Best Student Planner Apps For Productivity

Best Student Planner Apps For Productivity

The growing responsibilities for students as they go to college or university can never be underestimated. Back in the day when I was a student, we had no student planner apps, but what we had was printable student planners in pdf format. Life was not easy, but we made the best out of it.

You might be wondering why am walking down the memory lane when I could just go straight to the point. My point is , despite all the technology, you would think that the way student planners work has evolved to the extreme, as  a matter of fact, student planners still remain an integral part of becoming a good and well organised student. Being organised today has taken a new twist with all these android student planner apps.

The one thing I love about best student planner apps found on android and ios is that they are just an adaptation of best student planner pdf. What many developers have done with student planners, is to skin it and make it more portable by digitizing into and making it mobile friendly for techie savvy students.

Why Best Student Planner Apps?

You are a student who wants to achieve results with precision and would like to develop a surgical approach to your studying strategies.

If you are a student who wants to avoid getting overwhelmed by the growing list of things to do list. Probably you also want to get a side hustle to earn a little bit of money on the side and you just want to make sure that your side hustle doesn’t get in the way of your studies.

More importantly, you might be considering of starting a blog as your side hustles, in that case then you will need to really get organised in the way you plan you activities so that nothing is left behind.

Hard to admit, but many students are used to parents helping them with  getting organised in their daily life activities, getting up in the morning, doctors appointments, and budgeting , good news is that when you leave home, you can now use these student planners apps or student planner pdf to put you on the right truck of daily activities.

Office Lens

Office lens is a free ios, android and windows student planner app which you can use to plan on your life around.

The office lens plays a vital role in planning as it is capable of taking pictures of receipts, blackboard or just about anything then turn that into editable and easy to share notes.

This application is a powerful mini machine which can take pictures from a distance, then clean all the blaring to render a clear picture for you!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep is the best medicine that cures and replenishes your energy levels, as a student you are going to need loads of it whether you like it or not. This is because you brain relies upon it to function at it’s best. Reality is the growing responsibility can trigger anxiety and stress related sleep apnea. What sleep cycle alarm clock does is that it helps you regulate your sleep patterns so you can get the best out of your sleep clock.

Sleep Cycle uses your phone’s microphone and/or accelerometer to analyze your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the best time, when you’re in your lightest sleep state (within a window that you set, so that you’re not late).

Dragon Dictation

The dragon dictation app is probably the best app for me as a blogger, most of my students run blogs along with their college and university studies, with dragon dictation, my students can dictate blog posts, lesson notes taking which are delivered into their inbox seamlessly therefore saving them the typing and nail crunching jobs of spending hours in front of the laptop.

Microsoft office free app

I love the idea of having full access to my desktop office applications on my mobile, and if you too would like to access your office applications then you will definitely like this app. Get power point ,word and even note all in your comfort  of your mobile phone.

My Homework Student Planner

Isn’t it amazing how much of a life changer these little apps can do to our lives? My homework student planner is the maverick you will always have access to when you need to. And the best part of this app is that you can track classes, schedule and monitor progress so you can do what you need to stay on top of things.

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Wunderlist The To Do List And Task Planner

You got to see wunderlist in action for you to believe what it is capable of doing. From shopping , to packing for college, this app has you covered. Set due dates for your projects, share your projects in a collaborative and intuitive dashboard which allows teams to sync collective efforts into wunderlist.

wunderlist student planner

wunderlist student plannerwunderlist student planner

student planning applicationsstudent planning applications


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