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Hostgator Review 

Hostgator is one of the biggest and most well-known hosting organizations on the planet. Hostgator offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and also manage WordPress hosting plans.

Continue reading to find out if Hostgator is for you.

In this Hostgator review, we will be looking at different customer experiences and reviews of Hostgator web hosting by different review websites.

First on the items to review is the unwavering quality or reliability based on your hosted website, performance of your hosted website, the customer support if you have a problem, the features it offers that allows for easy navigation and setting up your website, and finally if the pricing is good for both existing and new customer.

Brief Story About Hostgator


Hostgator first came to limelight in 2002 and developed rapidly and today it is one of the biggest and best hosting companies.

Their headquarters are in Houston and Texas and manages over 7 million domains with their workers of more than 750 and 24hrs on desk customer support.

Hostgator massive growth can be said to be attributed to their massive development on the shared hosting plans, reliable web hosting, and quality client support and benefits.

Hostgator Performance

What might you do in the event that you agree to accept a host and find that your website is agonizingly slowly and frequently vanishes? You’d need to switch suppliers, and this will cost you more cash.

That is the reason you need to pick a web hosting organization that is dependable, quick with stable execution record all around.

Upgrade your hosting account when you begin getting more guests to your site.

What you post on your website essentially influences the page load time. The more pictures you upload will increase the load up time, this influences your server’s speed test.

Try using Bitcatcha to run a speed test.

Hosting Plans and Features


Hostgator offers a quite number of hosting plans, which include:

Shared Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting Plans

Dedicated Servers Plans

Cloud hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting Plans

All of the listed Hostgator hosting plans are quite good and fits your spending plans, and also for your web hosting requirements.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is an ideal hosting if you starting a website, and also for low traffic. With Hostgator shared hosting, your site shares resources with other sites hosted on the shared server.

HostGator’s shared hosting plans come with three distinct levels. All designs incorporate boundless stockpiling and transfer speed. The primary distinction is the numbers of websites you can have.

– Hatchling: The Hatchling design enables you to have just a single website. It incorporates 1-click WordPress installer and comes with standard plans.

– Baby: The Baby design enables you to have boundless websites. It incorporates every one of the components of Hatchling design, and you can likewise utilize add-ons.

– Business: Suitable for private venture websites. This plan incorporates free SSL certificate and free dedicated IP.

Cloud hosting:

While a shared hosting account is restricted to a solitary server, cloud hosting uses different servers. This plan is reasonable if your website gets more traffic.

WordPress hosting:

This is their shared hosting plan advanced for WordPress controlled websites. It improves execution and shields your website from some basic WordPress attacks.

VPS (Virtual Private Server):

Virtual Private Server enables you to deal with your virtual assets on a cloud hosting stage. It is appropriate for websites with visit more visits.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

With dedicated hosting you get a server exclusively to host your website, it also accompanies extraordinary duty since you’ll need to keep up with the running yourself.

Hostgator Web Hosting Customer Service


At Hostgator customer service, they offer extraordinary services, with everyday telephone and live email ticket services.

You will also find their help services on your dashboard, also their help services show hundreds of questions and answers including video tutorials and articles.

If you ever have a consistent issue, you can request help or ask for your ticket be doled out to Adam Farrer, the CEO of Hostgator will personally answer to every ticket sent to his desk.

Pros And Cons of Hostgator Review

Like other webhosting firms and administration, each hosting organization have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Hostgator.


Hostgator ensures an uptime of 99.99%. In the event that you encounter downtime, you will get your money back GUARANTEED.

Hostgator offers 45 days money back guarantee, as other hosting companies offer 30 days money back.

You also pick a monthly or yearly subscription, but the yearly subscription will fetch you a discount.

Hostgator offers free hosting transfer for the first 30 days.


Hostgator does not offer a free domain registration. If you want a free 6 months registrations, go to Dataracehero Webhosting

You may experience delays when contacting their customer service, this is due to a large number of calls.

Conclusion on Hostgator Review


Now for the important questions.

Is Hostgator Right for You?

The answer is YES.

Hostgator offers you varieties of web hosting plans that will fit all your financial plans and prerequisites. Everything you need to build a website you can get with Hostgator web hosting.

With over 2 million clients who have officially signed up with Hostgator web hosting, no matter your experience with the internet as a professional or a newbie, you’ll find materials you need to take bring your website to next level.


How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Is selling on Etsy worth it?

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Have you ever made jewellery, sewn clothes for your tots, or knitted a scarf?

Can you take amazing photos, build a bench, or create a picture frame out of scrap wood?

If yes, you need to know that you can make money by selling your crafts online.

If you’re good at crafts, there’s an online marketplace where you can sell your handmade items. It’s called Etsy. You can open your own Etsy store and start to earn some extra cash from your hobby today.

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

So, here are steps to follow if you want to know how to make money selling on Etsy

Pick a name and sign up

First of all, before you start thinking about making money on Etsy, choose a name. Write down some of your contact details before you sign up. Then name your shop. Check the name’s availability using the naming tool.

Etsy has a great naming guide, so read through some of its useful tips and hints.

Here’s a summary:

  • Your name should be original and relevant to your business
  • Choose a name that can stand the test of time
  • Google the name, and check for its availability on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Spell correctly and maintain consistency

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Stock your shop

It pointless to know how to earn money on Etsy if you don’t take action.

Firstly, add photos. Take several photos from different angles to give a proper representation of size, colour, shape and what the item really is.

You can use a camera phone, but make sure you use natural light. After uploading images, you can re-order them and change the thumbnail if you feel it’s necessary. This is likely the first thing customers will see, so give it your best shot.

Photos-Add at least a photo.This is the first thing that connects a potential buyer to your product. Take as much time as possible to get the perfect shot. Use different photos to display various angles and detail.

Product Marketing Strategy – What Is Product Marketing

Here are additional tips for taking perfect photos:

  • Neutral backgrounds are always better than loud backgrounds
  • Use props if necessary, but make sure you use good ones
  • Study the photos of successful shops that sell similar items. Try to emulate their technique
  • If you have a DSLR camera, increase the aperture so that your item is in focus and its background is blurred

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Listing details –

Use several drop-down lists to choose suitable categories and give the right information.

Make sure you also include the price of the item. It can be difficult to price your item. To choose a price, you should take these points into consideration: the costs of making the product, the upfront costs, and the costs of listing the product.

Description –

Next, you have to create an informative description. Tell customers what you’re selling, its use, who it’s for, and any other valuable information. Always be helpful and honest.

Describe the item clearly in a manner that buyers would expect if they were reading about it. Get into the mindset of the buyer when crafting the message.

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Shipping –

Then it’s time to set your shipping. You have to do some research on this-no guessing! Check your courier’s website so you don’t end up grossly undercharging customers and not taking care of costs fully. Equally, don’t overprice your shipping as this will put customers off.

Search terms –

Last but not least, pick a few search terms. You may pick up to 13 search terms for materials and general tags. Use all of them. You can tag phrases together, or tag them differently to get more customers if you’re selling similar items.

How To Launch A New Product In The Market

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Set payment and billing

Now it’s time to enter your personal and bank information. The quickest and easiest way for customers to pay is to your bank account. However, you can set up payment mail (money order or check), PayPal, or any other means of purchase (such as meeting face to face and getting paid in cash).

You may pay your Etsy costs by PayPal, credit card, or Etsy account balance. Also, you can set automatic billing, or pay bills as they increase. There’s no minimum payment as well.

Manage your account

You’re now in. Your shop is ready and you can now watch the cash rolling in. Click the account dashboard to view your account statistics-see what you’re getting right, what you think you should change, and generally get a feel for your stuff.

On Etsy, you can also monitor things such as hourly activity, top keywords and traffic sources. You can also check the traffic map to find out what countries customers are browsing from. This can be really handy to help you adjust your listings and get more buyers.

In addition, there are tons of helpful tips and articles on Etsy, covering topics like photography, shipping, legal requirements etc.

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Etsy fees and taxes

Setting an Etsy shop is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for membership or incur any other expenses to set up your store, but you’ll incur these costs as default:

3.5% of the total selling price
$0.20 for listing one item (you can refer a friend to open a shop and earn 40 free listings)

Additional extras, which charge different fees, include promoted listings, automatic re-listing (at $0.20 each), shipping labels, deposit currency conversion for items listed in a different currency, multiple-quantity fee for the sale of more items, and direct checkout.

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

Income generated by your Etsy shop is deemed self-employment income, so you’ll need to complete IRS’s Schedule C form, irrespective of your form of business. Many people prefer a sole proprietorship when opening their online shops.

There’s no legal requirement for forming a sole proprietorship, and you may hire contractors and employees. If you have to pay self-employment tax, you’ll also need to complete a Schedule SE form.

Earning a decent income on Etsy is not that difficult. You can certainly set up a successful Etsy shop and start earning some cash from your hobby.

How To Bring A Product To Market

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

What’s more, there’s good news to owning an eCommerce business. You can have fun making some extra cash on the side, or decide to grow it. And there’s even a vacation mode on Etsy, so you won’t need to worry about business when you get away.

What are you waiting for now that you know how to make money selling on Etsy? Get started now and list your first handmade item.

Create Etsy account
Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship Marketing Strategy And Implementation

What is Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship marketing definition:  A relationship marketing strategy is a strategy which is created to encourage customer loyalty, communication and future engagements. The strategy also aims to develop a bond between the customer and the business by directly providing information which targets their needs and interest through promotions. 

 Relationship Marketing Strategy

The Goal of Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing Strategy

The goal of marketing relationship is to get the customers interest, retain the customers as long as possible and to also grow or increase customers engagements through targeted promotions.

Importance of Relationship Marketing Strategy

Relationship marketing is a very important factor to consider if you want to create an effective customer relationship management(CRM). This is because relationship marketing aims to cultivate a long-term customer engagement and foster customer loyalty instead of only focusing on single sales.

Relationship Marketing Strategy

How To Do Niche Market Research

How to Maintain a Good Customer Relationship

  • Focus on promoting an effective communication with the customers
  • A timely effective and efficient communication should be your priority
  • Maintain and promote positive attitude
  • Treat your customers as an individual
  • Be completely open
  • Share positive knowledge
  • Meet or exceed your customer’s expectations
  • Engage in survey and feedback from customers

Relationship Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing Strategy

  • A good customer relationship, this allows you to know more about your customers and remember their needs. This will make your customer believe you know and care about them.
  • Increase the cross sellability, knowing your customer’s needs and wants to enable you to provide current and future solutions to their problems.
  • Increased team collaboration, this is when the management team work together to implement CRM by learning and using the tools.
  • Helps to improve effectiveness and efficiency in serving customers
  • Improve employees knowledge on how to implement CRM to record customers interactions, solve customers problems and create efficiency in serving customers.
  • The business will increase its profit and revenue.
  • Relationship marketing help save cost.
  • Encourages customer feedback.
  • Enable customers to communicate any complaint about product and services

Relationship Marketing Strategy

Types of Relationship Marketing

Classic relationship: This is having a classical network and distribution channel relationship between the business and customers.

Special relationship: this form of relationship exists between marketers, service providers, interactions between customers, suppliers, new and old customers.

Mega relationship: this has to do with personal and social, having knowledge of the customer, and engaging in mass media relationships.

Nano relationship: this covers the product and services within the company, internal customer relationship, the relationship between operations and marketing management, employees relationship, external providers of marketing services and the business owners.



Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Content Marketing Strategy – What Is Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Content promotion definition:

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

The content marketing can be described as core marketing strategy which is focused on creating and distributing valuable contents, this valuable content must be relevant and consistent which in turn attracts audiences, and also retains that clearly defined audience.

With these clearly defined audiences, there is also a high chance of driving actionable and profitable customers.

What is Content Strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

When content strategy is mentioned, it is been referred to the all the planning work involved, the development of the content and the management process of the content.

The content strategy helps businesses manage all their content.

What is Content Plan?

What is Content Plan

A content plan is an outline of all important basics, requirements for your content.

The content plan tells you how to execute, whom will be in charge, what topic areas to cover, what content to create, when to create such content(time frame), how to share the content, and what call to actions should be used.

How to get content ideas

How to get content ideas

Here are some content ideas for blogs

  • Trying walking out when you are loss of ideas
  • Speaking to family and friends and hear their responses and questions
  • Listen to songs, they are a good source of inspiration
  • Remember some popular saying and try to figure out what there meaning is
  • Watch animals do their thing and try to figure out why they are doing it
  • Trying creating fake stories or background of people you see for active brains
  • Use fictions to make contents more interesting or true life inspiring stories
  • Meditation can also provide you with few content ideas
  • Playing games or engage in sports can help with some inspirations for good content ideas
  • Engage in email sign-ups and newsletters and offer ebooks or guides
  • Read related contents
  • Use visitors or customer reviews to boost your content idea strategy
  • If you are an individual, walk around your home or office and concentrate on every detail, if you are a company,
  • do the same
  • Use industry support forums for questions
  • General forums like Quora, Yahoo etc, to find titles
  • Search for your chosen keyword forums for content ideas
  • Use online groups like facebook, linkedIn, Google plus
  • Search for related niche to see their titles and topics
  • Use comment sections to answer questions readers are asking
  • Spy on people who follow you on social media and those you follow to know what they are engaging with on how to get content ideas
  • Follow industry influencer on social media and answer questions their followers are asking
  • Use SlideShare to create content on popular topics
  • Use youtube and search for related content ideas
  • Read comments from competitors on Instagram for inspiration if possible answer those question with references
  • Interview people to hear their stories or experiences to find some content ideas
  • Read your website comments to see your readers questions and suggestions and add them or create new content
  • Read your competitors FAQ sections and answer questions from there or use it for content ideas on your site
  • Attend conferences and ask question relating to your content
  • Make use of salespeople who get loads of questions from customers and use them
  • Use webmaster tools for keyword search queries
  • Use Google search box suggestions to find topics and related content ideas


  • Uses Google related searches topic and content ideas
  • Read popular industry related e-newsletters and subscribe for content ideas
  • Use popular contents types publication from other industries for ideas
  • Use content topic generator like,
  • Use local news broadcasts, local business networking events, local newspapers
  • Search your content topic on Amazon for books related to your content

How To Do Niche Market Research

How to do Content Marketing

How to do Content Marketing

  • Create a blog category on your website, this involves tweaking your website design a little bit except if the design is no complicated.
  • Do a keyword research using Ahrefs, Google AdWords, Buzzsumo, keyword everywhere.
  • Write and post content once a week to the blog.
  • Do the writing yourself, this is not expensive but only needs your time.
  • Assign a team of writers to do the writing, this will cost you more, even if you don’t pay them as writers, but you still have to pay them as employees.
  • Hire a freelancer who can write good articles, this will also cost you few quid, but remember, the more you pay the more quality content you will get.
  • Make use of content provider, content providers like and, these services cost money but you will surely get what you are looking for.
  • Hire content marketing firm, they are usually more expensive but comes with quality outsourced content with good SEO.
  • Curate contents, this is using contents created by others, but making use better with more information.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Content marketing it top priority when it comes to lead generations, this is why most of the big companies pay a huge amount to get the best contents. Just writing and posting to your blog is enough to generate leads or attract someone to read your content. You have to realize that there is a bit of work to be done.
  • And there many reasons for this, but the question is, What benefit does content marketing have? Remember, there is a reason for writing content, and it is to draw readers to your blog, and convert them into buying and paying customers. But to achieve this, there is a lot of work going in into every content.
  • You have to think of the overall size or length of the content because this is important. If you are able to produce contents that is more than 2k in words, you have chances of outperforming those contents with fewer words.
  • Also, there are good reasons for large size contents, not only those this have marketing advantages, it also has-
  • Huge online presence, more link integration, social media presence and shares, good authority site. To achieve quality content, you must produce good size or lengthy contents. Include long size contents to your content plan.
  • Main benefits of content marketing strategy, online presence and search visibility. Online search engine ranking appears to show search results with a higher ranking.
  • Contain more information, create a brand expert in that particular industry or brand, generates more organic traffic, drives a massive social media shares when linked to other website contents, drive a huge link building opportunity.
  • Large size articles provide more info which usually prompts visitors to reshare. Useful contents are more likely to be shared online. It helps or encourages link building and sharing with the help of share buttons.
  • Online research shows that contents marketing generate more traffic to a site, more shares, and good quality link building.
  • Quality contents get found easily through higher ranking, this is due to the high number of keywords. With search engines crawling for quality contents, good content will surely be identified. A typical example is Buzzfeed, people spend so much time on this website. There are other websites that enjoy such huge visitors and large social interactions.
  • Among the benefits of content marketing is value. Quality contents get more value especially when it is a long content.
  • Most known blogs that publish long contents of several topics often get attention, and this is why content marketing is still a game changer.

Types of Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

To be successful as a content marketer, you have to have to know the types of content marketing and how each of them will help achieve your marketing goals.

1. Video Content

To present to your audience or showcase a more effective explanation of what article is about, then video content marketing is the answer. Video contents are usually more explanatory, more educational, more entertaining, more engaging and draws more attention.

Types of Content Marketing

Facts About Video Content

  • People watch more videos than reading.
  • You are more likely to engage the audience with a video content than any other content marketing.
  • It helps with a massive growth of any business.
  • Increases conversation.
  • Customers prefer to watch videos before purchases.
  • Increases in clickthrough rates.
  • Increases chances of good ranking.
  • Massive social media shares, views and backlinks.

Types of Marketing Video Contents

  • Customer testimonials videos,
  • Demonstrations videos,
  • How to videos,
  • Explainer videos.

2. Images

Writing a blog without images is like driving a car at night without headlights. Content images are key to keeping your blog post interesting to read.

Most internet users today are using their mobile phones to surf the internet, and images which appear bold, high quality and large enough attract more attention than those without an image. Articles or blog post with images are 90% more likely to be viewed than those without one.

When sharing your articles on any social platform, you need those article to have images which not only catches the eye but portrays some visual image of what the article is all about.

If you post an image on Twitter, you are more likely to get those images retweeted, this also applies to Facebook, Instagram and all other social platforms.

Images help to boost shares of the articles and build backlinks.

Facts About Images

These images can be-

  • Motivational images,
  • Educational images,
  • Humorous images,
  • Images with quotes.
  • You can create your own images or use other people images.
  • Images can capture certain feelings, lifestyle and mood.

3. Screenshots

This is also a good form of content marketing strategy. A screenshot helps you capture certain informations which you can relate to your audience. To relate what you’re offering to your audience, a screenshot could do that easily, because it gives your readers the first-hand information.

If your blog is about transferring a domain, a screenshot of how it’s been done will make your article not only interesting to read, but also increase the chances of re-shares and interactions between readers.

Facts About Screenshots

  • It easily passes information to your audience.
  • Increase the chances for readers to continue reading.
  • Build trust among your readers who believe you know what you are doing.
  • You can screenshot testimonials, contents, images, guides from others and make it yours.

4. Memes

Memes are ideas which can reproduce or interpret the actual message to mean something else to different people. An image or cartoon of a woman searching a bin in blogging article can represent a woman searching for information.

Today, memes are playing an important role as part of content marketing strategy.

Facts About Memes

  • It is common among students and youths.
  • Easily used to target the younger generation.
  • Portrays positive images which can pull attention.
  • As a visual content, it sets your business apart.
  • It brings your audience together and triggers massive comments and huge shares on social media.
  • It is a source of entertainment.

5. Infographics

This is used to bring together a large information or points together, by presenting complex information in a more digestible way.

Facts About Infographics

  • Easily understandable.
  • Receives more shares, retweeted and likes on most of the social media.
  • Your readers will spend more time studying or reading your articles with illustration and text.
  • Readers spend more time on articles with infographics (images with information).
  • Infographics with the right shapes, colours and fonts attract readers.
  • Infographics generate huge shares and quality backlinks.

Everything To Know About Mass Marketing Strategy

Content Promotion Strategy

Content Promotion Strategy

If you are thinking of driving traffic to your site and see your services and products convert, think content promotion strategy. It is the pillar, the foundation and the backbone of your content marketing practices.

Driving just one unique visitor to your site can bring a huge change to your website and content as well. But visitors don’t just come, you have to go find them through content promotions. Your job is to create good content, drive traffic and visitors, their actions on the site will generate leads and sales.

Below is some basic list of content promotion strategy that both professionals and newbie can use.

Social Media Promotion

  • Tweet it
  • Engage in targeted sharing by mentioning people in your article.
  • Follow people who are interested in the topic you are writing about.
  • Tweet a quote from your content
  • Pin on your twitter feed
  • Post on Facebook and share on Facebook groups
  • Post on LinkedIn and share LinkedIn groups
  • Post on Google+ and share on Google+ communities
  • Post on Reddit
  • Post on Pinterest
  • Post on Digg
  • Post on StumbleUpon
  • Post on Alltop
  •  Post on Delicious
  • Answer questions on Quora
  • Register and share on forums (Inbound, Product Hunt, Growth Hackers)
  • Share on Buffer

Email Marketing

  • Send emails to your subscribers
  • Send follow up emails

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Align your post with Keyphrase
  • Include keywords which are related to your article
  • Link to other posts

On Your Website

  • Add your articles on the first page
  • Add it on thank you page
  • Add it to webinars
  • Reformat and republish older and more engaging post
  • Add or mention it in podcast, meeting and sales
  • Find other bloggers like you, add them to the article and share with them.
  • Engage in Guest blogging

Paid Promotions

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Adwords
  • Retargeting
  • Native Adverts

What is Influencer Marketing Strategy

What is Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy is also referred to as influence marketing. This is a marketing strategy that is been directed and targeted at influential individuals.

By targeting these influential people instead of the whole market through marketing activities, they a been presented with products and services which they have previously purchased or are potential buyers of the product and services.

What is a Content Strategist?

What is a Content Strategist

A content strategist is someone who is in charge of the planning, development and management of all content information which is produced for or by a company. The define what content is, what it is about, creating the content so it delivers supposed value on behalf of the company.

Content strategist represents the image and voice of the company and also drives effective communication through image and word.

What to Know About Product Marketing Strategy

How to Create Website Content?

How to Create Website Content?

To create a good website content, Follow this steps.

  • You should define your goals
  • You should conduct a personal research
  • Run a content audit
  • Determine a content management system
  • Come up with content ideas
  • Decide what type of content to create, example, blog post, ebook, template, infographics, videos, podcasts, Guest content.

What is the Email Marketing?

What is the Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sending a large number of promotional messages to a group of persons via emails. The people who receive this emails are either customers who have used the service or just potential customers. The process of sending this promotional or commercial messages are referred to as email marketing.

What is Digital Marketing Services?

What is Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing which involves the use of digital technologies to market and promote products and services. This process takes place via the internet, mobile phones, display adverts and other digital mechanisms.

What is the Content of a Marketing Plan?

What is the Content of a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan has to fit the needs and situation of the marketing process. The essential contents of a marketing plan include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Situation Analysis – The SWOT analysis ( strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Marketing strategy – Mission statement, objectives, focused strategy (market segment, focus and product positioning).
  • Sales Forcast – Plan and actual analysis ( sales by product, by region or market segment, by channels, by manager responsibilities).
  • Expense budget – Tracking monthly expenses, plan and actual analysis.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation is using a software to automatically share and post contents on social media, emails and other websites.

This software makes marketing automation easier by accomplishing different tasks at once.

Download Marketing Automation Software.



How To Bring A Product To Market

How To Bring A Product To Market

How To Bring A Product To Market

Fancy bringing a product to market in 2018? As much as it may look like a straight forward process, if bringing a product to market is done wrong, it could wipe out your life savings, Start Up operating capital etc.

On the other hand, if you get it right, your business could experience an exponential growth and profitability. A plethora of products and services launch every day, it’s a shame that you have been sitting on your product invention for years.

As a matter of fact, a growing number of small business owners fail to bring products to the market for decades. The main contributing factor for their failure is lack of knowledge and definitive guides on How To Bring A Product To Market.

Luckily for you,we have this guide to help you through the most essential steps you will ever need to bring a new product to market over and over.

1 Study Your Competition

Though it sounds really simple, the best ways to the market with your product is taking a good look at your nearest product you are most likely to be competing with.

If you have been to a business school, chances are that you learned about SWOT analysis. This term breaks down the process of looking at your competitor’s product strengths, weaknesses,threats and possible opportunities that exist in the market.

By looking at your competitors business model, distribution networks they use and what you could do to stack up a better value proposition will come in handy when scoping your market audience.

All you have to do to get started is pull up a spreadsheet where you will list down all businesses active in your target area. This biggest mistake many small business owners make is assume that their product is uniquely positioned that there is no competitors.

It’s crucial that your focus should be your customers, put yourself in their position and imagine what would be the motivating factor that would make them buy your product over your competition.

Once you are done with this step, take a step back and look at what you can do to exploit existing weaknesses and opportunities. This can easily be achieved by looking at marketing materials used by your company, their ads and how they position their offers on the website if it is available.

I remember more than once when I have had to purchase a product from my competition just to see how their sales funnel is setup and what OTO or upsells do they bundle up to an offer.

At the very least you must subscribe to your competitors email list so you can see how they are using email marketing campaigns to get more customers into their business.

Now that you know what your competitors are up to, it’s time to map out your plan of attack. This evaluation will expose who are your direct threats, where they are weak and which value proposition best fits the current buying metrics.

2 Target Your Ideal Customer

The success of every new product launch demands that you have a sound budget, that being said, smart business owner aim at achieving that with minimum capital outlay.

Now if you want to score big,while making massive savings, there are essential factors that play a huge role. Doubling down on your niche market research will show you which customer avator is most likely to buy from you than the other.

The best entry point could be regular buyers, currently buying from your competition, however these customers would most likely jump ships if new features were introduced at either same price or slight upgrade.

This is your best case scenario when you have prospects who have demonstrated a sure need for your offering, you know they can afford the price on the market as they are active buyers from your competttion.

Make no mistake, most successful businesses on the market feel the needs of their clients than trying to create one. Even if you know for sure that your clients may have a need but would not be in a position to know they have that need, be cautious not to get caught up in an expensive cycle of civic education.

Frankly speaking if you are just starting, it is advised that your focus shouldn’t be trying to re-invent the wheel.

3 Create A Compelling & Unique Value Proposition.

This stage should be very easy to navigate as you now have a clear understanding of both your customer and competition.

A unique value proposition is about you standing out among your competition, please understand that the moment you are in the market with your product, they will also be sizing you up to see if they can take advantage of what you are offering.

This is where now you really have to know exactly why every customer who chooses to buy from you are really doing it. Ask yourself which of the features within your offer speak directly to your customer’s impulsive nature to switch to you than others.

The bottom line here is understanding your customer’s decision drivers will make you the market leader so take it seriously that you understand you prospects.

4 Define Your Marketing Strategies And Tactics.

You will really need to understand you entry point into the market, what game plan do you have up your sleeves and how you are going to bring the game to your competition.

This will require you to make a decision on which marketing channels will you play an active role. Many small business owners have this all wrong, they try to market via Facebook, They go to Instagram before bouncing to Youtube and Pinterest.

By doing this you are diluting your efforts , soon you will realize that a hunter who chases two rabbits at the same time end up catching none. Make your choice early in the game where you will put your focus then play a long game in it until you see some wins then scale up by exploiting the other options if possible.

A good strategy if you are aiming for organic traffic is to focus on each channel for a minimum of six months in between each channel In my article about inbound marketing i explain this clearly, what you will possibly realise is that embrassing multi-channel distribution is probably inevitable how ever you need to plan this out well so it does not drain on your limited resources.

A good example of a marketing strategy for a low cost yoga mat to folks who can’t afford yogi clubs or highly priced products. In this case your choice of attack is direct marketing plus online lead generation as your primary focus, then you decide to make direct response, tv and email marketing all linking your buyers to your website.

5 Testing Your Concept And Marketing Approach Is Everything.

Having spent all the money to bring a product to the market, only a fool would skip the testing part of the whole system to see what is working and what needs fixing in your product or service.

What Should You Be Testing? At this stage, test everything from your ads, product brochures to your marketing messages that are tied to your service bundles.

Focus groups is the old school way of testing that still works like magic today,depending on your budget the other option will be to commission an online research or give a few beta testers to solicit feedback.

At all costs, no marketing materials should be created unless testing of your products or services is completed.

6 Roll Out Your Campaign.

Product launch or services is all about public relations, If there is anything you need to get right at this stage, it must be the role PR plays in your product launch.

Marketers who know how to work the media use PR tactics to get their stories into the news mainstream, they will never launch a product or service without winning a few interviews along.

There is no cheaper way of promoting your products and elevating you brand reach than earning press reviews which is deep-rooted into the community your customers live in.

What ever you do, make sure that by the time your product catches the whirl wind of mainstream media, you better be ready to make sales on your website as well as over the phone if it is an option.

From this stage, no stone should be left unturned, from social media to email marketing, all that should follow along with your press roll out.

The following weeks and months will be crucial for the life circle of your product you bring to the market place, tweak and flip things around where necessary never leave a campaign to chance, always be prepared to adjust your strategy until you strike a balance.

7 Know Your Product’s Lifecycle

Most products or services that peak and take a nose dive always have one thing in common,they both lack updated marketing efforts to keep up with customer perception over competition.

A quick glance at your marketing strategy, you will start noticing patterns that lead to factors influencing the slump or diminishing sales over time, this is the perfect time to revise the value proposition to see if you can align it with the altered message otherwise if this is not a viable option then consideration to have it phased out are always the best option.

How To Launch A New Product In The Market

How To Launch A New Product In The Market

Learning how to launch a new product In the market has more to it than what you would imagine, Whether its how to launch a blog or a physical product you plan to launch, you will need to understand every step and what you need to do to make it a successful product launch.

Having said that…

You will first need to:

Define the Market.

You can never talk about successful ways to launch a new product in the marketplace without a proper market definition, and to define the market you want to target you will have to:

Draw your attention and Focus on the People, whose problem you want to solve and not the Product.
Think of how you intend to improve their livelihood from what it is to where you think they are better off. This is what marketers call Value Propositioning.

Get Opinion Leaders On-Board Early.

Getting an opinion out from your audience influencers will help your audience embrace your brand, build loyalty which will help you convert a mere fan base of your brand to product buyers.
More and more buyers are looking up to their peers for decision making when buying a product or service from brands they believe stands for their beliefs and ethos.

Be Revolutionary.

The way you plan to communicate with your target audience also matter a whole lot more than you think. Businesses continue to think outside the box in the way they get audiences to embrace their brand. Others are using loyalty programs to fill their pipelines with leads, while others are using Social media influencers.

Turn Your Product Launch into an Event.

You will never believe what is happening on Instagram until you see it. And if you have a product to launch in the marketplace, Instagram is your place to turn your product launch into an event.

How do I do that….

We used Instagram influencers to launch our e-commerce product, and it turns out to be the best product launch we have ever made.

Take Pre-Orders By Releasing a Product Your Customers Will Want to Show off.

When you put a product in the hands of proud customers, who are happy to brag about it, you have succeeded in launching a new product in the marketplace that is never short of brand ambassadors.

Your first customers are the true brand ambassadors who will tirelessly promote your product and brand without demanding a penny off you!

How To Launch A New Product In The Market

Instagram also just happens to be one of a few places where you can earn your way into customers pre-orders through tactical bragging rights.

When brands want to draw out fanbase curiosity, or product Suspense for As Long As they Can. They use influencers on Instagram to get everyone talking about their brand.

The Bottom Line…

Planning Your Product Launch in the marketplace successfully means knowing how to choreograph a series of events leading to your launch date.

It’s hard to craft a successful go-to-market strategy if you don’t..

  1. First, define your target audience. …
  2. Determine Your Value Proposition. …
  3. Define Product Strategy. …
  4. Discuss and choose Your preferred Channels of distribution. …
  5. Evaluate and scale Successful Promotions.


Product Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing Strategy – What Is Product Marketing

What to Know About Product Marketing Strategy

The Product marketing strategy is an extraction of the 4 Ps in within marketing mix. The marketing mix a combination of different controllable and tactical marketing tools used by companies to create a unique response and relationship with the (target) market. The main 4 groups or Ps of the marketing mix are:
Place (or distribution)


Product Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing Strategy

What is Product Marketing Strategy

The product marketing has to do with the creation, promotion and selling a product/service to end user. It is the beginning and end of a product cycle, the governing body that can guarantee a successful or failed launch.

For a Successful Product Marketing

  • The product marketers need to know how to position the product and its features to the market.
  • The sales and marketing teams need to have good knowledge and right materials which will help to attract customers.
  • Maximum satisfaction should be derived from the product by the target market.
  • The product should be in a continuous demand and continuous increase in standards and quality.
  • Know your audience, who they are and what they care about.
  • Identify your market, this will help build a strong product-market fit so to take in full control of the credibility, authority and expertise.
  • Identify the product story, this will connect the product easily to people who need it, but make it concise, compelling and narrative.
  • Ensure product delivers value not just features.

Tools and Methods for Executing Product Marketing

  • Customer Insights

These can be done through interviews, focus groups, surveys and customer orientation.

  • Data Analysis

Marketers should be highly quantitative especially in gathering results of marketing attribution to be able to measure revenue.Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

  • Product Validation

Marketing is an easy means for testing and validating product ideas before resources are committed to developing the product.

  • Testing

Exhaustive marketing, pricing, product lineups and visuals should be developed to achieve a product marketing strategy touch point.

Product Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Product Marketing Strategy

Before A Product Launch:

  • Positioning,
  • Messaging,
  • Customer development,
  • Market Strategy.

After A Product Launch:

  • Sales enablement,
  • Driving demand,
  • Adoption,
  • Successful product.


Start Up Business Loans No Credit Check

Start Up Business Loans No Credit Check

Start Up Business Loans No Credit Check

Starting a business is hard enough, when your personal credit rating takes a hit,it’s even tough as Start Up Business Loans with No Credit Check offers are not easy to come by. So how are these other business owners surviving the challenging stage of business start up with hope for getting a loan?

While admittedly it sounds like an impossible ask to consider the possibility of getting a start up business loan with no credit check, others have found ways to go round it and if you are in that similar situation, these altenative ways may just as well earn you a much needed start up business loan with no credit checks needed.

Hard times for budding entrepreneurs never stop, especially now when you are looking into better ways to fund your business off the ground, it can be challenging.

Thanks to the needs and demand for people requiring to consume goods and services, despite the groomy economics that have engulfed us in this economic state, we are not deterred in aspiring to start small businesses every day.

And that assures me that not all is lost even if you may have suffered a setback when your credi history stood in the way for you to get a loan, this is why we are looking into how to get an alternative Start Up Business Loans No Credit Check.

As a small business start up, you will have commitments towards the running of you business, yes other start ups are personally funded via loans from family or friends,retirement savings,personal life savings and many more.
The big challenge for budding entrepreneurs is that not always will you have all the much needed funds to launch and promote the business into self sustaining stages. This is why many struggle to get the business off the ground.

Unsecured working capital would have been the best option for start up expenses like payroll and office equipment. Unfortunate for many start ups, bad credit rating or lack of credible credit history often spoils the agenda for starting up the business with the help of a bank loan.

A personal belief for anyone who has a bit of cash to invest in their business start up would be to atleast focus those resources in developing or possibly hacking the business growth until the business starts to fund itself.

Ofcourse we know that this method of deploying capital resources into a business doesn’t usually work as tooling of the business and any machinery needs overtakes the resource supply, leaving other essential areas of the business suffering with no money to provide for transportation, computer,inventory and many more items a business needs for day to day running of operations.

Sure there has to be a better way for business owners to get around the bad credit scenario and still get the essentials for the business to take off!

For a start, the proliferation of social lending platforms completely removes the need for any budding entrepreneur to worry about Start Up Business Loans that needs Credit Checks.

You see with these social lending platforms, unsecured working capital is now open to those who have a compelling product to offer to on the market.

If you are new to social lending, it is when you turn to your social members for unsecured loan where each member puts in no matter how little they have to collectively provide the much needed capital.

Funders on social lending platforms are always on the lookout for compelling stories behind the entrepreneurial dream, and if you strike a cord with enough funders your access to Start Up Business Loans with No Credit Check is almost guaranteed.

Another good reason to wanting to borrow from your social circle is the fact that their rates on the loaned money tends to be a whole lot lower than what you would pay for a traditional bank loan.

True to socialism, these loans are considered to be personal and you are free to use it however you please whether it’s starting or growing an existing business venture.

Another option you have when seeking for a Start Up Business Loans that requires no Credit Checks is Micro credit companies, these company’s business USP is bank loan rejects like you.

If the bank has rejected your business bank loan, they will be happy to lend a helping hand.

They can range from non profit making organizations usually backed by small business associations who really do understand the trying times small business owwners have to weather through just to get a business off the ground.

When you approach these organizations you would think all they offer is the financial loan to get you off the ground, actually micro credit organizations of this type offer a plethora of business resources including small business growth guides, money management and budgeting for small business success.

Small business needs for standard office equipepment should overwhelm you when you can not access Start Up Business Loans with No Credit Check as there are other ways to get business equipment like copy machines and computers.

Equipment lenders whose sole purpose for existing in their business is to supply these equipments to you without the need for credit checking.

A great deal of their clientele base is within the start up business community which makes them even more flexible with their loan arrangements, they try to come up with numerous programs you can take advantage of and if that does not meet you needs you can always talk to them and arrange for a custom solution that fits with your business needs.

Navigating the start up business phase it’s challenging, often your first year of operations is crucial to establishing an operational model.

In this particular time, the possibility for the start up business to make money are there, except that the revenue generated is mostly not enough to act as a working capital.

In this event if your business has these financial assets generated over time, you can use these assets to secure operating financial package even better take advantage of what most banks call invoice discounting to release liquid funds from what would have been delayed funds when you need to pay salaries.

If your business has needs that have to be met today, why wait for 30,60 0r 90 days to get paid from your clients when business recievables could be factored to gain access to the much needed capital?

On the other hand if your business is operating and you are taking receivables via credit card payment system, the you do not need a Start Up Business Loans that needs credit Checking, because your future sales can be leveraged to gain access to liquid cash as long as payment processing history has been established.

The one thing I like about these forms of financial instruments is that, no focus is given to the personal credit history of the business owner, instead your business asset will avail itself and show that it is strong enough to guarantee the loan needed for operations.

Government grants are on the rise too as the govenment’s drive for back to work is geared to help more small businesses as they are the biggest employers in our economy.

It goes without saying that if your credit rating is called into question then it is your responsibility to try fixing this back as soon as possible, there are no winners when your credit history is in tatters.

Some people choose to file for bankruptcy, while others avoid it completely as it can continue to haunt you even when you have finished your chapter, if you have never heard of debt consolidation check it out as it will most likely work to eliminate your unsecured loans or store cards all into one low repayment plan. What this arrangement does is provide you an opportunity to free up cash available,while improving your credit rating score.

There are many business owners who are left in limbo by this so called credit profiling tendency which is practiced by many high street lenders who aim to weed potential defaulting borrowers, the main goal for this article was to shade more light on ways you can use as alternatives when your bank does not come through for you in times of need.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Plan For Growing Your Blogging Business

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Are you planning on growing your readership, email subscribers and possibly Make more money selling online or through affiliate commissions in 2018?

If you haven’t given a thought to it then you are way behind your competition!

But, there’s no need to panic…. in this article (inbound marketing strategy), we share with you our aspirations here at Gradec Media, for this coming new year, 2018.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

In this guide, am going to lay out our agenda for the next year, planning out an actionable blog marketing plan, month by month blogging growth and marketing plan for our business. And the hope is that by putting this out you too can tag along and follow this guide to grow your own blogging business.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, now is even the best time to start your blog, Data Race Hero is offering FREE 6 Months Web Hosting Plus FREE one year Domain Registration Get your domain registered by clicking the link below and share with your friends and family who can benefit from this offer too.

FREE 6 Months Web Hosting Start Your Blog FREE Domain Registration

Blogging is best when doing with close friends or family who can motivate you to write and share. Our guide on How to start A Blog found here should help you step by step on how to start your blog and make money even if you are a beginner.

So our guide has broken every month of the year 2018 into jam-packed actionable to-do lists and at the end of every month, we will post an up to date milestone list post.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The idea is to share with you what is working for us to successfully grow our business so you can apply the same tactics to your blog. Make sure to subscribe to our email list below so you can get notified when our Monthly milestones post is published, that way you won’t miss a trick!

The secret to growing a successful blogging business or any other online e-commerce business lies in the detail of how you do daily chores that lead to a collection of many successes!

It’s not just about putting your products or services online and hoping that a miracle will happen. The performance of every piece of content you write, product launch you do in 2018 will entirely depend on how aggressively you will go out and promote it so you can see the results you hope for.

You need a watertight marketing plan to do that, without it, your likelihood of missing out on the whopping 96 percent of Americans who have internet access, making up to 80 percent online purchases in the last month alone!

With that said, am sure you are now pumped up, ready to dive in and start crashing it in 2018!

inbound marketing plan

Okay, let’s do this!

January 2018: Rank for 5000 keywords in the Top 10

Our January goals are to Rank for 5000 keywords in the Top 10 and we plan to achieve this by putting out long helpful SEO focused Guides.

We will also target 7500 medium cp Keywords Ranked in the Top 50 of Google rankings, 2500 keywords will be targeted for the top 100 of google ranking.

If we achieved this goal, our traffic footprint is expected to massively jump with a whopping 18K in the first month alone, doubling with a possibility of tripling in the third and fourth month of our campaign.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

February 2018: Intensively promote and grow our Web Hosting Services @Data Race Hero

Intensively promote and grow our Web Hosting Services @Data Race Hero, Our Flagship Reseller Hosting For Social Media Influencers, Web Designer and Creative Professionals who are looking at building a reseller business, promoting and reselling their own white labelled web hosting packages to their client base.

We aim to achieve this by making use of Inbound Marketing, leveraging high-quality content through blogs, Youtube, social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Our Current Offer For FREE 6 Months Plus FREE Domain registration for one year is strategically aligned to get this home. Our goal is to recruit one thousand new web hosting resellers by June 2018.

March 2018: Email List Building Campaign

March is the month when we will turn the email campaign like a faucet, the main goal is to convert our fans into subscribers, then move them from ordinary subscribers into real buying customers and business continuity advocates or brand ambassadors.

April 2018: Grow our Youtube Channel

April is the month we plan to Grow our Youtube Channel, driving traffic from Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. This April 2018 Campaign will allow us to grow our sales and email list.

We plan to achieve this by targeting and retarget our Youtube audience to market to them via our Facebook and paid ads campaign, if you would like to learn how we do this, how our sales funnels are set up, including our methods of getting highly targeted customers with our daily budget of $8 download the pdf guide below. This a proven strategy which is a rinse and repeat when you know what you are doing.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

May 2018: Influencer Marketing

May is the month we want to put influencer marketing to work for us, in case you are new to influencer marketing then that’s a good reason enough to stick around as we intend to discuss everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing.

In it, you will learn how one Instagram, turned a single reseller hosting into a $7500/month recurring, and the best part of it is that this influencer gets paid without needing the technical know-how of reseller hosting, Data Race Support team of Owls Does that.

June 2018: Inbound Marketing On Steroids

Our goal is to take Inbound Marketing to another level, driving massive traffic to skyrocket our sales and subscriber base. We have top ten rinses and repeat tactics your business will love to keep for your growth.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

July 2018: Holiday season Ninja Marketing plans

We will shift our focus to Holiday season ninja Marketing plans that will put us ahead of the competition. Am not sure about you, but in our business, every holiday marketing plan counts, with almost three major holidays coming ahead of us, we won’t leave it to fate to take its course.

August 2018: Optimize All Our Sales Funnels

August is when we will stop and optimize all our funnels, ready for holiday shopping as the holidays draw in closer, our data scientists who collect and analyse every aspect of data collected will submit their data wizardly results which will help us formulate our final run strategy.

On this step, we use this proven data backed Inbound marketing and paid promotions for targeting and re-targeting.

September 2018: Collaborative Campaigns

We will run collaborative campaigns with some of the industry’s best of the best in a few selected areas. This campaign is great for pushing customer recruitment as well as brand outreach. If you promote affiliate products this is the best time to rack in on commissions from these events.

October 2018: Paid Ads Advertising

We plan to run serious intuitive paid ads advertising ever!

Inbound Marketing Strategy

November 2018: Growth Hacking

Wouldn’t it be great to Growth Hack our web assets by using proven and tested methods some of the fortunes 500 corporations use? Yap! We will borrow a leaf from carefully chosen large industry players to horn in on business.

December 2018: Email Marketing Review

We will put our email marketing efforts back on the horse’s back and see if an email has legs. Our main goal will be to hack the email subscription to its maximum and round up operations ready to reboot for 2019.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

January 2018.

Because in January our main focus will be to grow our organic traffic through ranked content. It makes sense that we map out the best possible content marketing campaign. This will be achieved through what is commonly known as Inbound Marketing, in case you are completely new to Inbound Marketing, this is a tactical Inbound marketing strategy where savvy business owners use targeted content to publicize or bring forth brand awareness.

This is mostly done through the use of content creation which matters most to the targeted clientele base. The belief is that by providing value to the targeted audience, the brand itself will be embraced by its fans and selling to an engaged audience is a lot easier than disruptive advertising.

Our choice of content distribution is blogging, and social media, and we intend to discuss how we plan to achieve massive goes with these distributional mediums.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is all about building trust through valuable content that our readers fin to be useful. And if you plan on being successful with your inbound marketing campaign, then you better start with seeking best ways you can use to connect with your audience so you can work on your trust.

Content that is helpful has been proven by many inbound marketers to earning them a way into their customer’s awareness and data scientists believe that brand awareness is the best way to sale and promote your business than invading your potential customers through unethical advertising.

Inbound marketing is all about preparing your audience before you hit them with your offers, it’s about a high-quality lead generation for your business which in return results in more returning customer base to your website.

Why Do We Choose To Use Inbound Marketing For Our Business Growth Hack?

For a start, Our business is relatively new, so it makes sense that we use inbound marketing to grow our brand awareness.

Secondly, our audience we intend to target are laden with too much information, it is present almost at a flip of a finger, what we do not have as a new brand is the sort of attention we would love to have.

Even big corporations are struggling with attention deficit, it is a very scarce commodity today. I can’t imagine how much my targeted audience has been bombarded with similar offers every day.

Today there are advertisements from all angles, multiple businesses have waged war by outspending themselves in an attempt to win a customer’s attention.

As a new business, we can’t afford to be so extravagant with an unsolicited advertising campaign. Instead, we use inbound marketing to interact with the targeted audience on a brand indoctrination level before moving in with a surgically crafted paid advertising campaign. This way our ad spend is low while our conversions skyrocket.

We are able to achieve this because we understand that buying online are looking for more than just a product. They are looking for authentic brands that speak their language, brands that know how to care for their needs and satisfaction, they want brands that is more about them than it is about me.

This is the only reason why we take our time to create useful content for our audience. Interesting a recent survey of 1000 top performing websites, found that among them, websites that hard fifty-one to one hundred helpful pieces of content for its audience, generated 48% more targeted traffic than those websites that had less than 50 pieces of content.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

It went on to show that businesses that run an active blog alongside their business, publishing sixteen blog posts or more every month, we’re getting more than triple the size of those who published a meagre 0 to 4 articles every month.

Now with inbound marketing, one too many marketing often create content just for the sake of meeting the requirement of what the industry leaders are preaching. Here we take a different approach to our content creation process, instead of just creating content, we take out time to know or research to see what has worked and how to position our content so it works better for our campaign.

We do this by looking at potential performance stats, content level engagement, and how well that piece of content can convert for us.

By knowing what you need to know about the content you write, you are able to leverage viral or authoritative content to your advantage, either you will be the one to provide valuable information or if it’s entertainment then you will be their go-to guy for their daily dose of cat videos! I can’t stress enough the need for you to tailor your customer’s needs for content, whether it’s insightful or actionable pieces of content, tailoring it to your audience needs is paramount.

Savvy marketers today are combining highly engaging content with social media know how to deliver high brand visibility many can only dream of. These tactics if applied sparingly, you are guaranteed to move your brand from a deadbeat to a scalable business that dominates and crash industry giants.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Blog Marketing Plan-How Does Inbound Marketing Works?

Inbound marketing is all about leveraging all your distribution channels uniformly, that’s the key to the success of your marketing efforts. Here’s an easy to follow hand-holding guide that will guarantee that every piece of content you create has an impact on your traffic, earnings and brand growth too.

In the beginning of this article, I mentioned that for inbound marketing to work we will be using Blogging, Social media, and Search engine optimization also known as SEO to skyrocket our brand awareness to drive sale over the roof.

That being said in Step One we will need to do a thorough keyword research for our content strategy, the goal is to find medium to high volume monthly searchable keywords, followed by deep keyword research to find longtail keywords we can write additional content except for this time we use search operators to find KGR (keyword Golden Ration) which allows us to rank our content in record time.

Probably you are wondering how does that work? I use a premium keyword tool I will leave a link here but if you are skint feel free to use Google’s keyword planner.

Here’s My Example:

Say you want to go for a broad keyword ” WordPress Hosting”

Your chosen tool for keyword research will provide you with data sets you can use, for google keyword planner you are most likely going to be a little bit on the disadvantage on how surgical you can be with the data sets. Mostly google will only provide you with the keyword search volumes for every month an option to see possible keyword variations on the related keywords side, all of this with one click of a button.

The tool I use gives me more insightful information, that way I am able to use this information to plan my content more efficiently than you would if you were using free tools.

I have provided a link below so you can use their FREE version or trail so you do not have to spend money you don’t have.

Below you will see how my keyword search results look like :

Blog marketing plan

Step Two

The second stage is to dig deep down to get at least 5-10 additional related keywords I picked from the first stage. I prefer to work with unit numbers however you can pick your own style of working.

Having several similar keywords for each medium to high volume monthly searches allows you to establish well nested deep content on the subject which google loves.

Creating multiple pieces of content on a particular subject eliminates the thin content syndrome many blogs suffer, and Google will most like rank multiple pieces of content as some of it will likely out-perform other pages of content.

This is why we apply Keyword Golden Ratio to propel those hard to rank keywords by first ranking the easy to rank long tail keywords.

What I have come to learn over time after applying this method is that by writing a dozen or more keyword related articles, I am rewarded with multitudes of backlinks from all over.

From here, Keep an eye on which content is doing well on both audience engagement as well as rankings, this is the time to double down now on content creation on the subject matter.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

A very good example would say you are ranking for a keyword phrase “cheap WordPress hosts” your next step would be to write the “top ten affordable WordPress Hosting Providers 2018” what this article should do is provide naturally created referring backlinks to the anchoring post, making sure that your contextual links have variation keywords.

Step Three:

On the third stage, you will now have to start honing in on content creation around your set of mid-to-high volume searches, these can be product reviews, insightful blog posts, product listing or product user manuals as long as they fall on the list of your second level keyword research stage.

As I keep saying over and over, consistency is your golden key to finding a great deal of success in inbound marketing.

When you create more product reviews or helpful content, the high the chance you stand for your content to be ranked first in search engines.

My style of putting content out is to write comprehensive guides on a subject matter, if you follow the same strategy, breaking down your guides into smaller consumable chunks of content, you will begin to see success.

What I am suggesting here is to think of what you are writing about as a double-edged sword that cuts both ways, write to inform your audience while also keeping in mind what SEO requires of you to adhere to that your content can rank.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Take this approach and apply it to all your blog posts, make use of naturally formulated keywords, sprinkling both internal SEO link structured standards your website will surely start to see traffic growing steadily over time.

The one thing I must add to this will be your need to seriously consider including multimedia content, always add images where necessary, a video or two if you can do the trick too.

If you are not sure how to go about implementing these strategies comment below or via the contact form and I will get back you, I always have trolls of well-researched keywords on a myriad of niches which you can just start writing with all the hard work done for you!

In my next article I will be tackling strategies and ways of Kickstarting your inbound marketing for your business, make sure to subscribe so you do not miss on this article plus the following article.

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers

As a designer, your earning potential is tied down to the quality and quantity of relationships you forge from today until you retire. Avery very important aspect you may want to take a look at would have to be your choice for web hosting providers to your clientele.

Are you referring your clients to Bluehost or HostGator for their web hosting needs in exchange for $60 bucks?

Best Hosting For Web Designers

If that’s the case, you could be throwing away your retirement! The little time you might take today, to establish profitable relationships with a myriad of hosting providers, who specialise in putting together, best-suited web hosting for designers, could make a huge difference for your bottom line in the future.

Am not talking about a one-time affiliate commision for recommending a customer to blue host or to HostGator, am talking about building a client list that makes you money over and over when you set up a reseller web hosting business along with your website design gigs.

Think it’s hard…? check it out below and see for yourself!

Start Reselling Web Hosting Packages Today


  • Business Plus Web Hosting
  • Disk Quota (MB) 50000
  • Monthly Bandwidth (MB) 500000
  • Max FTP Accounts Unlimited
  • Max Email Accounts Unlimited
  • Max Email Lists 250
  • Max Databases Unlimited
  • Max Sub Domains Unlimited
  • Max Parked Domains 200
  • Max Addon Domains 50

There so many web hosting companies who rely on website designers to recommend clients to their companies.

In your eyes, they might look unique or somewhat different. However, taking your time and understanding how each stands out is very important. Your clients in many cases buy their web hosting subscription based on your recommendation, in their eyes, you are the expert who understands features offered by the host which are useful.

So as a website designer, there can only be a few key features you look for as must-have features for your clients. So if you are going to choose your reseller hosting provider, then they may have:

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Shared Hosting

Commonly known as virtual hosting, shared hosts aggregate a multitude of websites and host them on a single server with the aim of reducing the total cost of running those hosting services.

This type of hosting is popular and believed to be the catalyst to the growing numbers of cheap hosting providers today. One server in the hands of a virtual is capable of hosting thousands of domains.

In a post, Director of Hostgator Marketing, Chris Whitling said shared hosting will continue to be the most valuable tool in the hands of many web designers as it offers single website hosting services to those who do not need resources without breaking the bank.

Virtual hosting is Best Hosting For Web Designers simply because of it’s cost effectiveness as it offers safety in numbers.

For me as a business owner, that’s the tipping point for my business! Surely HostGator should know better as it is one of the Best Hosting For Web Designers, providing a home to nearly 10 million websites as clients.

Dedicated Hosting

It’s easy to tell that a large corporation’s website is running on a dedicated hosting server, the moment you interact with it. You probably wondering if dedicated hosting is Best Hosting For Web Designers and the quick answer is absolute!

What dedicated web hosting does is provide a single web hosting server to one website so it does not share disk space or bandwidth with other company websites.

This kind of hosting offer exclusivity, tailor-made or custom applications run safely and above all if the website enjoys large amounts of traffic, crashing or running out of web space is a thing of the past.

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Reseller Hosting Best For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers must offer white labelled space so you can host multiple websites or simply put, when a reseller hosting providers opens up it’s servers to web designers and individuals to host them as clients in exchange for a nominal fee.

Best Reseller Hosting For Web Designers that I know of offer an effective option to its clients. A good example is Data Race Hero, whose unique selling point is localized payment options and easy to scale resource availability.

What Data Race offers to its clientele is similar to shared hosting, except in this case Data Race offer white labelled cloud hosting to multi.
site owners and this is what makes them probably the Best Hosting For Web Designers The reasons why you will love Data Race as your Best Hosting For Web Designers is the fact that you get to control which sites run on one single server and what range of resources you want to allocate to your clients.

As a web designer, you know your client’s needs for applications running on a server, take Magento for example which is one of the resource-intense CMS compared to WordPress and others.

That helps you to allocate, price those allocations accordingly to your clients so they can enjoy the best hosting experience possible.

Is VPS Hosting Suitable As Best Hosting For Web Designers?

Absolutely! One of the perks for owning a VPS is the fact that it’s the kind of server that don’t quite need a dedicated server yet still offers much-needed flexibility in comparison to the reseller offers on regular shared hosts.

VPS is probably the Best Hosting For Web Designers. VPS offers the freedom of owning your own server, yet the costs are a lot less because if you think of how VPS nodes run in a technical sense, there are other websites running on the server.

Best Hosting For Web Designers

If that was confusing, let me say that the server is virtually partitioned into individual private sections which allows you as a reseller to repackage and sell your services that are scale-able on demand.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the in-trend phenomenon at the moment and it’s one of the Best Hosting For Web Designers too. Cloud hosting is ideally well positioned for small business owners that plan to scale quickly and on demand.

I love cloud hosting as it allows my business to upgrade or downgrade as I please, this is ideal if you want to run your business cost-effectively as you are allowed to rent the space you need when you have money and still scale down when your clients drop out.

When you are starting as a reseller, you probably are going to start on a bootstrapped budget, what cloud hosting allows you to do is rent that tiny space say for a dozen websites, sale those out and acquire more when you get a new client.

Clustered Hosting

Clustered Hosting is not really that popular, but still very useful to its users. Call this kind of hosting a niche as it only offers its value to a particular need for its users.

Clustered hosting spread out over a number of servers, what this does is that your overall availability is increased in the event of power failure or crash of applications running on a physical server. Determining Your Criteria And Needs.

Best Hosting For Web Designers

When it comes to making choices for the best web host and packaged plans, web designers or creative professionals have a huge advantage and that alone places them in an extremely advantageous position.

If you come to think of what a layman would do when they come into contact with your website is to inevitably judge your work based on what they see on the front end.

Many website owners especially businesses and corporations, think of the effects of security and download speed last, while as a designer and a creative pro-am more about the whole package putting emphasis on the host’s ability to secure my website and deliver them at a reasonable speed with all factors considered.

What I am saying is the web hosting provider itself may most likely not affect your ability to deliver a visually enticing website to look at, however, what follows after that compelling site can certainly affect your deliverables to the end user.

With that in mind, you have an utmost responsibility to consider factors and criteria upon which you base your decision as to what qualifies one to be the Best Hosting For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers


Whether you like it or not, pricing for your chosen packages to recommend to your client will play a huge role in your decision making.

Your first instance will require you to think of the budget flexibility and what sort of plans will really afford you to keep your client’s services up and running.

One may say having reviewed and evaluated your financial position, then you would end up with viable options on the table however one too many times I have seen my clients being forced to choose a particular route simply because of budgeting reasons.


Your next headache will arise from compatibility issues, I remember moving from one host to next with no success simply because my new client’s web application needed ion cube as a requirement for their site security to run an encrypted proprietary technology.

Your Best Hosting For Web Designers will require considering this as a vital aspect to take into consideration whether you need it now or in the future.

How about email support, and applications that you plan to run will your hosting provider be willing to support you and your clients when they are deployed on the server?

Often deadbeat creative professionals tend to choose bare-bones plans just for the sake of the price, but am telling you this will be backing yourself into a corner, sooner than you think you will start to sweat. You will need some flexibility so do not compromise yourself here!

Best Hosting For Web Designers


Sometimes the price point may look right and the other boxes for compatibility are also ticked, the last thing you want is to sign up for a service that has no proven reliability.

Taking your time to test out the available help desk, they’re how-to guides and tutorials could save you a whole lot of headaches down the road.
If they have a forum, join in and chat with them via their live chat services, ask technical questions to see how well is their team trained to handle your customer’s needs.

Making sure that your web hosting provider is not just the Best Hosting For Web Designers by name only, rather a business partner who will lend a helping hand when your websites have crashed or you need a backed up copy of a client website.

Web hosting is synonymous with mishaps, bad things happen the last thing you want is to be left with a pile of shit on your lap. What you need is the confidence and absolute peace of mind that you will be looked after and your clients won’t even have to lift a finger when it comes to supporting.

In many cases, your Best Hosting as a Web Designer will most likely be either shared, reseller or cloud hosting and I recommend you try out Data Race Hero, they are just fantastic!

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Chances are that you ran a relatively large corporation website with lots of traffic footprint, in this case, you need a dedicated hosting plan I know it will be best suited for most of your company needs.

Doing your research is extremely important, do not overlook that, you will be glad you did it when you have selected an ideal hosting provider who has the best interest at heart.

Making your choice for the Best Hosting For Web Designers it’s not that hard, there are plenty of reputable web hosting providers who are well reviewed by genuine users who have had experience with their offering.

Just do your research to absolutely be certain that your chosen host and the planned package you choose to buy fits well.

By understanding the vital differences between a myriad of hosting types, narrowing down your specific needs and criteria, asking the right questions, you will most likely make an educated decision for the provider you choose to sign up to as your Best Hosting For Web Designers

Best Hosting For Web Designers

Wouldn’t it be a shame to choose the wrong host for your most important extension of your brand or company?

So make sure to take your time and take calculated risks without rushing into signing on the dotted lines just because the host promo has a clock running down!

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