Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II – How Does It Stack Up As A Youtube Camera For Vloggers

Best Youtube Camera For Vloggers

Does Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Stack Up As A Youtube Camera For Vloggers

Are you on the lookout for the best Youtube Camera most pro Vloggers Use? There are so many cheap vlogging cameras with a flip screen, but Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II has a reputation and it’s fair to say that it has unrivalled competitors when it comes to Youtube camera in the video blog startup toolkit.

Technically the G7 X II offers what Canon calls ‘Dual Sensing IS’, which uses data from the image sensor (in addition to gyro-scoping sensors) to reduce blur caused by camera shake. The company claims that this system is more effective than on the G7 X, with the ability to reduce shake by four stops. There’s also a new panning IS mode that will adjust the shutter speed to ensure that your subject is ‘frozen.’ But my focus in this review really is on the video features as this is probably what most of my readers would want to know first.

Canon G7 is fantastic compared to most Youtube camera I have seen within this price range. The quality speaks for itself. It is an incredible little camera. What I absolutely love about it is that I can flip up the screen and hold the camera in my hand before walking around and start filming. A real saver in comparison to a lot of vlogging cameras you tubers usecanon vlogging camera

It autofocuses silently (something my DSLR cant do) and is as light as a phone in hand making it really easy to vlog with. Did I mention the quality? It captures 1080p Full HD video in MP4 format. While it doesn’t have space for an external mic (that I could find anyway) it still records in stereo sound and I was incredibly impressed with it.

I know that lack of mic input might be a sticking point for some of Youtube camera users, It is fair enough to point out that external sound recorders are best for better video content experience.

Some specs for Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II If you are a tech-heads hell-bent on the numbers:

20.20 Megapixel Resolution
4.20x zoom Lens
Shutter speeds: 1/2000 15 seconds
Weighs roughly 300 grams (yes, grams) and the battery is included
Sensor size: 13.2mm x 8.8mm

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