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Brand Strategy | How To Develop A Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy For Beginners I recently wrote an article about how to brand yourself and in this article, I briefly touched on content as a long-term brand strategy. This article is to tie down loose ends that were left as many of my readers on this blog and in our Facebook. Mastermind group have been […]


Online Money Making System That Works

Online Money Making System That Works This is possibly the one question I get to answer every week three or four times. ” can you recommend which online money making system that works?” Listen up, People! if you are looking for ways to make an honest living online, there is one system every successful person […]


Best Company Newsletters – For Better Way To Save Money Fast

Best Company Newsletters You probably already know how handy best company newsletters can be when it comes to bagging secret deals when shopping from companies you love. Am talking about deals that companies only send to their email list subscribers for their company newsletter. Best company newsletters are in fact a huge untapped source of […]


Infographics Meaning

Infographics Meaning Infographics Meaning: An Infographics or information graphic, this is a representation of information in a graphic format or this is when pieces of information are created and presented in graphics, it is basically designed so data can be easily understood just by looking at it. Data visualization is the process creating infographics.  These […]


How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog and Promote Affiliate Products How to get traffic from Pinterest? Imagine driving traffic to your blog or offer without worrying about Google rankings! Sounds far-fetched but that’s exactly how one Sunday morning I woke up to my surprise when Google had de-indexed one of the […]


What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work

What Is Email Marketing? What is email marketing? Email marketing is using emails to build a relationship with clients. As part of the internet marketing, email marketing is generated through websites, social media, blogs, and face to face promotions. These form of marketing is designed to keep customers informed and update of products and services. […]


Mobile Marketing Strategy – What Is Mobile Marketing?

What to Know About Mobile Marketing Strategy Mobile marketing is basically the liquid gold of marketing, it is the star of online marketing, the final bus stop of online marketing. Mobile marketing is the center stage of all promotions, some call it “the attention seeker” or “messenger” because it delivers its goal and purpose. Do […]


Ecommerce Website – How To Build An E-commerce Website From Scratch

How To Build An E-commerce Website From Scratch For many, building an e-commerce business is a dream, but for others, its a reality, a dream come true. Building a normal traditional business is not what most people do in this technology era, online business is now much easier and faster to build and many are […]


How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google

How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google How long it takes to rank on google first page involves many moving parts on your website. Obviously, this is a common question for anyone looking to start a blog, but in all honesty, I will give you my final verdict at the end on this […]


How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Business

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Business When deciding what domain name you want to register fits the cap, consider how that would reflect on your overall business branding. Think of it as choosing what your company names would be known for and not just a domain. This is why when new business […]

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