How to create A Blog – Here’s How I got Fired When My How To Create A Blog JV Training Wasn’t Good Enough

Have gurus pestered you about how to create a blog?

Here’s a must-read before you even think about setting up a blog or how to create a blog training for Gurus.

I didn’t even understand what I had done wrong.

I spent 38 Days working on this. Helping my then client and mentor, creating this single campaign about his upcoming Wealth creation book I had liked and recommended that he turned it into an online course…

Man, you should read this book. packed with value, Ideas, and internet niche markets that are just waiting to get snapped.

And I was dumbfounded when he fired me by text…. erm .. email actually!

Was this system I had developed for his online course really that bad?

Then It HIT ME!!! Some People Just Don’t Get It! No matter how smart or highly educated…

Start a Business with CorpNet

So I cut my losses and soldiered on… But I was still upset…

How To Start A Fashion Blog

It was this anger and frustration that kept me going. So I stuck my finger at him…and got going with the Wealth Creation Training.

Having discovered that most of the stuff in the book was public domain. I was relieved that the work I had done was not going to waste.

I knew it was tweak time….

You see…
I keep telling everyone how great it feels having an online business with no one to answer to, but I think this case study will do a little better job of showing you the true potential!

I could have easily called it the rejected stone training…. but naa!

Having actually made almost $14000 sales in just 30 DAYS from launching by doing THAT? I Couldn’t resist the temptations of calling it Express Profit builder.

Seriously it was a no brainer.

So I quickly bundled together everything someone starting online would need…When I say start, I do not mean literally! This course is a double aged sword, whichever side you fall on, you will find some nuggets to run with. You see we have worked with successful SME’s who are already online yet they do not do email marketing and on the other hand, others do not do any social traffic? So if you fall in any of these, setting up a website training may not make sense. But we also have

  • E-mail Marketing Training
  • Youtube Lead Gen & Marketing
  • Business Funnel Hacking
  • SEO & Local Lead Gen

Blog Post


The big picture is all about what is possible and the potential internet has to offer. This is why we put together WordPress for beginners which is a practical resource from Gradec Media deliberately set out to help small to medium business owners develop, plan and deliver customer behaviour change projects that work for business and consumer decision making.

What we demonstrate in our hand-holding or over the shoulder style of training draws inspiration on lessons learned through years of research and practical experience, the goal is to take you through the six key stages of successful business modelling, and provide tools and templates to support you through the process.

WordPress is our platform of choice for its simplicity and flexibility in turning into almost you can imagine.

There is really no magic wand or secret source to what we do with social marketing concepts. Most of our social marketing interventions programs will move through these six stages in a timed sequence of building a profitable real business:

Getting Started
Evaluate and Follow-up.

These steps are cleverly condensed into three easy to apply modules, woven together in bite-sized web classes anyone can do with little to no experience in applying these methods.

  1. Target
  2. Cultivate
  3. Convert

Do you see single moms and dads who got early access to the system went on to make between $4,500 – $11000 in their first 30-day challenge?

When I found out that I could duplicate this system over and over again. I knew I was on to something worth sharing…

CorpNet is the fastest way to incorporate your business

I am doing it day after day and I see my accounts grow like a MAD machine…

And 19 of my Private Mastermind Group didn’t even need to know how to create a website;

In fact, most of them didn’t know the internet beyond Facebook and Google Search.

They actually didn’t know Youtube beyond Cat videos, and now they are crushing it like crazy, having learned how to set up a website, launch and make 10K all within 30 DAYS.

This kind of record success got me thinking…..

What if I could share for FREE with 100 more people my system, share with them my web class and this three-step system I am using to make money. Starting with how to create a blog, put together offers or products, Drive traffic and make money online all within 30 days using my easy to follow over-the-shoulder or call it hand-holding web-class?

This is why I have lately been thinking of an active FREE to join membership community where entrepreneurs can learn and grow businesses using this same system.

Am just not sure many would care…..get to know ME and the team behind the pillars of wealth creation, list building Ninjas and unsung heroes who stay all night to churn content for blog owners who have no time to write or promote their businesses.

Trust me. It is not guilt making me do this for FREE.

I want you to know, that am only doing all this for the sake of value first,

I can’t have guilt making me give away a FREE course that sells for $670 and has over 20 hours of AUTHORITY Stacking, Link building, sales, marketing, and email business strategies.

I want to give you for 100% free all this FREE course and am giving it away hoping that you too will get value and share with others a thing or two about setting up a blog!

Having gotten this opportunity for willy-nilly, I cannot think of a better way to do this than by giving you FREE 100 NICHE CASE STUDIES, plus FREE 20 hard hitting hours of some of my best content and then following up with more content that most people would charge $$$ membership for…

So all I ask: Check out the no-cost course I am sending you below and the rest of the free content this week when you tell me where to send. an email will just be fine.. but If you want me to answer any questions, I find the Facebook private Mastermind group to be ideal. Everyone has questions, and I have found myself answering the same set of questions over and over! Heck! I gotta work too sometimes! And I said why not just put together everything you need to know that has been asked here>>>

I guarantee you will get countless AH-HA moments because this is the exact info I have used to grow my Express 10K Case study $$ businesses which you can check out here==>> if you want proof.

Marketing/Sales Course.
(This course gives you everything you need to start a business online and DRASTICALLY increase conversions)

Do not complicate simple and easy things like many gurus try to. I want to know if this is what you would want to learn more about before I do anything. So I want your comments below if you want to learn more.

Keep an eye on your inbox, I’ll have some more 100% FREE Content for you! That’s all for now!
See ya, amigos!

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