High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

How To Choose A High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

Reseller Web hosting is exploding big time at the moment, if you play it nice and smart you might as well find your self banking real big with little effort. And if you are wondering let me break it down for you.

Let’s say you are a website designer, or a social media expert who has a sizable Instagram following, you just happen to come across our Instagram monetization training which teaches how to monetize your Instagram with a simple WordPress blog.

Following your personal success, you decide to DM your following to share the great success you have just enjoyed after the Insta monetization course, then 100 of your 50K followers decides they want in and you recommend they buy web hosting for a monthly subscription of $19.99/month.

High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

You do the mathematics that’s nearly $2000 every month for the next twelve months. Now if you grow your numbers somewhere near to a thousand… You get the idea!

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So How Do They Do It?

The secrete of a successful reseller business lies in the choices you make as you are getting started. It all starts with choosing a high volume web hosting provider. On the surface, this sounds really easy, but choosing a web hosting provider is very much trickier than you think. Most web host providers you know are application based and that is possibly what many of your clients will need too.

Unfortunately, your profit margin lies in between those parallel lines so finding one web host who ticks all your boxes is an act of faith, to say the least. For a start, to get your own server partitioning, you will have to hand in your hard earned money as an outlay capital, in many cases, it is a one or six months payment in advance to secure your web hosting server.

As a new business your reputation also rides on this reseller as your users will never know this reseller instead your reputation is on the line. So if you ask me why you should be cautious as to whom you solicit your reseller web hosting business, the above points are good reasons enough for anyone to be extra careful.

High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

Wondering where to start from?

Keep reading!

In this article, I will share with you steps you can follow in choosing who to partner with and how to test their offers to see if they pass the litmus test. As a reseller, think of your clients, how much will you enjoy when their websites are down or worth of it is poorly redirecting traffic!

The client will not point finger at your reseller provider instead they will be knocking at your door and pointing fingers at you! You will be the one taking all the heat! This is why when deciding which volume hosting provider to go for you should choose wisely.

And the one good reason for choosing wisely couldn’t be truer than when many of your clients buying web hosting from you as a reseller would greatly benefit from a high volume web host.

It makes sense that before we dive in and talk about evaluation of these high volume web hosting providers, let’s get some housekeeping out of the way so you can focus on what matters most. If you are we oof with these topics feel free to move to the next step and get digging in!

What is A Web Host?

For our purposes, anyone who offers a packaged web hosting service for an end user to host website files that are served over the internet upon request through what is commonly known as HTTP protocol. With reselling of web hosting, the costs are usually charged per month or per year in advance.

The main thing to take notice is that the same web hosting service with similar features can hugely vary in quality and cost price per month. With the cost of web hosting skyrocketing year after year, temptations to go for self-hosting are quite high.

Unfortunately, that requires a lot of technical abilities, server capabilities, and specialized software running 24/7. I will not dwell much on self-hosting server as there is plenty of articles providing this solution and shows you much better than I can possibly do self-hosting.

High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

What Is High Volume?

A high volume web host may sound to your fancy, for me, it’s one of those web hosting packages you choose from a reseller provider with a specific goal in mind. In many cases, it’s packages are designed to be very flexible with the volume of the user and data transfer bundles.

Frankly speaking, you only have to look at the top ten household web hosting providers, you will notice how much they vary on what they offer. This why knowing all the pros and cons when choosing your high volume reseller web hosting is important. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important ones here!

The Pros For High Volume  Web Hosting Reseller

Your reseller mush offers some guarantees of uptime as you are less vulnerable to having to deal with angry clients due to the capacity of websites affecting performance on a given server. With a sound service level agreement that takes uptime into account, you have little to worry about your clients getting frustrated. In case you have never experienced real up time troubles, just go on twitter and see for yourself when you search web host provider semi-colon up-time problems.

[fancy_box id=4 align=”center”]With high volume web hosting, your profitability has no limit with almost the unlimited numbers of clients you can resell to your packaged hosting.[/fancy_box]

High volume web hosting providers have no issues if any of your clients have a great deal of streaming media needs hosted on your server. While it is advisable to have your high resource need media like video hosted on youtube, some web hosting providers have no worries about hosting such media on your server.

High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

Cons For High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

Sometimes high volume web hosting can be a little pricey compared to other kinds of web hosting. Quite often as a reseller, if you rent a server and you do not bring in more sales, you will most likely lose money

Sometimes overclouded server clusters pose a lot of challenges in security so making sure that you are benchmarking is extremely important. All it takes is one vulnerable or compromised website theme to leave the back door open for others an unwarranted takedown.

Despite these circumstances being extremely rare, It is important that you take them into consideration even though the likelihood is slim. Reselling successfully means planning your resources especially how to scale the business up when needed. Whoever you choose to go with, you should pick your volume reseller provider for your future needs in mind.

That being said, clever resellers understand the concept of scale-be small businesses, just because you are thinking about the future needs of your business then you should go buy the most expensive reseller package right away, sometimes all you need is the assurance that when you need to scale up, the possibility and packages are available at your disposal. This way starting small, moving up the ladder into bigger packages as per need is the best practical way of growing your reseller web hosting business.

I can’t stress enough the need for scale-ability on demand as opposed to moving the entire web hosting business, moving domains can be very complex and its the sort of a headache you don’t need. Many folks who took their time to think about their long-term needs saved themselves from unnecessary future grief. Why compromise your client’s business stability and traffic with unwarranted website maintenance when you can sort that out way before you get started?

High Volume Web Hosting Reseller

What If Am On An Expansion Stage Now?

If your goal is expanding your current hosting, speak to your current hosting provider and see if you two can work on a compromise, one thing I have learnt over the years running my own web hosting business is that if you do not ask you won’t get it. In any case, your hosting provider is your best option for growth and expansion.

You only have to look at their reliability, support and a few other things before you even contemplate of moving, If these features are not up to scratch, then moving is inevitable. Do not just dream up migration from one host to another when you are moving other peoples’ businesses, think of the sort of damage your move can cause to the other business owners.

You must consider your new host’s features and offer if it stacks up really well, do not let price points and savings to be your decision making assets as this may turn out to be an epic expense than you end up saving.

How Is Choosing Best Reseller And High Volume Web Host Different From A Regular Host?

In most cases, the difference is very small. For me, an ideal reseller should offer useful feature sets and not otherwise. Take your time to research your reseller host provider I think it makes a huge difference. Research done thoroughly can mean the difference between losing your investment into buying crap hosting as you will absolutely need to sure of your decision for a foreseeable future.

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