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Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Content promotion definition:

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

The content marketing can be described as core marketing strategy which is focused on creating and distributing valuable contents, this valuable content must be relevant and consistent which in turn attracts audiences, and also retains that clearly defined audience.

With these clearly defined audiences, there is also a high chance of driving actionable and profitable customers.

What is Content Strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

When content strategy is mentioned, it is been referred to the all the planning work involved, the development of the content and the management process of the content.

The content strategy helps businesses manage all their content.

What is Content Plan?

What is Content Plan

A content plan is an outline of all important basics, requirements for your content.

The content plan tells you how to execute, whom will be in charge, what topic areas to cover, what content to create, when to create such content(time frame), how to share the content, and what call to actions should be used.

How to get content ideas

How to get content ideas

Here are some content ideas for blogs

  • Trying walking out when you are loss of ideas
  • Speaking to family and friends and hear their responses and questions
  • Listen to songs, they are a good source of inspiration
  • Remember some popular saying and try to figure out what there meaning is
  • Watch animals do their thing and try to figure out why they are doing it
  • Trying creating fake stories or background of people you see for active brains
  • Use fictions to make contents more interesting or true life inspiring stories
  • Meditation can also provide you with few content ideas
  • Playing games or engage in sports can help with some inspirations for good content ideas
  • Engage in email sign-ups and newsletters and offer ebooks or guides
  • Read related contents
  • Use visitors or customer reviews to boost your content idea strategy
  • If you are an individual, walk around your home or office and concentrate on every detail, if you are a company,
  • do the same
  • Use industry support forums for questions
  • General forums like Quora, Yahoo etc, to find titles
  • Search for your chosen keyword forums for content ideas
  • Use online groups like facebook, linkedIn, Google plus
  • Search for related niche to see their titles and topics
  • Use comment sections to answer questions readers are asking
  • Spy on people who follow you on social media and those you follow to know what they are engaging with on how to get content ideas
  • Follow industry influencer on social media and answer questions their followers are asking
  • Use SlideShare to create content on popular topics
  • Use youtube and search for related content ideas
  • Read comments from competitors on Instagram for inspiration if possible answer those question with references
  • Interview people to hear their stories or experiences to find some content ideas
  • Read your website comments to see your readers questions and suggestions and add them or create new content
  • Read your competitors FAQ sections and answer questions from there or use it for content ideas on your site
  • Attend conferences and ask question relating to your content
  • Make use of salespeople who get loads of questions from customers and use them
  • Use webmaster tools for keyword search queries
  • Use Google search box suggestions to find topics and related content ideas


  • Uses Google related searches topic and content ideas
  • Read popular industry related e-newsletters and subscribe for content ideas
  • Use popular contents types publication from other industries for ideas
  • Use content topic generator like,
  • Use local news broadcasts, local business networking events, local newspapers
  • Search your content topic on Amazon for books related to your content

How To Do Niche Market Research

How to do Content Marketing

How to do Content Marketing

  • Create a blog category on your website, this involves tweaking your website design a little bit except if the design is no complicated.
  • Do a keyword research using Ahrefs, Google AdWords, Buzzsumo, keyword everywhere.
  • Write and post content once a week to the blog.
  • Do the writing yourself, this is not expensive but only needs your time.
  • Assign a team of writers to do the writing, this will cost you more, even if you don’t pay them as writers, but you still have to pay them as employees.
  • Hire a freelancer who can write good articles, this will also cost you few quid, but remember, the more you pay the more quality content you will get.
  • Make use of content provider, content providers like and, these services cost money but you will surely get what you are looking for.
  • Hire content marketing firm, they are usually more expensive but comes with quality outsourced content with good SEO.
  • Curate contents, this is using contents created by others, but making use better with more information.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Content marketing it top priority when it comes to lead generations, this is why most of the big companies pay a huge amount to get the best contents. Just writing and posting to your blog is enough to generate leads or attract someone to read your content. You have to realize that there is a bit of work to be done.
  • And there many reasons for this, but the question is, What benefit does content marketing have? Remember, there is a reason for writing content, and it is to draw readers to your blog, and convert them into buying and paying customers. But to achieve this, there is a lot of work going in into every content.
  • You have to think of the overall size or length of the content because this is important. If you are able to produce contents that is more than 2k in words, you have chances of outperforming those contents with fewer words.
  • Also, there are good reasons for large size contents, not only those this have marketing advantages, it also has-
  • Huge online presence, more link integration, social media presence and shares, good authority site. To achieve quality content, you must produce good size or lengthy contents. Include long size contents to your content plan.
  • Main benefits of content marketing strategy, online presence and search visibility. Online search engine ranking appears to show search results with a higher ranking.
  • Contain more information, create a brand expert in that particular industry or brand, generates more organic traffic, drives a massive social media shares when linked to other website contents, drive a huge link building opportunity.
  • Large size articles provide more info which usually prompts visitors to reshare. Useful contents are more likely to be shared online. It helps or encourages link building and sharing with the help of share buttons.
  • Online research shows that contents marketing generate more traffic to a site, more shares, and good quality link building.
  • Quality contents get found easily through higher ranking, this is due to the high number of keywords. With search engines crawling for quality contents, good content will surely be identified. A typical example is Buzzfeed, people spend so much time on this website. There are other websites that enjoy such huge visitors and large social interactions.
  • Among the benefits of content marketing is value. Quality contents get more value especially when it is a long content.
  • Most known blogs that publish long contents of several topics often get attention, and this is why content marketing is still a game changer.

Types of Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

To be successful as a content marketer, you have to have to know the types of content marketing and how each of them will help achieve your marketing goals.

1. Video Content

To present to your audience or showcase a more effective explanation of what article is about, then video content marketing is the answer. Video contents are usually more explanatory, more educational, more entertaining, more engaging and draws more attention.

Types of Content Marketing

Facts About Video Content

  • People watch more videos than reading.
  • You are more likely to engage the audience with a video content than any other content marketing.
  • It helps with a massive growth of any business.
  • Increases conversation.
  • Customers prefer to watch videos before purchases.
  • Increases in clickthrough rates.
  • Increases chances of good ranking.
  • Massive social media shares, views and backlinks.

Types of Marketing Video Contents

  • Customer testimonials videos,
  • Demonstrations videos,
  • How to videos,
  • Explainer videos.

2. Images

Writing a blog without images is like driving a car at night without headlights. Content images are key to keeping your blog post interesting to read.

Most internet users today are using their mobile phones to surf the internet, and images which appear bold, high quality and large enough attract more attention than those without an image. Articles or blog post with images are 90% more likely to be viewed than those without one.

When sharing your articles on any social platform, you need those article to have images which not only catches the eye but portrays some visual image of what the article is all about.

If you post an image on Twitter, you are more likely to get those images retweeted, this also applies to Facebook, Instagram and all other social platforms.

Images help to boost shares of the articles and build backlinks.

Facts About Images

These images can be-

  • Motivational images,
  • Educational images,
  • Humorous images,
  • Images with quotes.
  • You can create your own images or use other people images.
  • Images can capture certain feelings, lifestyle and mood.

3. Screenshots

This is also a good form of content marketing strategy. A screenshot helps you capture certain informations which you can relate to your audience. To relate what you’re offering to your audience, a screenshot could do that easily, because it gives your readers the first-hand information.

If your blog is about transferring a domain, a screenshot of how it’s been done will make your article not only interesting to read, but also increase the chances of re-shares and interactions between readers.

Facts About Screenshots

  • It easily passes information to your audience.
  • Increase the chances for readers to continue reading.
  • Build trust among your readers who believe you know what you are doing.
  • You can screenshot testimonials, contents, images, guides from others and make it yours.

4. Memes

Memes are ideas which can reproduce or interpret the actual message to mean something else to different people. An image or cartoon of a woman searching a bin in blogging article can represent a woman searching for information.

Today, memes are playing an important role as part of content marketing strategy.

Facts About Memes

  • It is common among students and youths.
  • Easily used to target the younger generation.
  • Portrays positive images which can pull attention.
  • As a visual content, it sets your business apart.
  • It brings your audience together and triggers massive comments and huge shares on social media.
  • It is a source of entertainment.

5. Infographics

This is used to bring together a large information or points together, by presenting complex information in a more digestible way.

Facts About Infographics

  • Easily understandable.
  • Receives more shares, retweeted and likes on most of the social media.
  • Your readers will spend more time studying or reading your articles with illustration and text.
  • Readers spend more time on articles with infographics (images with information).
  • Infographics with the right shapes, colours and fonts attract readers.
  • Infographics generate huge shares and quality backlinks.

Everything To Know About Mass Marketing Strategy

Content Promotion Strategy

Content Promotion Strategy

If you are thinking of driving traffic to your site and see your services and products convert, think content promotion strategy. It is the pillar, the foundation and the backbone of your content marketing practices.

Driving just one unique visitor to your site can bring a huge change to your website and content as well. But visitors don’t just come, you have to go find them through content promotions. Your job is to create good content, drive traffic and visitors, their actions on the site will generate leads and sales.

Below is some basic list of content promotion strategy that both professionals and newbie can use.

Social Media Promotion

  • Tweet it
  • Engage in targeted sharing by mentioning people in your article.
  • Follow people who are interested in the topic you are writing about.
  • Tweet a quote from your content
  • Pin on your twitter feed
  • Post on Facebook and share on Facebook groups
  • Post on LinkedIn and share LinkedIn groups
  • Post on Google+ and share on Google+ communities
  • Post on Reddit
  • Post on Pinterest
  • Post on Digg
  • Post on StumbleUpon
  • Post on Alltop
  •  Post on Delicious
  • Answer questions on Quora
  • Register and share on forums (Inbound, Product Hunt, Growth Hackers)
  • Share on Buffer

Email Marketing

  • Send emails to your subscribers
  • Send follow up emails

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Align your post with Keyphrase
  • Include keywords which are related to your article
  • Link to other posts

On Your Website

  • Add your articles on the first page
  • Add it on thank you page
  • Add it to webinars
  • Reformat and republish older and more engaging post
  • Add or mention it in podcast, meeting and sales
  • Find other bloggers like you, add them to the article and share with them.
  • Engage in Guest blogging

Paid Promotions

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Adwords
  • Retargeting
  • Native Adverts

What is Influencer Marketing Strategy

What is Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy is also referred to as influence marketing. This is a marketing strategy that is been directed and targeted at influential individuals.

By targeting these influential people instead of the whole market through marketing activities, they a been presented with products and services which they have previously purchased or are potential buyers of the product and services.

What is a Content Strategist?

What is a Content Strategist

A content strategist is someone who is in charge of the planning, development and management of all content information which is produced for or by a company. The define what content is, what it is about, creating the content so it delivers supposed value on behalf of the company.

Content strategist represents the image and voice of the company and also drives effective communication through image and word.

What to Know About Product Marketing Strategy

How to Create Website Content?

How to Create Website Content?

To create a good website content, Follow this steps.

  • You should define your goals
  • You should conduct a personal research
  • Run a content audit
  • Determine a content management system
  • Come up with content ideas
  • Decide what type of content to create, example, blog post, ebook, template, infographics, videos, podcasts, Guest content.

What is the Email Marketing?

What is the Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sending a large number of promotional messages to a group of persons via emails. The people who receive this emails are either customers who have used the service or just potential customers. The process of sending this promotional or commercial messages are referred to as email marketing.

What is Digital Marketing Services?

What is Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing which involves the use of digital technologies to market and promote products and services. This process takes place via the internet, mobile phones, display adverts and other digital mechanisms.

What is the Content of a Marketing Plan?

What is the Content of a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan has to fit the needs and situation of the marketing process. The essential contents of a marketing plan include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Situation Analysis – The SWOT analysis ( strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Marketing strategy – Mission statement, objectives, focused strategy (market segment, focus and product positioning).
  • Sales Forcast – Plan and actual analysis ( sales by product, by region or market segment, by channels, by manager responsibilities).
  • Expense budget – Tracking monthly expenses, plan and actual analysis.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation is using a software to automatically share and post contents on social media, emails and other websites.

This software makes marketing automation easier by accomplishing different tasks at once.

Download Marketing Automation Software.



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