Best Hosting For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers

As a designer, your earning potential is tied down to the quality and quantity of relationships you forge from today until you retire. Avery very important aspect you may want to take a look at would have to be your choice for web hosting providers to your clientele.

Are you referring your clients to Bluehost or HostGator for their web hosting needs in exchange for $60 bucks?

Best Hosting For Web Designers

If that’s the case, you could be throwing away your retirement! The little time you might take today, to establish profitable relationships with a myriad of hosting providers, who specialise in putting together, best-suited web hosting for designers, could make a huge difference for your bottom line in the future.

Am not talking about a one-time affiliate commision for recommending a customer to blue host or to HostGator, am talking about building a client list that makes you money over and over when you set up a reseller web hosting business along with your website design gigs.

Think it’s hard…? check it out below and see for yourself!

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There so many web hosting companies who rely on website designers to recommend clients to their companies.

In your eyes, they might look unique or somewhat different. However, taking your time and understanding how each stands out is very important. Your clients in many cases buy their web hosting subscription based on your recommendation, in their eyes, you are the expert who understands features offered by the host which are useful.

So as a website designer, there can only be a few key features you look for as must-have features for your clients. So if you are going to choose your reseller hosting provider, then they may have:

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Shared Hosting

Commonly known as virtual hosting, shared hosts aggregate a multitude of websites and host them on a single server with the aim of reducing the total cost of running those hosting services.

This type of hosting is popular and believed to be the catalyst to the growing numbers of cheap hosting providers today. One server in the hands of a virtual is capable of hosting thousands of domains.

In a post, Director of Hostgator Marketing, Chris Whitling said shared hosting will continue to be the most valuable tool in the hands of many web designers as it offers single website hosting services to those who do not need resources without breaking the bank.

Virtual hosting is Best Hosting For Web Designers simply because of it’s cost effectiveness as it offers safety in numbers.

For me as a business owner, that’s the tipping point for my business! Surely HostGator should know better as it is one of the Best Hosting For Web Designers, providing a home to nearly 10 million websites as clients.

Dedicated Hosting

It’s easy to tell that a large corporation’s website is running on a dedicated hosting server, the moment you interact with it. You probably wondering if dedicated hosting is Best Hosting For Web Designers and the quick answer is absolute!

What dedicated web hosting does is provide a single web hosting server to one website so it does not share disk space or bandwidth with other company websites.

This kind of hosting offer exclusivity, tailor-made or custom applications run safely and above all if the website enjoys large amounts of traffic, crashing or running out of web space is a thing of the past.

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Reseller Hosting Best For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers must offer white labelled space so you can host multiple websites or simply put, when a reseller hosting providers opens up it’s servers to web designers and individuals to host them as clients in exchange for a nominal fee.

Best Reseller Hosting For Web Designers that I know of offer an effective option to its clients. A good example is Data Race Hero, whose unique selling point is localized payment options and easy to scale resource availability.

What Data Race offers to its clientele is similar to shared hosting, except in this case Data Race offer white labelled cloud hosting to multi.
site owners and this is what makes them probably the Best Hosting For Web Designers The reasons why you will love Data Race as your Best Hosting For Web Designers is the fact that you get to control which sites run on one single server and what range of resources you want to allocate to your clients.

As a web designer, you know your client’s needs for applications running on a server, take Magento for example which is one of the resource-intense CMS compared to WordPress and others.

That helps you to allocate, price those allocations accordingly to your clients so they can enjoy the best hosting experience possible.

Is VPS Hosting Suitable As Best Hosting For Web Designers?

Absolutely! One of the perks for owning a VPS is the fact that it’s the kind of server that don’t quite need a dedicated server yet still offers much-needed flexibility in comparison to the reseller offers on regular shared hosts.

VPS is probably the Best Hosting For Web Designers. VPS offers the freedom of owning your own server, yet the costs are a lot less because if you think of how VPS nodes run in a technical sense, there are other websites running on the server.

Best Hosting For Web Designers

If that was confusing, let me say that the server is virtually partitioned into individual private sections which allows you as a reseller to repackage and sell your services that are scale-able on demand.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the in-trend phenomenon at the moment and it’s one of the Best Hosting For Web Designers too. Cloud hosting is ideally well positioned for small business owners that plan to scale quickly and on demand.

I love cloud hosting as it allows my business to upgrade or downgrade as I please, this is ideal if you want to run your business cost-effectively as you are allowed to rent the space you need when you have money and still scale down when your clients drop out.

When you are starting as a reseller, you probably are going to start on a bootstrapped budget, what cloud hosting allows you to do is rent that tiny space say for a dozen websites, sale those out and acquire more when you get a new client.

Clustered Hosting

Clustered Hosting is not really that popular, but still very useful to its users. Call this kind of hosting a niche as it only offers its value to a particular need for its users.

Clustered hosting spread out over a number of servers, what this does is that your overall availability is increased in the event of power failure or crash of applications running on a physical server. Determining Your Criteria And Needs.

Best Hosting For Web Designers

When it comes to making choices for the best web host and packaged plans, web designers or creative professionals have a huge advantage and that alone places them in an extremely advantageous position.

If you come to think of what a layman would do when they come into contact with your website is to inevitably judge your work based on what they see on the front end.

Many website owners especially businesses and corporations, think of the effects of security and download speed last, while as a designer and a creative pro-am more about the whole package putting emphasis on the host’s ability to secure my website and deliver them at a reasonable speed with all factors considered.

What I am saying is the web hosting provider itself may most likely not affect your ability to deliver a visually enticing website to look at, however, what follows after that compelling site can certainly affect your deliverables to the end user.

With that in mind, you have an utmost responsibility to consider factors and criteria upon which you base your decision as to what qualifies one to be the Best Hosting For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers


Whether you like it or not, pricing for your chosen packages to recommend to your client will play a huge role in your decision making.

Your first instance will require you to think of the budget flexibility and what sort of plans will really afford you to keep your client’s services up and running.

One may say having reviewed and evaluated your financial position, then you would end up with viable options on the table however one too many times I have seen my clients being forced to choose a particular route simply because of budgeting reasons.


Your next headache will arise from compatibility issues, I remember moving from one host to next with no success simply because my new client’s web application needed ion cube as a requirement for their site security to run an encrypted proprietary technology.

Your Best Hosting For Web Designers will require considering this as a vital aspect to take into consideration whether you need it now or in the future.

How about email support, and applications that you plan to run will your hosting provider be willing to support you and your clients when they are deployed on the server?

Often deadbeat creative professionals tend to choose bare-bones plans just for the sake of the price, but am telling you this will be backing yourself into a corner, sooner than you think you will start to sweat. You will need some flexibility so do not compromise yourself here!

Best Hosting For Web Designers


Sometimes the price point may look right and the other boxes for compatibility are also ticked, the last thing you want is to sign up for a service that has no proven reliability.

Taking your time to test out the available help desk, they’re how-to guides and tutorials could save you a whole lot of headaches down the road.
If they have a forum, join in and chat with them via their live chat services, ask technical questions to see how well is their team trained to handle your customer’s needs.

Making sure that your web hosting provider is not just the Best Hosting For Web Designers by name only, rather a business partner who will lend a helping hand when your websites have crashed or you need a backed up copy of a client website.

Web hosting is synonymous with mishaps, bad things happen the last thing you want is to be left with a pile of shit on your lap. What you need is the confidence and absolute peace of mind that you will be looked after and your clients won’t even have to lift a finger when it comes to supporting.

In many cases, your Best Hosting as a Web Designer will most likely be either shared, reseller or cloud hosting and I recommend you try out Data Race Hero, they are just fantastic!

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Chances are that you ran a relatively large corporation website with lots of traffic footprint, in this case, you need a dedicated hosting plan I know it will be best suited for most of your company needs.

Doing your research is extremely important, do not overlook that, you will be glad you did it when you have selected an ideal hosting provider who has the best interest at heart.

Making your choice for the Best Hosting For Web Designers it’s not that hard, there are plenty of reputable web hosting providers who are well reviewed by genuine users who have had experience with their offering.

Just do your research to absolutely be certain that your chosen host and the planned package you choose to buy fits well.

By understanding the vital differences between a myriad of hosting types, narrowing down your specific needs and criteria, asking the right questions, you will most likely make an educated decision for the provider you choose to sign up to as your Best Hosting For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Wouldn’t it be a shame to choose the wrong host for your most important extension of your brand or company?

So make sure to take your time and take calculated risks without rushing into signing on the dotted lines just because the host promo has a clock running down!

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