn From A Blogging Framework For Beginners Course.

There are plenty of people looking for How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners tutorials, the problem is most tutorials are not complete. If you are looking for tutorials that shows you How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners, make sure that they are complete in the sense that they have taught you everything you need to setup your blogging system.

Starting a blog with Ideas or passion in mind is not a problem for many of my previous students I have come across over the years. The challenge for many new bloggers is how to navigate around the technical aspect of the blog. Trying to figure out the pros and the cons of best cheap web hosting for WordPress, how to choose and register a domain name to which tools are Ideal for building an email list can all be intimidating to say the least.

Now with a blogging framework for beginners, you have all the tutorial guides you need to show you everything you need from WordPress installation to how to monetize your blog.

Do You Want To Know How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners?

Start By Learning  How To Do Email Marketing Step By Step

The damning fact about email marketing is that you just can’t have a relationship with your audience unless you start applying email marketing strategies. Unfortunately with so many bloggers doing it the wrong way, email marketing turns out to be a frowned upon marketing channel for many bloggers.

Truth be said, if you have to run a profitable blog, no matter what niche, you need to learn how to harness the automation that email marketing delivers. I can’t emphasize enough about the need for learning how to do email marketing the right way. This is how we draw the audience in by first applying micro commitments. It all begins with becoming a fan, then a subscriber which converts into an informed customer ready to buy again and again.

Best Blog Sites To Read When You Start A blog As A Business.

Best Blog Sites To Read When You Start A Blog As A Business

Best Blog sites to read when starting a blog as a business are a key to your success as a blogger and in this article, I will be sharing some tips and tricks you can use to better improve your chances of making a success out of your blog.

We all go online in search for something, those looking for entertainment won’t find any value in an SEO blog. Equally, for blog readers seeking for best ways to make money writing blogs will not enjoy reading Buzzfeed.  Having said that, the good news with blogging is the fact that it has so many facets catering for just about everybody’s taste, you just have to browse and see what tickles your fancy.

Am passionate about three things and having run blogs for a few years, I have now come to learn that regardless of which category your blog falls in, you will need a few general understanding of:

  1. Traffic -How will you drive traffic to your website.


      2.  Targeting – Who Is your I deal Customer.


      3. Conversion – How will you convert your raving fans into buyers.

Knowing everything that I know about the three corners stones of starting a successful blog, I then embark on finding the king makers of each of these three essential pillars of starting a blog. I will go through a number of all the best blog sites to read and I create my favorite reading list based on the niche and keyword research I have done.

This list of best blog sites to read when you start a blog as a business is somewhat universal as every website needs traffic generation, every blog you start as a business will need niche research so you can laser target your audience and of course every blog you start will need ways to convert fans into buying customers.

Best blog sites to Read About SEO When You start A Blog As A Business

I love the way Inc puts it, as it has been said over and over, like a broken record,  I’ll say it again: SEO is not a one cap fits all, it is diverse and always on the move with never ending changes. This past few years we have seen Panda and Penguin updates, the increased importance of semantic SEO, new features available in AdWords, updates to Google+ and authorship, and much more.

Blimey! How does one keep up with all this? One of the best ways to keep up with SEO news is to follow some of the top SEO blogs in the industry. Do you have your best blog sites to read about SEO? Unfortunately, navigating through all of your choices isn’t always easy.

This is why as a new kid on the blogoshphere, you need the best blog sites to read about seo when you start a blog as a business.

What you want to look for in an SEO blog is not only that it covers the latest SEO news, but that it also takes that news and dissects it into chunks that are further analyzed to extrapolate what it means for your business, and gives you an actionable road-map.

SEO or search engine optimization is a must learn art of writing blog content that is highly optimized for search engines without compromising user experience. If you want to learn how to write better blog posts these best blog sites are ideal for your reading.

Link Building Techniques –Brian Dean Backlinko

It’s no secret that blogging goes hand in hand with good knowledge in link building techniques as it is the most important skill in SEO which helps you rank your blog posts on google’s first page.

In fact, link building techniques is a culmination of several different skills: you need to master content, sales, programming, psychology, and good old-fashioned marketing if you want other people to link to your site. Best blogs to read to combine that are not always easy to find. For the past few years I have found Brian Dean to be one of the most useful resource for link building techniques.

Following some of his best link building techniques, I have managed to grow my traffic exponentially, and the best party is all link building techniques I have applied from Brian Dean are all free.

link building tools –Neil Patel Quick Sprout

Link building tools goes hand in hand with link building techniques to mount a profitable prospecting campaign for link building opportunities and reaching out to webmasters to help you drive up  new links back to your website. Of course link building techniques can be done manually for free – however there are plenty of great tools out there that can make the process much easier and much faster!

There is no place for me as a blogger to find as my best blog site to read about link building tools than Neil Patel’s blog. Having built a handful SEO based multi million dollar businesses like Kissmetrics and QuickSprout all you have to do is check out any of his link building techniques and what sort of tools he is using to replicate his results for your business.If you have ever needed a kick in the pants to take your link building campaigns to the next level Neil Patel is your best blog site to read about SEO and link building tools.


Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Finding the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog can be daunting when you are new to the blogosphere! Luckily for you deciding which one would be the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog has been made easier even if you are a complete newbie to starting a blog.

 I recommend using WordPress And Here’s Why?

Common sense is the cheapest commodity for many but when it comes to keeping us grounded, it is the most precious commodity. I would highly recommend WordPress to be the Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog as it is unbelievably customizable and can adaptable to almost anything you can imagine it doing in your business, whether you want to build a WordPress based sales funnel, WordPress based Membership website or an e-commerce store for your business, WordPress is your best friend.

Most Popular Blog Sites You Know Are Built On WordPress CMS.

Believe it or not, CNN, The Huffington Post,, and they all run on WordPress

Because at this point there are no better/easier ways to build a website… But more importantly:

1. WordPress is FREE

WordPress doesn’t cost a dime to download or install (though it’s being updated each month), and there’s a huge community who help/guide people for free.

2. WordPress is VERY flexible

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you already know how add your own content. WordPress can be expanded with free plugins to handle just about any site you can imagine. There’s more than 2000 free themes to choose from.

3. No need to learn HTML, CSS and PHP from scratch (can take 6+ months)

Since WordPress acts as a “website editor”, you don’t need to learn all the coding skills just to add one single image or line of text

4. There’s huge developer network

Vast majority of web designers and developers use WordPress. This means you can get help quite quickly.

5. WordPress is great for small and large sites

When the big guys in the industry like eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA, all trust WordPress why would you go and start questioning the logic there? From websites to online stores it’s all here!  WordPress capable of handling just about any kind of website.

Flipping Domain Names For Profit:How To Make Money Buying And Selling Domain Names

Flipping domain names for profit may not be your Ideal small business on your mind, however when done right, making money through the sell of domain names can be a very lucrative business.

It also has to be said that flipping domain names for profit is not your average business model. It is most definitely not your get rich quick scheme either.

If you want to make money selling domain names, you will have to do market research and due diligence way before you buy your domain.

Buying the rights to an internet domain name that someone else wants allows you to charge them either for licensing or purchase. Even sites that others don’t want right away can be an opportunity for advertisement.

This can be a risky business, but the right domain name can create a substantial return on investment.

In this post, I share with you a step by step to the dos and don’ts for flipping domain names for profit


Step 1: Know Your Budget.

Just like any other business that you would normally start up, flipping domain names for profit demands that you must first know your budget.

Buying and selling Domain names is like a supply and demand business, you got to know where to sell and the right time to sell or hold on to your domain.

In order to start a profitable business, take some time out to do financial calculations. It is always best to start off by investing a small amount of money and then move on to making a bigger investment once you are set in the field.

Step 2: Choose a Profitable Niche.

Selecting a profitable niche is very important when it comes to domain flipping. Having adequate knowledge in searching domain names is critical. It will help you with fishing as well as parking domain names. Carving out a niche for yourself will enable you to seek out prospective buyers actively who would be interested in the domain names you are offering.

Step 3: Find Hot Keywords.

Before you park any domain names, you must focus on finding hot keywords that buyers would be interested in. The best way to make sure you get a good return on your investment is to pick a domain name with acceptable traffic, somewhere around 10,000 searches a month. You can do this conveniently by using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Niche Finder Software.

When looking for hot keywords, here is a general guide that might come in handy.

Generic names are a great find because they can be used to describe new and upcoming products and services, but you must also look into copyright and trademark issues beforehand.

Business names combined with geographic names like chiropractor Los Angeles can be sold conveniently.

Timely names pertaining to major events like Wimbledon and the Olympics have great potential to become best sellers.
Geographic names related to countries and cities can be sold to web developers looking to start new communities, businesses or portals.

Step 4: Focus on Local Domain Names.

It is mind boggling how local search engine optimization has grown from a tiny market to a mammoth industry within a span of ten years or so. This is also one of the reasons why focusing majorly on local names is profitable.

From doctors to pizza parlors to salons, everyone wants to see their business thrive on the first page of Google Search results with the help of target keywords.

The best way to pick winning local domain names is to search for them at places like GoDaddy and Namecheap.

Step 5: Find an Existing Domain Name.

Yes, buying existing domain names can be profitable too. Existing domains with a potential for profit can be found using Sedo. Make sure you pick domain names that have good traffic, backlinks and Google PageRank under 17 characters.

Also, steer clear of existing domain names containing special characters or numbers because they are not likely to be sold.

Step 6: Find Relevant Domain Names Related to Your Keywords.

Picking domain names by typing in relevant keywords on Namecheap has become increasingly popular. If you want to buy and sell domain names professionally, try using Millionaire Society.

Once you have found the domain name of your choice, you can log onto to gain more insight regarding the domain name.

Step 7: Consider Other Alternatives.

Many top-level domains, or TLDs, out there have the potential of being sold at top dollar rates. Gone are the days when domain names with ‘.COM’, ‘.ORG’ and ‘.NET’ were known as top-level domains. Newer domain names with ‘.US’ and ‘.IO’ are also worth their weight in gold.

All you have to do is conduct thorough research in order to find all the good domain names you can park.

Step 8: Buy a New Domain.

Even though generic domain names are usually taken, there may be some unregistered domain names. You’re lucky if you can find such a domain name; waste no time and get it registered with the best domain registrar company because that will enable you to sell your domain name to the interested party easily.

GoDaddy, Namecheap, and are the best sites for finding new domain names that are still unregistered.

Step 9: Buy Domains with Page Rank.

Keyword relevancy is not the only thing that matters when it comes to SEO. However, domain names that were previously used by other businesses usually have a lot of backlinks and a decent ranking on PageRank.

Even though such domain names are usually about to expire, they are still worth a lot of money if they have a good number of backlinks and a ranking of five or more.

Step 10: Build a Solid Domain Portfolio.

Building a solid domain portfolio is not a piece of cake; it may take you several months or years to achieve this goal but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

When you are in the fishing phase, look at the potential of the domain name. Another common strategy used by seasoned domain flippers is to get hold of some high profile domain names and sit on them until they soar in terms of value.

Step 11: Use Different Sales Strategies.

You can apply many strategies when it comes to flipping domains successfully. The three most common strategies are set price, auction, and make an offer.

You can set a particular price for domain names you have to offer when you are not in a rush to sell them. Those who have a huge portfolio usually adopt this strategy.

GoDaddy and Namecheap follow the auction strategy and you can too. Sell your domain to the buyer with the highest bid.
When you have a niche domain, you can make offers to various prospective buyers who may be interested in buying.

Another point of concern is to flip websites and not domains only. This is because many times a domain is worth far more with an established website than on its own.

Building a website has great potential because it has SEO value, potential and much more to offer to its prospective buyer.

Step 12: Never Sell Right Away.

Domain flipping is not always about making quick cash. Sometimes you have to spend days in research before you make a profitable sale. Remember, it is better to wait for several months or years in order to sell a domain name for a greater profit than settle for normal profit. Think of domain flipping as more of an investment.

Step 13: Be Aware of the Risk Involved.

Flipping domain names for profit is not entirely free of risk. There are three types of risks associated with domain flipping in terms of legality, liquidity, and subjectivity.

Domain names can sometimes cause legal issues. This usually happens because some names are too similar to already trademarked names, which is why you need to think twice before picking domain names.

From the liquidity point of view, you may have to wait for a couple of months or even years before you can make a profitable sale.

Subjectivity refers to the fact that it is hard to realize the value of a domain name as compared to stocks. It is not easy to pinpoint the exact value of a domain name.

Now that you know all the details about buying and selling domains, we hope you start off your very own domain flipping business with ease.

All you have to remember is to begin by learning all the tricks of the trade and invest a small amount of money before you decide to go pro.

How To Do Email Marketing

How To Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most neglected forms of business yet, it is also one of the most profitable and cheap ways of growing your business, expanding brand reach and engaging your raving fans to make the best out of your business.

My goal today is to walk you through an entire email marketing funnel so you can appreciate how easy it is for you to implement the right ways promoted in our six-part video guide series of how to do email marketing

I want to share how doing email marketing allows me to make money, and possibly you too should be able to follow along and learn how to do email marketing the right way.

Many folks online teach email marketing, and I would really like you too to consider integrating email marketing into your business. However, let me also point out to you that there are plenty ways of how to do email market.

If you are going to learn how to do email marketing, a good place to start from would be to set goals you want to achieve that way you can devise better ways of strategically growing your email list.
At the core of every email marketing is Value, while setting those goals, you need to align them with the sort of value you will be able to deliver to your customer avatar.

Bloggers deliver value based on targeting. The process is really simple, If my aspirations are to learn how to make youtube videos, a valuable lead magnet for me, would be a blogger who has put together a beginner’s guide to making youtube videos.

That said, any business exists to serve customers, what are you willing to give your fans as a FREE indoctrination gift that will educate them enough to appreciate the need for buying a membership or product from you?

I see a lot of folks running around chasing the quick fix to making money online. They jump from one shiny object to another with the hope of finding a plugin or loophole that will give them a break and earn money online.

You see, making money online boils down to delivering value based content. It doesn’t matter what you put out online if it’s not coming from a place where the value is a centerpiece, your blogging business or email marketing efforts are dead in the water.

My honest advice to anyone starting a blog or considering to turn their hobbyist blog into a business, to really look into themselves and ask if their offering is of value to a niche market they are targeting.

In many cases, you will realize that probably you do not have anything valuable to offer to your audience, and this is where I recommend that you seriously look into leveraging business relationships commonly known as JV or joint venture deals where you lock in hands with someone who has something valuable to offer to your fans, you open up your platform to the other business in exchange for a sales percentage of a product or service.

How To Do Email Marketing

To start email marketing, you will need

  1. Traffic

  2. Lead Magnet Offer

  3. Landing Page

  4. Self Liquidating E-mail List Building Funnel.

Traffic Sources For E-mail Marketing.

To do email marketing you need traffic, and this traffic comes from different sources. Some bloggers choose to build their email list through traffic driven by ranked content.

This process is good for anyone who has plenty of time and resources to churn content for a year or two to build a significant dynamic email marketing list.

Building Email Marketing List Using You tube Traffic

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet after Google. It is a blogger’s dream paradise for email list building.
One thing I love about driving traffic from Youtube is that:

Youtube traffic can be turned on and off like a faucet when you like. But it can also drip into your funnels perpetually when you know how to create evergreen content.

Sounds complicated when you tell someone that having a huge list of subscribers on youtube is not good enough until you start sending these people to your lead capture page using targeted content creation, eventually getting them on your email marketing list.

I do not rave about how many youtube subscribers I rake in, and so should you. Instead, you need to strategically leverage your video content to just perform one very specific function: drive traffic to your website.

Many of my clients assumed that they needed to create viral videos when they think of YouTube as a source of email list building. Until I show them how some of my videos that have less than 5000 views, has been able to bring me in 3000 subscribers.
It’s no surprise to me that you’ve been under the impression that success on YouTube meant capturing some hilarious and embarrassing moments of your niece or worse off unsuspecting son or daughter on video and sharing it with the world.

So How Do We Drive Traffic From Youtube To Our Website?

Use Call To Action Sparingly

Aim at using your video to build rapport so that when you give your views a compelling Call To Action, they should take action immediately.

You’ll quickly discover that you don’t need millions of views to get results. It’s all about the quality of your visitors, not the quantity.

YouTube videos on my channel help me build rapport with viewers who resonate with the sort of content I create. And that’s not all, I use videos on youtube to over-deliver value so much that by the time they reach my website offers, they are primed, pumped and ready to take action.

Having picked up this tactic, It has helped me see never head before conversion rates and they keep going up as my list continues to grow.

It’s my job to show you how to get your audience off of YouTube and onto your website, so they can start taking action with you.

But make sure that you completely understand how to present that compelling call to action in a subtle way so that they should be willing to leave the party going on Youtube to your website….
“Compelling” usually translates into delivering massive Value! Usually “Free works magic!”

And here’s why it works all the time. Someone watching a how to rank your blog post in minutes would gladly be compelled to follow your call to action to download a plugin that is allowing you to do exactly that.

This can either be A free report, Free video tutorial, Free one hour SEO consultation or software application is enough to get people to take action with you.

Drive Traffic Using You tube Video Description

Many bloggers ignore the huge opportunity available under each video posted on Youtube. Drive insane traffic from your video description when you add your website link within your video description.

Use You tube overlay ads to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Most people over-look lower thirds overlays, instead, they ask views to type in their website which most viewers won’t do. Instead, use overlays to add clickable links to take people to your offers.

It must be said that the idea of driving traffic to your website is for you to implement better ways of how to do email marketing so building the email list of subscribers is the absolute foundation.

Make Money Writing Blogs

Top Blogs That Make Money Writing Blogs

Make Money Writing Blogs

Top blogs that make money online have one thing in common, and that’s solving problems that readers seeking for a solution are searching for.

Chances are that you might be considering in joining in on the growing trend of six figure top blogs that make money online.

I want to save you some grief and time so you can get to your goals and start crushing it like these other top bloggers earning money while working from home.

Listen, you have probably heard of niche sites and affiliate, maybe you even jumped on youtube to see how to start a website guide and some WordPress tutorial. Actually, that’s a noble thing to do…
Finally, you are taking steps to create a blog and hope to make money blogging…

Stop! Stop! Please!

Do you even have a plan in place? I don’t mean that business plan your bank will ask you to bring along when you apply for a small business start up loan…

I mean a Blogging plan

Turns out that if you are dreaming of making money by writing blogs, creating a plan helps quite a lot if you want to become a full-time blogger.

May be the big plan is a side hustle that leads into quitting your job and become a full-time blogger, I recommend that you first create a plan.
If you are new and wondering what the heck does a blog business plan looks like… Don’t worry I will let you in on the secret here…

Starting a blog is not everything, you’ll want to think about a few things, such as:

  • How you’ll make money from blogging
  • How much money you need in order to quit your full-time job
  • When you want to leave your job by
  • How much money you want to save up in an emergency fund
  • How you plan to continually grow your blog
  • What goal(s) you are working towards and much, much more.

Creating a plan allows you to lay everything out in front of you. This way, you’ll know what you’re working towards and know what to do.
My FREE Training which you can access by clicking On how to start a blog and make money teaches everything you need to know about blogging. This is a great place to start from if you are contemplating of creating a blog that makes money.

In this guide I share tricks and tips you can use from today to grow your audience, you will also learn how I promote blog posts and why monetizing your blog with affiliate products or adsense is the worst thing you could ever do .

Instead I share with you how you can create a profitable e-course even if you have never created one or taught in class.

But that’s not all…

Each month we email 100 case studies of small scale idea business, where we open up the hood to show you exactly how to start a business with no money or experience, then go on to make money all in 90 days.

This FREE PDF guide should give you everything you need to get started on your journey to join in the top blogs that make money writing blogs.Make Money Writing Blogs =>Download FREE PDF Guide<=

I hope by now you understand what you need to do before you go on to start creating a website, for more reading resources checkout writing blogs technics you can apply as you learn better ways and styles of creative writing.

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How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Ironically, the most fervent advice givers are often those who know fuck-all about the subject matter. They absolutely have no idea about what they are yapping about.
Most Youtube gurus, who plance-about dishing how to guides to unsuspecting victims online.

Despite never being able to get their own act together, having heard of make money from home ideas, and seen other people’s work from home job guides-that is all it takes for most YouTubers of such a type to be able to tell you what it takes to finally make your own website and How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything…


“You know what, I am going to go ahead and level up with you what you are doing wrong, and I won’t even charge you for it!

There’s no such a thing as Make Money Online Without Paying Anything and if you are buying into the idea of How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything then you are just as fucked up as most fake gurus online!

Money may not exchange hands, however you may be required to do all the work by yourself in essence that will turn into what we call sweat equity. While others may not consider that to be worth any money, the last time I heard was that time is money, so if that is the case, how would you turn round and say the three months you worked your butt-off was free?

I can’t help but wonder…

Have you ever wondered why money comes so easily to some people, yet others seem to struggle for every penny they earn? The difference between the two types of people often lies in how they think about money and wealth creation. Obviously if your thinking is finding How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything literally, then you might be missing a bigger picture here! And I hate to break your bubble.. there is no such a thing as willy nilly money online!

But there is even a better away!

For the record, I have been making money online for a few years now, I actually make money blogging and I do this working from home. So if you are as desperate as I was, please do not waste your time looking for How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything.

Instead look for better ways to make money online fast with little time and investment. Which ever way they sell it to you, there is a price to pay.

When I started, I was as clueless as fuck! But had done a thorough research on others who were making money writing blogs.
Because of that research and obviously because of my rabid obsessive nature, I quickly understood that if I had to make money online, I would need an understanding of:

  1. Targeting
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion

There are some wealth creation rules people will shove up your throat or where ever you let them stick up into you as their must-live by rules to help you become one of those who will always have more than what you need, instead of someone who never has quite enough. Please understand that these guides where they show you How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything are not as accurate as you may have been led to believe.

It’s all bullshit! I was able to make money online fast working from home and if you are wondering how I did all this?

I Planned all The Shit Way Before It Happened!

Ever heard of this “Niche” thing every body is talking about? Yeah!

I pulled up my sleeves like a gold miner in the Brokeback mountain, researched the fuck out of every possible low hanging fruit I could lay my blistered hands on…

When I finally got my nuggets, I wrote down three programs or course outlines that I was going to deliver- that way I always knew what would be my next step when I hit publish on my first post.

so I wrote 100 guides on How To Start A blog-A Beginners ultimate guide to WordPress Blogging Success In 90 Days.

This was the birth of my first ever Blogging training guide turned into a course which I am proud to have created.

Listen, changing your money mindset is not good enough. How you also think about ways of making money and eventually wealth is the single most important factor that determines whether you’re wealthy or not.

If you hold any wrong beliefs about how to earn money online or believe that you don’t have enough skills to help you get started in creating a blog that will replace your job, that thinking can hold you back from ever becoming wealthy.

Instead, recognize the power that your thoughts have over the way money is made in your life and embrace even newer ways of doing it.

Am not gonna lie- the only reason I bought into the Idea of starting a blog was freedom. Knowing that if I make money online writing blogs, then I wouldn’t have to do all the shite I had to do to earn money to pay for my mortgage and Mobile phone bills.. Gees these fucked up bastards trump up phone bills thinking that money grows on trees!

I’ve had to endure hand jobs and wiping wrinkly bottoms to earn this shite!

So when I read about bloggers having their own personal assistants, who do every shite stuff I hate about my job, I thought it was amazing!

Not having to deal with my gobby boss, having someone to answer my phones, run errands to the post office and fetch my favorite Starbucks cuppa!
It was the culmination of a perfect laptop lifestyle I have ever dreamed of.

But the reality is, to earn money online takes a great deal of work and planning. On the other hand managing the small change you get from your job and side hustle also takes a skill.

A good book to read to help you change your mindset about money is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This book explains how your way of thinking can make you wealthy, or keep you from experiencing the riches you desire.

It’s funny how many people have read that book, yet very little is known why Napoleon Hill wrote that book!

Napoleon Hill wrote that book as part of his wealth management newsletter sales funnel, his goal was to promote an elite membership wealth management portfolio, so he created that book and sold it at almost a giveaway price-his goal was to solicit qualified membership of his program.. more on this later in the next post about List building and funnel design for profitable blogging.

For the sake of helping you not to lose your sanity, first off before you even think of starting a blog, it’s better to lay the ground work…
Blogging is awesome, that I can tell you! but here’s the truth!

There are plenty of important aspects of this blog that needs addressing way before you even start obsessing about the drought or lack of traffic to your blog.

Plenty of people will tell you how SEO is crucial to growing your readership, but do you even know why you are starting a blog?

Money is important in our society. Not having enough can be a very scary thought. But instead of being driven into starting a blog just for the sake of money, will not be good enough to keep you grounded when you meet challenges.

My blog allows me to earn money however what I do on my blog is not entirely driven by the trappings of mega cheques or having enough money to pay bills and enjoying the finer things in life. For me, the dream was freedom of time and location.

I was thinking about how great it would be to finally not worry about losing my job or the 14 days annual holiday I had to split between child care appointments and schools activity days!

How Much Money Would You Have To Earn Through Blogging To Allow You To Quit Your Job?

Way before I even made a cent through writing blogs I imagined what it would feel like to have a certain dollar amount in my bank account. But I must also tell you that it wasn’t millions in the bank!

The dream for me, was the lifestyle starting a blog would afford me! So I focused on that image and kept it foremost in my mind when it looked like the tide was against me.

Are You Scared Of Quitting? Is A dreaded Sense Of Job Security Creeping The Fuck Of You?

Aah, this is the fun part! Creeping dread is perfectly normal! Your mind is an automatic stop button- It is pre-programmed to spot danger signs and signals your brain to unleash the fear factor inside of you!
Imagine how long you have been in training to spot dangers or anything that could cause harm to your life? I bet you would be stupid to assume that your mind is always right.. unfortunately some folks do!

Isn’t it ironic how we choose to trust other people’s optimistic forecasts than we do about our own wealth growth hacking?

Many folks spend their most productive lives for a wage in exchange for fewer worries or fear of not having enough, however, if you want to be on the path to overcoming adversity and creating wealth, you need to get yourself out of this circle of job security and become your own boss.

To become a blogger I knew that I needed to be willing to take on risks. The quicker you make peace with yourself and realize there is some risk involved in creating wealth, and that anything worth achieving is worth the risk.

Some people never experience the fulfillment they crave because they’re afraid of failing. Failure isn’t something to be feared. Instead of procrastinating and being afraid of failing, plan the course of your blog and actions to carefully bend the future to your own will. That’s the only way you will be prepared to face whatever happens.

Take action.

Take action where your money is concerned. If you’ve been waiting for wealth to come along and find you, it’s time to start taking action to create wealth instead.

If you own a business, be prepared to work harder and offer better services. Take positive steps that will help you create wealth.

Invest your money wisely.

Make your money work for you. The wealthy don’t keep their money in savings accounts.

To protect the money you have and ensure it continues to grow, it should be invested in a fund that’s well-balanced between safe investments and risks.

This is how the wealthy use money to create more wealth.

When you develop the right mindset toward starting a blog and finally make money online, take smart actions, and manage your time wisely, you will quickly become a successful blogger who creates wealth and stops being someone who is afraid of not having enough.

Import And Export Business – Small scale Business Ideas

Import And Export Business -How Does It Work ?

When was the last time you got to the start of something late? When you missed out on a great deal, a 70% off sale, or a gold rush that was right under your nose?

10 years ago, it was nearly impossible to make a living online… by yourself… with just your passion as the fuel that drives your income. The recent explosion of  Import and export business also known as drop shipping is quickly changing the landscape of small scale business startups.

Sure, there were tech startups like Facebook that were born out of a dorm room. But there wasn’t anywhere near the same level of opportunity for individual social media influencers like what we’re seeing right now.

The sad truth is that most people don’t realize how easy making money from Amazon really is.

So they ignore it and go back to the job and lifestyle they know (and struggle with). As part of the small scale business,     drop shipping via amazon or shopify is easy to get started with minimal start up costs.

These 3 exciting trends are unique to our lifetime and are being taken advantage of by everyone from teenagers to university students, busy parents to backpack travelers, and from career workers and retirees.import and export business

But there’s still one giant thing missing…

The system that connects everything you’ve learned so far, answers all the questions you still have and gives you the roadmap to follow going forward.

I’ve seen people wait years before starting  their import and export business on Amazon. And they went on to build £10,000, £20,000, and even £50,000+ (per month!) businesses.

But they would have seen that success sooner, and already retired from “work”, if they’d started when I first told them to…

Every day you wait, you’ll tell yourself more reasons why it won’t work for you – simply to justify doing nothing. It’s craziness. But… it’s human.

Well, this time around I took matters into my own hands, over the past 13 months from March 2016 nearly 1,100 people have already learned how to use this author’s insight into business opportunities online to make bankable chunks of mula easily. See this in action…!

These 3 trends are:

1. The E-commerce goldrush

There was over $15,000,000,000,000 worth of e-commerce transactions in 2016 according to Forbes business magazine. And Amazon is the leading retail e-commerce provider.

2. Private labeling

Which allows you to source a generic product (pretty much any kind of domestic product you can think of) and then have the supplier brand it for you. Making it yours to sell how you wish.

3. Becoming an Amazon FBA seller (Fulfilment By Amazon).

Import and export business via Amazon allows  stores  owners import or exports bulk goods  for sell in a chosen geographical Market worldwide, these goods are then sold in smaller packages where Amazon packs and ships your products. They do all the hard work for you. You don’t have to touch a thing. Fulfilment by Amazon is a new way of setting up new frontiers in new markets, using small scale business channels where the little guy is pretty much as good at a shot as the big guys on the market.

This Time around, I’m giving you your ticket to start profiting from these booming trends…

Small Scale Business Ideas -What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You And Your Family?

What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

What does financial freedom mean to you and your family?

Is it freedom of time and location or is it a fat cat’s bank account with deep spending limitless credit limit? Are your finances on track to guarantee you and your family a golden retirement where a thought for money running out on you in retirement age doesn’t pop out at the back of your head?

If you are intending to plan for your retirement, the best place would be to think about how long you expect to live in order to calculate the potential payout for an annuity if you are taking one.

With studies showing that almost a third of job holders think they can safely take out 10 percent or more out of their retirement egg, but the Social Security Administration estimates that a man turning 65 today will live to age 84 while a woman can expect to reach age 86.

Truth remains that no one wants to work forever. And if you’re just starting to plan for retirement, deciding what actions to take when you do—or have already begun to enjoy your post-work life, perhaps what you need is help to achieve your retirement dreams. This way, you’ll be able to make the most of your newfound free time without any worry or fear that money would run out, forcing you to get out out of retirement.

It turns out that, what draws me to work from home jobs is not necessarily just the idea of financial freedom. When you throw in freedom of time and location in there, that’s a perfect lifestyle for me! I know It sounds like a cliche but, when you put this sort of a package, where I get to work at my own time, at a place and location of choice, always in control of the kind of money I get paid for my work- that is a dream lifestyle!

The dream for me is not millions of dollars in the bank, and I believe that I speak for the majority of individuals who work from home jobs.
Perhaps your Idea for small business Ideas isn’t really for you to fill the need for owning a home run business. What if it’s the freedom of time, location, and money is what you are looking for?
If it’s freedom you want, then it makes sense to break it down into bite-sized chunks and think about ways you could put together a lifestyle by design to fit in snag into what is important to you and your family.


Baby boomers haven’t done a great job saving for retirement, If you now go on with life without proper planning, you will be screwing up the decumulation phase, and that’s taking a bad situation already, and making it  even worse than it is.

You probably are asking if it is possible to live life by design, and the answer is yes!
If you are looking for small business ideas to spark your interest, working from home in return offering you a great lifestyle by design, then these 100 home business opportunities will perfectly suit you!

As you may know by now that am such a sucker for data and testing simple funnel designs, so for months and months now, am constantly testing new small scale business ideas, that has potential and scalability. Then each month we publish new proven ways to put together lifestyle businesses that work.

Am currently on a 10k Express Income Marathon where am pooling easy to replicate 3 step small business ideas systems you can just copy and past by watching over the should tutorials. We are literally not leaving any stone unturned,

Make sure to Download these 100 case studies and sign up for more delivered via email.

Why Small Scale Business Ideas?

The small scale business ideas project matters to me more as a person who has benefited a lot from home based jobs.

It is important to understand that when you choose to work from home online, you instantly become captain of your own ship. If the ship sinks or survives the rising sea tides, it’s all on you! The question is are you pursuing a tested and proven small scale business ideas or you are just shooting in the dark, hoping that one or two ideas will stick?

When you choose work from home jobs, you can’t rely on others to get results for you. That’s why small scale business works, because when something isn’t working, you can easily pinpoint the source and fix it.

As a small scale business owner, If you run out of leads, you are expected to go out and fill your pipeline otherwise you will be out of business. So if you plan on taking a plunge, consider how much of a small scale business is your business idea.

While looking at the booming industries year by year can be tempting for those aspiring to go into small scale business, it’s also a good idea to look to your strengths.

What is your skill set? What are you great at? This can be an excellent jumping-off point for coming up with the best small scale business ideas.

Start a plumbing, electric, or “handyman” type business

Handymen rack in thousands of dollars in emergency repair call outs each year, If you’re a fan of tinkering and solving a problem, starting a plumbing, electrician, or general handy-person type business might be a good fit for you.

While it’s not as simple as, hey, go start plumbing, if you’re looking for a hands-on career, you might want to consider seeking out a vocational degree in one of these fields and building a business around it. I’ve also linked our free case study  below, in it you will find how we built a 2.1 million Rands a year repair company in South Africa, and the best part is we did it all online.

You can download this case study plus a Six part FREE Training lead generation business, including an over the shoulder guide on how to starting an emergency plumbing lead generation business.


It bothers me a lot when I See sleazily promoted work from home jobs, there’s no such a thing as getting hired to work online from home as an employee for a salary when you are doing your own payroll yourself. Using the above business case study, we have managed to put together a network of Plumber, Electricians and now expanding into Landscaping. We did all this across South Africa using local talent as researchers and point of contact.

Listen, if I hire you to help me do a niche research, get all the data you have been asked, and you don’t turn around and replicate what you have just done as a side game, you are in serious trouble. The sort of small scale business ideas we research and test are easily replica-table with the right tools. And there is even more room for everyone to participate.

I personally find the linear path to financial freedom for an average person to have been rigged against the average joe right from elementary school up to old age.

The assumption for a better life and financial freedom is that you get an education, get a job the work for years to build a bigger pool of savings, which will provide enough income and flexibility for the remainder of your life.
In case you didn’t know, what is commonly known as the middle-class today, is what the majority of linear economic chasers are at each day at work, trying to climb the ladder, to get a raise, to buy a bigger house, juggling car payments and credit cards just to make life work.

Looking for legitimate work from home jobs as in employment is a silly thing to do when there are plenty of small scale business ideas that pays way more better than a 9-5 job.. what you should be doing is look at small business ideas to use to start your own business.

Trading your most productive years or time for dollars is the worst thing you could wish on your kids, yet we see parents surrender their kids to the yoke and bondage of indebtedness by helping kids they love dearly hang themselves in borrowing tens of thousands debt in the form of Student loans.

There are obviously immense benefits to getting a university education, no question about that. But at what cost must it be acceptable? The first chance a parent gets to teach and lead by example shouldn’t have to be getting kids into college students debt.

Grads with a mountain of student loans are no better than a broke-arse burger fliper who entangles himself into the time-money paradox.

Frankly speaking, most smart people I know, trade the majority of their available time for a paycheck and then spend the majority of each paycheck on repaying Student loans.

As the spending snowballs, many individuals desire a larger paycheck, which requires long hours and more responsibilities at work, which means even less time to enjoy the additional income. It’s a vicious cycle that often continues in perpetuity.

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What if Starting your blogging Business attracted Multitudes of engaged fans, increased your income like whoa, and gave you the time and independence to enjoy your dream lifestyle?

Here's A Blogging System that lets you in on the secret!
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