Infographics Meaning

Infographics Meaning

Infographics Meaning: An Infographics or information graphic, this is a representation of information in a graphic format or this is when pieces of information are created and presented in graphics, it is basically designed so data can be easily understood just by looking at it.

Data visualization is the process creating infographics. 

Infographics Meaning

These days infographics are everywhere. And if you are not using them you’re missing out on the publicity they generate through social media traffic, news and blogging sites. The world is hungry for visually appealing content that teaches something new and important. Make sure you’re the one filling the gap! Now you might be forgiven for thinking that infographics are just one more expense you do not need, but I have some good news for you! In fact, infographics are much cheaper to put together than you might have imagined.

Here are four ways to make sure the infographic you’re designing is fantastic.

1. Get your facts right

A great infographic design is simple to understand but has a depth to it. And by depth, I mean some research, some statistics, some facts that have been carefully checked and can be proven if requested. Sure, infographics are there to simplify complicated data and subjects, and rightly so. But there should still be a decent amount of research and data behind those simplified findings. Otherwise, it may come across as a bit phony, and that’s the last thing you want your reader to think. If you’re going to make your infographic pop, you absolutely must get some raw data in there. 3 out of 4 people… 1 in 7 cats… There were 2.9 million disasters… $19.9 trillion of taxpayers money – you get the idea.

If you don’t get these facts in it’s going to be a bit of an uphill struggle creating original, stand out graphics to go with the copy.

And at the end of the day – it is about the graphics! Without the graphics, it’s not an infographic.

And without the information, frankly, you might as well just copy and paste some clip art from Microsoft Office.

2. Get a headline that makes you want to read more

When thinking about the copy of your infographic design, reflect on a really eye-catching headline, something newsworthy, something that will hit your reader between the eyes. If you’re putting this infographic on Twitter or similar social media sites, you’ve got just a couple of seconds to grab their attention. Anything longer and sorry, your reader is already in the next tweet or update. Don’t waste a word!

3. One message at a time, please

Message? What exactly is your message? Make sure you’re only trying to get one main point across with each infographic. Otherwise, it will just end up a jumble of facts and figures. Have one main point, then hit that point home with two, three or four great facts.

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4. An unnecessary long copy is annoying

Do make sure your copy is cut down to the bare bones. Usually, your sentences will begin a little word heavy which is nothing to be worried about. Just cut and delete anything that is not essential to the message.

Infographics Meaning

So here’s a summary of my four tips for getting the best out of your infographics: 

Get your facts straight.

If you’re seriously trying to make a splash in the news, don’t get caught red-faced with your facts wrong. It can finally result in more damage than good.

Don’t forget the headline.

If you’re going to re-write anything, let it be the headline. Seriously folks, if the headline doesn’t ‘pop’ then neither will the infographics

Stick to one idea.

If you’ve got more than one message you want to get across, it would be better to create separate infographics for each one.

Cut down the word count.

Please, please, sacrifice your long copy. I promise you, when it comes to social media, people’s attention spans are shorter than a little person doing a limbo dance.

Infographics Meaning

Finally, after all that preparation, if you’re looking for a graphic designer to do your infographics then you’ll want to find someone experienced who knows what they’re talking about. At a time when people are looking for instant or quick results, making it easy for people to understand what you are communicating is to your advantage.

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Facts, relevant figures, and expert information or analysis have the power of persuasion.

By letting your audience see and understand what you want them to know, you can significantly influence their beliefs as well as the decisions that they make. Methods of communication and how people receive content has changed as people look for the most useful options. The use of information graphics or infographics is becoming more popular as the main method of communication.

Infographics Meaning

Presenting information effectively

How you submit your information will determine its effectiveness. Information graphics have a huge impact on readers, and you can convince your audience about any issue by using the best format. Vision plays an important role when it comes to information as people try to visualize what they read or hear. Visualizing ideas are the best way to understand and assimilate any concept, and this is one reason this is so effective when communicating.

Retention of essential information

Apart from understanding the content, infographics help to enhance retention. Everyone knows that information that is retained is the most effective information when it comes to understanding. It is much easier to illustrate facts or trends using charts and other tools such as images, icons, and pictures. Visual elements help to enhance communication, and this has led to a surge in creativity as people look for unique ways to communicate their messages.

Infographics Meaning

Presenting relevant information

Infographic design, allows the audience to understand and retain the information that they are receiving. The fact that it is easier to pick up useful information makes it efficient. The visual elements included with the text allow readers to focus on relevant facts. The information is presented more efficiently by condensing the information and providing a quick overview. The users can concentrate on the relevant facts without having to go through the clutter.

How to use infographics in commercial promotion

You can use infographic design while promoting your business. Instead of displaying your facts in the form of plain writings or designs, you can use this to display it through infographics. It is even useful when you are narrating something to your employees, you can imagine how much ease it will bring to the public. These designs contain information in the form of graphics; both writings and designs are included. The basics will be quickly narrated alongside, a few graphical designs, which will make it easier for readers to understand.

Research has shown that people learn more through visual elements such as pictures. Visual thinking or the process of seeing words as pictures help to enhance retention. People are more likely to remember what they see more than what they read, and it is also easier to share images on social media.

Infographics Meaning

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