Easiest business to start

Easiest business to start

Easiest business to start is not that difficult to find online. What most startups are struggling to nail down is Storytelling.

Am not sure if you have been paying attention to what has been happening in the small business startup circles, children’s bedtime stories and session times in the pub have been hijacked by business strategists.
I know you think it sounds sketchy and far-fetched, but smart business strategists now know too well that any easy business to start, must tick a few key boxes and these are:

  • The easiest business to start must offer low-cost tooling that can catapult even the tiniest brands into the spotlight.
  • It must offer a compelling story and have a storyteller who can actively leverage this story to grow the brand reach.

Think about iconic brands that are in the category of what you would regard as most successful brands. What do all these businesses have in common?
Is it not a knockout story right from their humble beginning?

There is something about storytelling that makes tick, sparks the creative side of any entrepreneur to dream and think big.

Who doesn’t like the comeback story of Rocky Balboa or just about any underdog?

In my line of work, where I help small business startups, I have come across plenty of great business ideas. And the only reason why I get hired and paid handsomely is that I get asked to find a story behind their service offering.

Surprisingly, everyone likes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and I do not blame them for that. I mean the guy has been fictionalized for the silver screen!

Think about African voices‘ featured case studies of up and coming enterprising men and women on CNN. What both these selected case studies have in common is the fighting spirit of its founders.
Their storytelling abilities make them more likable yet fallible, and it makes me wonder, if at all when you look at finding the easiest business to start, do you read between the lines and notice that colossal mistakes are made before a hail mary?

Interestingly, it’s the failures that resonate with the audience, as much as the happy endings. If you are looking for small business ideas that are easy to get off the ground, I have a list for you.
Before we jump all in, let’s address the big elephant in the room, what is the story behind your type of the easiest business to start? Unless you figure out how to tell that story well, in a way that makes your audience yeah! I like what am hearing; you have a problem in your hands.

This is the same reason why I chose to start a youtube channel. For me, youtube is like walking into a room full of people, and I
open up to this new found internet community, share all of my success and failings.
The intimate stuff of how business partner Chucks and I have managed to salvage our failing business.

Through trial and error, to a fully fledged tried and tested small-scale business startup, anyone willing to put in the work can easily start and turn things around. From a descending rule-breaker to a successful business owner all by merely learning how to harness your storytelling technics.

Our business exploits the market need for compelling stories that sell to audiences, and for the past few years, we have gotten good at doing just that for our clients.

If you are ready to sell online, grow your brand and influence the market trends in your niche market, let’s sit down and talk through your next marketing strategy.

I know you are looking for something easy to get your business off to a good start. And I could quickly just do that by merely showing you how to break the entire rules book of starting a business.

Even more, suggest how, but no one wants to be preached to, especially not by a person they’ve never heard of before.

They want to be entertained, and to learn – and storytelling via youtube allows myself and business partner Chucks wear both hats, delivering both entertainment as well as education.

We call it edutainment, and the business model is Infomediary. So How does one start an Infomediary business?

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