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High Impact Hosting  Designed To Bring Businesses To Next Level

Cost Effective, High-Impact Hosting Designed For Your Business

When it comes to your web presence, hosting is just the start. So many businesses stop with just a website, your web presence is much more than just a website. It’s a delicate balance between content and communication. In the past, the balance was achieved with many expensive services, with too many working parts. is not just a webhost, it is not just a lead capture system, it is not just an e-mail marketing platform. Insty web hosting is everything, which means you’ll never need to manage multiple services with multiple subscriptions again because it puts everything in one place.

The High-Impact Hosting is so much more than most web hosting sites.

Reasons why Insty high-impact hosting makes hosting easy.

Their web hosting works just fine

Good customer support

One-click Site Creation

Built in email marketing

Leads capture

Desktop app – which is the

Powerful hosting services

Their hosting is designed to be reliable, even for the most demanding of websites, it is fast, it is powerful and easy to use.



World Class Insty Web hosting

Insty web hosting plans come with some premium features:

–          Free Website Transfers

–          Managing the whole process for free

–          Speed and Performance

–          Uses state of the art servers.

–          99.9% uptime guaranteed

–          Insty Mailer and Insty Forms

–          Insty Mailer and Insty Forms are built into your hosting free

–          Exclusive Insty Sites

–          With just a few clicks you can fully build a business ready websites in minutes

–          Exclusive Insty App

–          One Service One Password of all wed services

–          Free manual or automatic backups

–          Maximum Security with industry security blocking algorithms against brute force and security threats.

–          Personal Support 24/7/365

Insty Pricing

Insty Starter

Single Site –

–          Personal Business or Blog.

–          Small Contact List.

–          Start Up

Hosting –

–          1 Domain

–          5 Email Accounts

–          5 MySql Databases

–          1 GB Disk space

–          15 GB Bandwidth

Instymailer Email Marketing –

–          2,000 Subscribers

–          Scheduled Emails

–          Statistics And Reporting

–          No Confirm Import Desktop Suite –

–          Insty.sites

–          Web Marketing Suite

–          Insty.forms

–          Partner Program

Join now from: $16/Month


Insty Business

Many Sites –

–          Medium/Large Size Business

–          Large Contact List

–          Steady/Rapid Growth

Hosting –

–          Unmetered Domains

–          Unmetered Email Accounts

–          Unmetered MySql Databases

–          Unmetered GB Disk space*

–          Unmetered GB Bandwidth*

Instymailer Email Marketing –

–          35,000 Subscribers

–          Scheduled Emails

–          Stats And Reporting

–          No Confirm Import Desktop Suite –

–          Insty.sites

–          Web Marketing Suite

–          Insty.forms

–          Partner Program

Join now from: $24/Month

Insty Professional

–          1-10 Sites

–          Small/Medium Size Business.

–          Medium Contact List

–          Growth Potential

Hosting –

–          10 Domains

–          20 Email Accounts

–          30 MySql Databases

–          5 GB Disk space

–          50 GB Bandwidth

Instymailer Email Marketing –

–          12,000 Subscribers

–          Scheduled Emails

–          Stats And Reporting

–          No Confirm Import Desktop Suite –

–          Insty.sites

–          Web Marketing Suite

–          Insty.forms

–          Partner Program

Join now from: $20/Month

Insty shared hosting is run on CentOS Linux-based servers, which is kept clean at all times with a fast efficient hosting.


Insty technical hosting

FREE cPanel interface

Good performance

Add-on domains and subdomains

Powerful, CentOS

Linux based servers

Insty writes its own IP blocking script while maintaining standard firewalls.

Installed Cloud-Linux for security and performance

Free WHM Panel included with Multi-Client Hosting Plans

Default PHP 5.4 installation

Default IonCube Loaders installation for WordPress plugins compatibility

Raid 1 HD’s shared hosting servers

Free Website Transfers

100% WordPress Compatible

Powerful Customization Tools

Customer Support

Personalized Customer Support: Customized video available to help you solve your problem. .

Human Response 24/7/365: Always on deck to help you with support.

Call Direct: Direct lines available for technical support.

Easy Knowledge Base: Their knowledge bases is simple, accessible and instantly understandable.

Update Videos: Detailed updated videos explaining any changes which is sent to you.

Full Coverage Support: You will get instant support across all their services not just hosting.


World Class Email Marketing

Built In: It comes with a full e-mail marketing system as part of your account. They included self-hosted Instymailer Email marketing software. This means that you are in control the software.

Amazon SES. You can send 2,000 emails per day with no charge whatsoever,  but if you want to send more emails it will cost you just 10c per 1000 emails after the 2k/day.

The set up process is easy, you just need to get an Amazon SES account and set a couple of options.


Insty Mailer Features

Add contacts or transfer them from another email provider without needing them to reconfirm their opt in.

Insty Forms integration.

Email list segmenting.

Monitor metrics in dashboard.

Campaigns creation.


Welcome and  good bye emails.

Able to choose a single or double opt in.

One click sign in.

Able to access from the Insty App.

Able synchronise directly with your website for easy opt in creation.

100% HTML compliant.

Insty support team on deck.

Able to with HTML, plain text, or fully featured WYSIWYG editor

Generate and collect leads.

Schedule campaigns.

Broadcast messages and deals with you customers.

Statistics on who opened and who clicked.

The Insty Guarantee

14 Days Of Insty For $1.

Cancel Anytime.

Free Website Transfers.



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