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Import And Export Business -How Does It Work ?

When was the last time you got to the start of something late? When you missed out on a great deal, a 70% off sale, or a gold rush that was right under your nose?

10 years ago, it was nearly impossible to make a living online… by yourself… with just your passion as the fuel that drives your income. The recent explosion of  Import and export business also known as drop shipping is quickly changing the landscape of small scale business startups.

Sure, there were tech startups like Facebook that were born out of a dorm room. But there wasn’t anywhere near the same level of opportunity for individual social media influencers like what we’re seeing right now.

The sad truth is that most people don’t realize how easy making money from Amazon really is.

So they ignore it and go back to the job and lifestyle they know (and struggle with). As part of the small scale business,     drop shipping via amazon or shopify is easy to get started with minimal start up costs.

These 3 exciting trends are unique to our lifetime and are being taken advantage of by everyone from teenagers to university students, busy parents to backpack travelers, and from career workers and retirees.import and export business

But there’s still one giant thing missing…

The system that connects everything you’ve learned so far, answers all the questions you still have and gives you the roadmap to follow going forward.

I’ve seen people wait years before starting  their import and export business on Amazon. And they went on to build £10,000, £20,000, and even £50,000+ (per month!) businesses.

But they would have seen that success sooner, and already retired from “work”, if they’d started when I first told them to…

Every day you wait, you’ll tell yourself more reasons why it won’t work for you – simply to justify doing nothing. It’s craziness. But… it’s human.

Well, this time around I took matters into my own hands, over the past 13 months from March 2016 nearly 1,100 people have already learned how to use this author’s insight into business opportunities online to make bankable chunks of mula easily. See this in action…!

These 3 trends are:

1. The E-commerce goldrush

There was over $15,000,000,000,000 worth of e-commerce transactions in 2016 according to Forbes business magazine. And Amazon is the leading retail e-commerce provider.

2. Private labeling

Which allows you to source a generic product (pretty much any kind of domestic product you can think of) and then have the supplier brand it for you. Making it yours to sell how you wish.

3. Becoming an Amazon FBA seller (Fulfilment By Amazon).

Import and export business via Amazon allows  stores  owners import or exports bulk goods  for sell in a chosen geographical Market worldwide, these goods are then sold in smaller packages where Amazon packs and ships your products. They do all the hard work for you. You don’t have to touch a thing. Fulfilment by Amazon is a new way of setting up new frontiers in new markets, using small scale business channels where the little guy is pretty much as good at a shot as the big guys on the market.

This Time around, I’m giving you your ticket to start profiting from these booming trends…


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