How To Start A Fashion Blog

Want To Start A Fashion Blog?

Here Is How To Start A Fashion Blog

How To Start A Fashion Blog Alexander McQueen

Starting a fashion blog is one of many forms of earning money online writing blogs. Believe it or not, many aspiring bloggers ask me questions via our Facebook group and email, and the question is always how to start a fashion blog?

Every time I answer questions about how to start a fashion blog, I feel like am repeating myself like a broken record. Considering that I also have a blogging beginners framework course to run, I thought of putting this post out,  so I can just copy and paste a link with an organized set of tools and reading resources for anyone who is wondering how starting a fashion blog works.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

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How To Start A Fashion Blog

How to start a fashion blog, is not much of a different scenario, especially if you are following our blogging system inside our Blogging Framework.

Most aspiring bloggers get it all wrong when they get inspired to start a fashion blog, they typically go on a whip, with no blogging plan in place. No blogging system that works to hand, quite frankly they do not consider how they will run the blog, how their blogging efforts will eventually translate to a money making site.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Usually, they will start a blog, using free hosted blogging platforms like blogger or (Mind you! there’s free hosted one and self-hosted)

No wonder many bloggers who choose to start their blogging business this way, get stuck for years without making any money at the setup stage. They will publish a couple of articles, and wait for a miracle to happen, which will propel their blog into stardom status.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way how starting a fashion blog or just about any profitable blog works. You need a plan.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Fashion bloggers who are successful at running their blogging business have plans and they are constantly delivering value to their audience every day.

Fashion Blogging Ideas

Here is a list of 20 fashion blogging ideas to help you kick-start your fashion blog:

  1. Get organize with your fashion wishlist
  2. Give style advice using pictures from any new items you added to your wardrobe
  3. A fashion haul
  4. A fashion DIY
  5. Your seasonal fashion choice
  6. Connect with fellow blogger who shares same ideas but different approach
  7. Share fashion tips to your audience
  8. Share your everyday fashion choice like going to office wears etc
  9. Your favorite shops
  10. Share your gym wear ideas
  11. Introduce your own fashion trend
  12. Festive outfit tips with pictures
  13. Vacation fashion tips
  14. Your best choice winter outfits
  15. Your best choice spring outfits
  16. Your best choice autumn outfits
  17. Your best choice summer outfits
  18. Your choice of coats, bags, and shoes
  19. Your top 5 fashion icons
  20. Your top 10 must have season fashions

How To Start A Fashion Blog

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