How Do Bloggers Get Paid

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

With an avalanche of new bloggers hitting the web daily, am not surprised that this newbie has finally curved in to seek help on how do bloggers get paid or how to make money blogging for beginners.

She is not alone, many blog owners who started on the wimp, hobby blogs with the hope of making money blogging are finally realizing that bloggers who get paid writing blogs might be doing something different from what hobbyist bloggers do.

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I recently got asked by one of my readers in my blog, she innocently wrote to me, wondering how do bloggers get paid seeing that all they write about was a bit of advice and sometimes answering questions like she did when she asked to know how bloggers get paid.

While many may consider this question to be elementary, I completely understand where she is coming from.

Not long ago, when I started my blog, little did I know how bloggers got paid or how bloggers monetized their blogs so they can make money online fast.

It is easy to assume that every blogger who gets paid is making money online the same way as everyone. This is not the case at all. Top successful bloggers like Brian Dean, Neil Patel or Michelle make more than $100,000 every month all from their blogs

Here take a look how Michelle get paid as a blogger:

From this image, you can tell how much of a progressive process it has been for Michelle to move from being a newbie who was making $675 bucks to making $100,000.00.

Traditionally, many bloggers get paid for advertising through Adsense, promoted posts or affiliate products promotion.

While bloggers can get paid quite handsomely using these traditional blog monetization, my preferred way of getting paid as a blogger is to create my own products or I should say e-courses.

Now I know what you are thinking, you are probably screaming and kicking that you are only a bloody newbie, therefore, creating your own products is out of the question.

That is not entirely true…

how do bloggers get paid

Many bloggers choose to get paid promoting other people’s products simply because they are lazy, so they opt for launch jacking and other forms of affiliate promotion.

Yes, there is plenty of money to be made out of affiliate, what you may not be aware of is the fact that you are leaving more money on the table when you promote other people’s products.

The constant search for new offers to promote daily is one thing I really despise about affiliate.

Not all is doom and gloom about traditional blog monetization, as a matter of fact, many affiliates are attracted to this form of monetization as it is quick to get to the market and you don’t have to worry about customer support as the main supplier takes care of that.

Bloggers get paid when they promote a product and a user who likes and finds the product useful might have first been educated on the importance or benefits of the product.

This is also called indoctrination in other marketing terms.

Now if you consider the process of acquiring a customer, you would have spent a great deal of time to get customers, which is the hardest than creating the product itself.

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Take an e-course for example, what you will need to create one would be:

  • Create a course outline
  • Create modular slide decks
  • Record your course
  • Create sales landing page
  • Upload and Publish your course.

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Bloggers who get paid good money over and over are able to do this because at the core of what they do every day is solving people’s problems.

If you are considering of starting a blog and make money, consider the ways through which you will leverage blogging to make money than thinking that blogging itself is what makes money.

My blog is about small scale business ideas, through it I teach my fans how to start a blog and turn that blog into a business, this is done through the strategic FREE courses that I teach and share with my fans, but that’s not all.

My blog helps others who find my knowledge useful, these folks go on to register into our Mastermind group where we share more strategies you won’t find anywhere for free, or they buy one or more of my premium offers.

This was all planned way before I started the blog. Now if you are considering of starting your own blog, make sure that you factor in these important keys to your blog success:

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how do bloggers get paid

Your Skill sets will help you meet other people’s needs.

A good example would be that as sales funnel designer, I know a thing or two about how to structure, model and scope pretty much any business with minimum effort. I could, therefore, help other business owners with the design, structure, and launch offers or model other successful funnels that are crushing now online.

Many e-course creators often say that if you are creating an e-course then you should:

1. Figure out the problem before solving it.

While this may be true, my process is a bit different, it all begins with creating a blog in the first place. I try to deliver valuable content to my fans that’s good enough to get them going without the need for spending money on buying courses. However, my offer for training is not always how to guides as they are all covered for free.

My courses will probably offer results fast or time-saving strategies that are shared privately.

2. Learn about who you are teaching

Once again, blogging allows you to figure out your niche market way before you even set up your blog. Many bloggers who only dream of getting paid are those who get it all wrong when picking a niche to focus on.

Niche-focused bloggers find it easy to understand the needs of their community so there is no second guessing when it comes to creating a product your fans will love.

One of the best ways to do this is to ask your fan base to share with you in your community group chats, blog comments or social media what their pain points are.

Data does not lie, when you score your community against its needs on platforms like Facebook, it is easy to figure out what your fans will love.

3. Get The Right Content For Your Audience

If you are wondering how other bloggers get paid while others fall flat despite working hard, this is what sets them apart. Mythical blog owners assume that they can just set up a blog and figure what sort of content their audience needs. This is probably the easiest way to fail your blog way before it even starts.

In order to avoid this, you need to do audience scoping from when you are setting up your blog so that you do not have to start figuring out content that’s ideal for your audience. What you should be doing at this stage is a content optimization, a process that helps bloggers to fine-tune their content strategies to meet needs of fans and search engine.

There are plenty of ways of doing this, like setting course goals, storyboarding, prototyping, defining e-course goals, choosing course delivery platforms, to course promotion.

Bloggers who get paid really good and those who make money writing blogs take all this into consideration at the beginning while creating a blog.

Many people who ask me what I would do differently if I was starting from scratch, I tell them that I would make sure that my email list building is part of the blog setup.

Are you wondering or feeling overwhelmed with how to start a blog or how to get paid to blog about anything?

Paid blogging jobs do not have to come from someone else. What you need to do is create those jobs around your blog fan base.

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