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Why Building An E-commerce Email Marketing List Is Crucial

Best eCommerce email marketing software is Marketing Hero, Getresponse, Mailerlite, and MailChimp. But, let’s face it, there are numerous Ecommerce Email Marketing Software options you can use when building a highly responsive eCommerce email marketing list of your buyer’s list.

And that begs for the question…

Is there any best Ecommerce Email Marketing Software that is ideal for building a list of potential buyers or repeat customers?

Well, if you are selling through Shopify, your Email Marketing with Shopify are numerous. Except that you have to pick the one Email Marketing software Shopify seems to work best.

Best Email Marketing Platform

With email marketing automation tools, you get what you pay for, having said that, here is your Best Email Marketing Platform that you can use for your business email marketing list building.

  1. Use Marketing Hero for your one-click Shopify Marketing Automation.
  2. Use Mailerlite for your Cheapest Email Marketing Software
  3. Use Getresponse for your Email And SMS Marketing Platform


Why Use Shopify Marketing Automation?

With better Shopify Marketing Automation, your business enjoys the luxury of building multiple email lists of well-segmented e-commerce email marketing databases made up of lists of buyers, lists of abandoned shopping carts and lists of repeat customers your business can always count on when you have offers to promote every turn of a season. 

What Shopify Marketing Automation allows your business to do, is set your email marketing systems once and forget.

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What Shopify Marketing Automation Tools Should You Use When Building An E-commerce Email Marketing List Fast?

Well, Shopify Marketing Automation in itself is pretty much a done and dusted set and forget type of a marketing powerhouse in the e-commerce industry.

However, making sure that your e-commerce email marketing is built the right way depends on which e-commerce marketing tool you going to use.

Building an email list fast is not a job for the faint-hearted, however, when you get the right tools, you can really make building an email fast a child’s play.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the best ways to building an email list for your e-commerce business.

Won’t lie to you, when it comes to building an email list, there is no better way to kick-start your email list building campaign than starting with battle-tested ecommerce email Marketing Automation tools.

And that is why we are comparing them head to head so you can see their pros and cons, helping you choose your best Shopify Marketing Automation tools wisely.

Why Building A Buyers Email List With Shopify Marketing Automation tool Is Best As Your Repeat Traffic Source?

Most e-commerce list building strategies available online will advise you about giveaways, paid traffic or free organic traffic through content publishing.

Funneling your current buyers into a buyers list is probably one of the best ways Shopify Marketing Automation tools can help your business bag repeat customers easily.

Best E-commerce List building Techniques

When it comes to building responsive ecommerce lists, keeping the buyers list of previous customers is key. Previous customers who once trusted your brand and spent money on your website are most likely to recommend your business to family and friends when you offer them incentives like discounted vouchers and many more.

Another technique you can use is abandoned shopping cart redemption through offers that can bring customers back into your shop.

It is a well-known fact that businesses are using email marketing automation tools to build better and profitable relationships. Whether its affiliate marketing business startups or high street and online e-commerce traders like Shopify, they all use email marketing automation to a certain degree.

The most popular email marketing sent out in the ecommerce businesses are what are commonly known as transnational emails. These are emails sent to customers once an order or booking of a service or product is successfully placed.

The same can be said for Gradec Media’s email marketing automation, where we offer numerous downloadable content upgrades and deliver content via email marketing channels.


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