Facebook Ads For Beginners

Facebook ads guidelines – Facebook ads for beginners

With Facebook ads for beginners, there are a few things you should do:

#1 Spy on your competitors’ ads for free using the search bar

FB ads shortcut to success is best served when you can have a snoop at what is working than trial and error.

Here’s How To Do It

Head over to Facebook and type post about”keyword LSI” in the search bar and hit enter

Facebook ads for beginners

#2 Choosing the right objective

Facebook has up to 11 conversion options, choosing the right one is key.

#3 The higher your budget the better sort of customers you target.

Demographic reach equals more ad spend therefore if you had to go by age the young and tech-savvy age group will be a bit more expensive to reach than the old age group.
Always Target the right group users to maximize your profitability.

#4 Do not get penalized for audience overlap

Many folks make this mistake of running two ads of the same or similar service against each other. This rookie mistake costs money.
This is simply because Overlapping audiences causes your CPM to shoot up for the skies.
The trick here is to make use of excludes to make sure that all ads that share interests are kept separately within the same ad account.

#5 Be aware of forced likes and likes by association

Broad keyword phrases are always the conduit of this schoolboy error. When you cast your net too wide and make your keywords broad, you are opening yourself to likes by association.

Facebook ads for beginners

#6 Let Data Tell you the story

Default metrics inside facebook ads account can sometimes be misleading. What you need to do is cut the noise out by picking up the kind of metrics that help you see what products are selling well and what is not working.
Here are all the metrics you will need to setup as custom

1# Cost per purchase data set
2# Cost per click link data set
3# CTR link data set
4# CPM data set

These four datasets actually are key cornerstones that tell you whether your customer acquisition is profitable or not.
Keep an eye on your CTR link to be at least the range of 1.5 or above.


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