Best Company Newsletters – For Better Way To Save Money Fast

Best Company Newsletters

You probably already know how handy best company newsletters can be when it comes to bagging secret deals when shopping from companies you love.

Am talking about deals that companies only send to their email list subscribers for their company newsletter. Best company newsletters are in fact a huge untapped source of shopping saving.

(In case, you didn’t know companies spend billions of dollars in secret deals of up to 75% in discounts and offers for signing up to receive company newsletters)

Today I’m going to show you the ins and outs of saving money using best company newsletters, including how you can rake in tens of thousands in savings like I did all with company newsletters.

This year I’ve blagged 47% off at nice restaurants, free beer, money off clothes and savings on hotels. All these weren’t deals for everyone. They weren’t visible on the website or in the shop. Instead, they were thanks to unique codes I’d been emailed having signed up to the brand’s newsletters.

How To Choose The Best Company Newsletters

Best company newsletter deals are all about you picking wisely which companies to sign up to receive their newsletters, and if you pick the right company newsletters, you can make some great savings on things you were going to buy anyway.

Other best company newsletter benefits include freebies on wedding anniversaries, your birthday, back to school offers, finding out about flash sales first or invites to exclusive events.

Pecks like these are unmistakably some of the best ways to save big time when you objectively look at annual shopping savings.

It’s well worth signing up to get these deals and offers delivered to your inbox weekly or monthly. But don’t just jump in and sign up for every newsletter.

Before we get into best ways to save money using best company newsletters, I want to show you how I keep my inbox free from spam and unwanted newsletters.

If you want to avoid an inbox you cant control, here are a few tips on how to do it, and what to sign up for.

1. Have a separate email account

Your goal is to sign up only for the best company newsletters that offer the best way to save money fast while buying stuff you already need.

I have no regrets but gratitude for signing up for a handful of newsletters. I wish I’d known this from the start!

Try to use a separate email address when you sign up for newsletters. First, it’ll help to reduce the amount of spam you get in your main account, but it’ll also mean your main email address is less likely to fall into the hands of hackers. You can use this email for competitions too.

The downside is you’ll miss offers and deals if you don’t regularly check your account, but its worth the trade-off. And most smartphones now will allow you to add multiple email accounts, so its just a few swipes to see what new messages have been sent.

2. Be picky

I’m not saying sign up for everything. Most of the time the emails sent out are of little use, and I don’t have time to read them all. But email overload can be avoided if you are a little strategic in your best way to save money fast while shopping.

I go for the companies I love, the brands I cant afford at full price or the shops I use all the time. Often, it’s the restaurants and bars, but it also includes travel brands such as Expedia and, supermarkets like Ocado and Waitrose, and clothes shops such as M&S and Gap.

3. Don’t accidentally get signed up

To make sure I don’t get emails from every online shop I tick the box that says NO to emails from a company. Of course, sometimes you need to untick the box. Its all a bit sneaky. Oh, and when you’re asked for your email address in a shop so they can send you the receipt well they’re going to be sending you lots of emails too. You can ask to opt out when this happens.

4. Unsubscribe if they don’t deliver

Stay on top of the emails and take note of the ones you don’t use. If they don’t deliver you discounts, just unsubscribe.
I cant remember the last time I actually opened an email from Living Social or Groupon so I’ve stopped them both clogging up my inbox.

5. See who gives a birthday gift

Some companies, usually bars and restaurants, will send you a gift on your birthday. It could be a free meal or a free drink. They’re hoping you’ll bring in some friends and some do require someone buys a full price meal.

Other retailers might offer you an extra discount in store on the day. Remember though that they will email you ALL YEAR, not just on your birthday, so again don’t get carried away.

Here are some I know of.

ToysRUs (free £5 voucher with their Gold Card)

Mothercare (20% off toys for your child’s birthday)


ASOS (15% off)

Body Shop (sign up for their Love Your Body club)

Paperchase (£5 voucher with Treats scheme)



Krispy Kreme

Strada (though you can often beat their deals elsewhere)

Eds Diner (freebies, 50% off etc)

Pitcher and Piano

Meat Liquor



Frankie & Bennys

La Tasca

Pizza Express

TGI Fridays

6. Remember to Sign up for our best way to save money fast weekly newsletter

(In this newsletter, we shortlist best company newsletters offering up to 80% savings deals, you won’t have to sign up to many newsletters. Instead, we ask you to tell us which brands you want to receive offers from, that way you only get deals that are of interest to you.

Ok, I’m biased but it’s worth signing up for my newsletter. It contains all my new articles, any important news you need to know and of course the best deals I’ve found online and on the high street.

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