How To Bring A Product To Market

Are you running a small business that can benefit from an online presence?  Very often small business owners tend to forget how important business promotion is for growing a business. And creating a website for your business is the most effective way of promoting your business offering.

Why Create A Website For Your Business?

With the rapid growth of online consumerism, building a website for your business makes sense than ever as traditional ways of promoting business offerings are no longer reliant on the traditional advertising methods which in many cases can also be expensive and unrealistic to small and medium businesses.

Creating a website for your business is not just about Starting a blog with an intent to promote your business, in fact, modern website designs have evolved to offer more than a business card type of websites that are used in some quarters.

Benefits Of Creating A Website For Your Business.

Business websites today, perform more business functions as they are built around a funnel system where a brand or product awareness, and the entire customer experience journey is handled online.

And this is where starting a blog for your business is indeed a perfect way to keep your expenses low while growing your business.

A Business Blog…What Is The Difference?

You might be wondering, what the hell is a business blog and how does one become a blogger?

A Blog is a collection of Creatively written weblogs to communicate with a deliberate select group of a market segment or niche with an end goal in mind. Some people write to communicate a vision, brand awareness and opinions.

The great news is that you do not need a University degree to start blogging. Anyone willing to learn a new skill in content marketing and put in at least two hours a week can create a business website that also has a blog connected to it, capable of reaching new customers.

Perhaps you have a passion you would like to turn that passion into a business? Then I would suggest that you create a blog that can evolve into a full blown out business.

And In This post let me show you How you can quickly create a website for your business in under 10 minutes.

Now, once you read and follow the instructions in this article, you will be able to make pretty much any kind of website just like the ones fortune 500 companies use, by using drag & drop website builder of your choosing.

So, if you are ready to start building that business website you have always envisioned, don’t gross over this post and I will also pair it with step by step tutorial videos that show you how to make a website for your business.

All I ask you to do is read this guide, and watch the tutorial guides from beginning to the end, that is the only way you too can learn how to do it without spending a fortune, hiring website design agencies.

Let’s start making this website! So before we start, you need to First, Click the link, below. Once you click the link it should take you to a page that looks like this…

bluehost webhost

Step One To Creating Your Business Website: Domain Registration

So the 1st step in building your business site is to pick a name for your website. This is also known as the business domain registration process.

In your case, if you already have a business that is trading, you would want to register the business trading name when picking a domain name for your business.

To Check & Secure Your Domain  Check Availability below to secure your domain

And to get started, you are going to search for the domain name availability first… And to do that you enter the name inside the search bar and then click “check availability”.

Once you do that, you can see whether the domain name is available or not. Once you get the name, you can go to the next step, which is to Get hosting & complete the registration of your domain.

What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work

Hosting & domain are the two things we need for launching our website. It’s ok if you have no idea what web hosting and domain are.

In a nutshell, web Hosting is the type of service where technology companies offer a global online file storage service where your website’s files will be stored using specialty technology platforms and software capabilities.

Types Of Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting you can use, this time around, we won’t bother being fussy about it, Bluehost is known for their Best WordPress Hosting but it is equally important to know what forms of web hosting options are available, and these are:

  • Shared Web Hosting.
  • Reseller Web Hosting.
  • Cloud-Based Web Hosting.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Dedicated Web Server.
  • Colocation Web Hosting.
  • Self Service Web Hosting.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting.

The domain is the name of your website that is mapped with an internet protocol identifier, commonly known as an IP address which points to your website files on the designated server.

So to get hosting & domain, let’s scroll down… and click next to get hosting…

If you are using Bluehost directly, this will take you to this page, where we’re going to buy the hosting. So let’s, follow the steps and click ‘get started’.hosting with bluehost

Now enter the same name which you chose earlier. So I would go below and enter my domain name there And then click search.

Now click select & continue with the instruction inside Bluehost’s cart. Now you can see in the image below that Bluehost offers FREE domain registration which isn’t much but you get your domain FREE plus a few savings in dollars.

bluehost webhost

When you have completed the checkout process, you will be asked to log in with the details you provided when creating your web hosting account.

Normally, you will be asked to fill in personal or business details and the likelihood of getting prompted to enter a 6-digit number for the pin, make sure to provide a memorable number And click “Create Account”. and then continue filling these details.

Now, Bluehost like most web hosting service providers do accept different forms of payment.  Credit cards, Paypal, as well as bitcoin, are some of the accepted forms of payments.

In some cases, you will also find web hosting resellers who accept offline bank deposits, mobile money payments as well as Apple Pay. So choose your payment option, and click continue…

Whatever is your case, keep in mind that your website project will require an upfront investment. In other ways, this is going to cost a few dollars per month, and, the plan will be valid for 1 year. So make sure to factor that into your budgeting long before placing the order and the first payment.

So, by now you would have completed the payment and now have got your Domain & Hosting.

Now let’s go to STEP 3, which is to Install WordPress.

How To Install WordPress On Bluehost

Now let’s just put it out there, when it comes to creating your business website, you have plenty of content management systems you can choose from, however, we’re going to specifically focus on WordPress.

Why Choose WordPress For Building Your Business Site?

WordPress has earned the trust of numerous global brands like cable news network (CNN), The Huffington Post and many more…

And that’s because it is newbie friendly and possibly the easiest CMS to build a website with.

Even if you have never used WordPress or know how to write a single line of code, you will love WordPress’s drag and drop functionality and Gutenberg’s recent block building editor which is a child’s play.

So with Bluehost, you can install WordPress using 1 click to install or through the Cpanel, and for that let’s login into our cpanel and  We’re going to scroll down & then click softaculous or the WordPress Icon.

Inside your 1 click to install, softaculous, go ahead and select your domain where you want to install WordPress.

And proceed to fill in the boxes beginning with your Website Name, login detail(password, username and email for the administrator.  You will need this to login into WordPress

So please, make sure that the details provided here, are legit beginning with entering your real legal name and password and click install.

Your business website is an extension of your real business online Okay! So make sure that whatever you are doing when building your WordPress business website is a true reflection of your offline brand!

Now, let’s click ‘get started’. and then voila!… WordPress Is Installed. Okay, so this is our WordPress Dashboard!

wordpress dashboard

Now from here, you’ll be able to control your website. Now if you want to access the WordPress dashboard anytime again, you just simply go to your website address and type \login Okay.

So, once you reach your WordPress dashboard, This means your website is LIVE. So to check that you’ll need to go to your website address And press enter Now as you can see that your website is online.

wordpress front page

And at this stage, your site will look pretty much basic and empty! That is how the WordPress default site, looks like.

From here, your number one job is to beautify your site by tweaking things around, beginning with installing a premium new WordPress theme and Plugins.

With plugins, you will be able to add amazing functionality to your WordPress business website and easily edit your website using drag and drop functions provided by Elementor, Beaver builder or Thrive themes, so we’re going to install a new theme.

I recommend that you install a free theme called “Astra” which is versatile and sleek for creating a corporate website.

And to install the theme, let’s go and click appearance then scroll to themes. now click ‘add new’ and inside the search bar of the WordPress dashboard, type in… Astra.

So we’re going to install this theme by clicking install, followed by clicking activate.

The Astra template comes with what are commonly known as starter sites, and to take advantage of that, we’re going to install a plugin which comes with this theme.

What this new plugin installation does is give you the ability to easily customize our theme and many more website functionality with the use of the most popular FREE WordPress page builders like Beaver builder and Elementor.

So to install that plugin, let’s go to plugins. And then click ‘add new’. Now search for a Plugin called ‘Astra’, And then install this plugin, followed by activating the plugin.

When you go under the hood of this plugin, you will quickly notice that it comes with a plethora of FREE Designs for your website, which you can choose and then apply that as a base for your corporate site.

Now to get access to those designs, you need to click see the library which will reveal these designs.

If you did not install elementor plugin, this is where I would ask you to have it installed long before you choose a design.

elementor page builder

Why Use Elementor?

Elementor is the sleek and advanced page builder that is used when you install a WordPress Plugin called elementor to replace the classic WordPress editor.

Think of elementor as Beaver builder or Divi site builder which also works seamlessly together with WordPress, to provide you and your team a visual editor when creating complex website designs without the need of writing lines of code.

Now the way how elementor and Beaver builder gives you an edge is through the blueprint design and the demo content that come with the start sites when you import demo content into your site.

Once it’s done, you will now see the site completely transformed when you click “view site”.

The Final Step Will Be To Edit The content.

So, one thing that you will love about using the editor inside Beaver builder is that editing any page of your site is super easy. all you have to do is go into the page and click Edit with Elementor.

As you can see below, I have Elementor and Premium Page builder Thrive Theme’s Architect which I use to build landing pages for my funnels.


When you have elementor or Thrive themes installed, all you do when you need to edit any page is simply click “edit with elementor or in my case launch thrive, architect”.

Inside the editor, you will go into this editing section which is a drag and drop type of page builder, where everything can be edited at a click of a button.

drag and drop editor

There is no magic here, if you want to change any of the text, you just select the text and then start typing anything you want changing!

The same goes if you want to change the text inside of buttons, page headers or footers. You just click and change the text on the area of concern.

Once you’re done with the changes, you can simply save the page, by scrolling down to the bottom left and clicking “save”. And all your changes will be saved.

Now you can also view the page by clicking the preview prompt page next to the save button at the bottom left.

There you have it, guys! This is how you can easily create a business website, import starter site with demo content, edit site to your liking and add new pages to your site as needed.

At least now you know, How you can make your business website, Beginning with getting a domain & hosting. Import the demo content. and then edit it to make your own business website look like a fortune 500 website!

I know you are curious, what will be the next step? Well, let’s bring traffic and more business leads to your small business.

And if you’re ready to start building your website funnel or an email list… Just click here. It will take you to the page where you will see the first step by step guide to building your funnel using WordPress.

Inside the guide, you will also find all the tools that I use, (both free and premium).