List Building – Are You Buying Email List Or Solo Ads?


List Building – Are You Buying Email List Or Solo Ads?

Did You Just Buy Email List From Solo Ads?

List Building - Are You Buying Email List Or Solo Ads?

List building for email marketing is not an option for any business, and if you do not do it right or maybe you are doing it ineffectively, you stand the risk to miss out on meeting your target numbers.

If you find yourself dreading the process of building an email list, you are not alone. In fact, many business owners have for sometime relaying on buying email list also known as Solo Ads, which they then hammer with offers of products and services from their company.


list buildingThere is a good reason why list building has always worked for years in building long-term customer relationships. With Solo Ads, there is no element of relationship building. As a result, many offers you put in front of your customers through a solo ad campaign is guaranteed to get rejected.

This article is ideal for list building beginners who have been doing list building all wrong and get hammered day in and day out with no results to show for.

Maybe you are an experienced online business marketer who gets somethings right in email list building but still get meager results.

Even those of you who think you know everything you need to get list building off to a good start, yet face a bit of challenge due to the shifting trends and ways of making email list building work.

Here’s What you will Learn When You Download My FREE email list building Guide Plus FREE Email List Building Video Tutorial Guides.

  1. The number one mistake Email List Building you can make that triggers a fright mechanism in your prospects ending up in failed campaigns.
  2. Learn Why Solo ads will surely kill your business, an email list building may not really be the numbers game as you were led to believe.
  3. The three-part Email list building a rock-solid strategy that has helped us generate from 50 to 1000 leads every day.
  4. Why great email list builders like Mike Dillard, Alex Becker, and Russel Branson rarely feel the shortage of subscribers, the sting of shifting ground in email list building strategies.

                                GROW YOUR LIST

Now let’s talk about the schoolboy errors you are making when building your email list. The worst thing you can do for starters is to assume that when you buy email list then that solo ad will turn out to be the perfect customer avatar for you!

This approach to email list building is flawed from the get-go and here is why?

When a subscriber joins an email list, he/she is exchanging that email for value, If the expectation is met even better it has been exceeded! That’s when you have a customer who can trust you with their decision making when shopping for solutions in that particular area of expertise. This can be achieved through value stacking in what is commonly known as email indoctrination series campaign.

WTF Is Email Indoctrination?

An opportunity a customer gives you to give it a shot at capturing their attention which eventually leads on to become a buying customer. If you are looking to capture the attention of your audience then there is no better way to do it than crafting a series of compelling reasons why you are the one to offer the solution they are looking for online.

That series of introductory emails, where you lay out what you can do for your potential client, introduce your product, your mission, and of course your company ethos… that’s what is called an email Indoctrination campaign.

List Building - Are You Buying Email List Or Solo Ads?

Email Series #1: The Indoctrination Campaign

This first email is sent after a potential customer opts into your email list. Obviously, this person has some sort of interest in your brand although this is likely a delicate interest, easily broken by spammy emails or a negative first, second, or third impression.

This email is your chance to tell the reader about yourself and gain their trust. In this first email, we discuss:

  • Who you are
  • What your position is
  • About the brand
  • How the brand started

What you care about (do you have kids? What are your hobbies? What moves you?)
Where you’re from (is your business located in your hometown? Did you move there because you love the people or the scenery?)

Banner 3 - 120 x 600

Set The Center Stage

By Breaking Down What your reader can expect from you

This is where you get pretty personal. The more human you make yourself, the more your reader trusts you and feels a connection to your brand.

Email Series #2: The Engagement Campaign

This series is more of a pursuit although the reader is still getting to know you.

Think of the engagement email campaign as a follow up to a lead magnet opt-in. So, whether your lead magnet is a free eBook download, a coupon for your product, or DIY checklist the engagement email series is sent post-download to make sure your prospective customer knows:

  • He or she made an awesome decision by receiving your lead magnet
  • Why the lead magnet will directly benefit him or her
  • Using your other products or services will continue to provide benefits
  • You are trustworthy
  • Your job throughout this email series is to ensure the reader he or she made a great choice by opting for your lead magnet and to offer the next step.

And Here’s How We Make It Happen

We craft a segmented email series that makes it super easy to effectively reach out to prospective customers affirming our position as experts who can be trusted on the subject matter, right before an offer is made.

The trouble with Solo Ads as your digital marketing partners, you can’t do list segmentation, let alone indoctrination, especially when the pay for the Solo ads supplier depends on him delivering clicks. You simply can’t leave a solo provider do this on their own and expect results.

In order to create successful email campaigns, our content writing team works with list janitors who clean our list and segment them appropriately according to customers needs, using some information tagging and other details from email list subscribers. The more you’re willing to put in the efforts in cleaning up your email list, the more effective the email series will be it’s that simple.

In these series of guides and video tutorials am breaking down this system I’ve Successfully been using for a few months now.

A simple marketing strategy that’s building my audience and email list and has been working really well lately…
To say the pleased with the result and this Case Study here shows, how over 1,000 new email subscribers daily are brought in – worry-free – every single DAY since we started using this approach.

You’ve probably noticed that all of the most successful experts and companies in your industry have built huge social media audiences and email lists.

Heres why:

Basically, it turns out, this group of people becomes your, “virtual distribution channel”.
Once you’ve built up an audience of people who know you, like you and trust you, selling your products and services is as simple as sending an email.
It’s the most reliable and predictable way to create a long-term, sustainable business 🙂

So how do YOU do it?

How can you build a large audience and email list – QUICKLY – while minimizing risk?

Well, the formula is really simple, and it only involves three simple steps

  1. Target

  2. Cultivate

  3. Convert

I’d be happy to give you an over the shoulder walk through and show you exactly what we’re doing after learning this system from a respected mentor who’s amassed Over 40,900 new subscribers joining his email list using this strategy in the past 30 days, so I thought not everyone can afford high-end ticket mentoring programs.
This is why I thought of putting together an online FREE training session to walk you through it in full detail.

You can click the link below to register today: ==>Get Started Here<==

You’ll discover WHY building an email list is the single most valuable asset that you will ever own. How it works in synergy with your social media marketing efforts so you can have complete security in your business.

But… You will need a few tools first.

Email service providers

I personally use AWEBER but feel free to use Mail Chimp or Get response. When it comes to MailChimp vs Aweber comparison, which is two of the best-known e-marketing solutions currently available, it is all about choosing which one is the best fit for your business.

If you are a newbie, chances are that you are wondering what is an autoresponder let alone Aweber or MailChimp?

List Building - Are You Buying Email List Or Solo Ads?

What do Aweber and Mailchimp actually do?

Aweber and Mailchimp are tools that allow you to:

When building an email list, you will need a database where you can import and host a mailing list and captured data onto it using sign-up forms

These autoresponders also let you create e-newsletters (both HTML and plain text) which can be sent to your subscribers.

And the best part of Aweber or Mailchimp is that you can automate your emails to subscribers via the use of autoresponders which I will explain well in the next chapter.

Aweber or Mailchimp will also review statistics related to your email marketing campaigns open rate, click through, forwards etc, which gives you an insight into how your subscribers are interacting with your content.

What are autoresponders?

An autoresponder is the magic wand behind the scenes of automated content delivery in an e-newsletters format that is sent to your subscriber’s mailing list at pre-defined intervals

For example, in my business I have a welcome email, this email is set out to go to every subscriber 10 seconds from the time they option into any of my business email lists. This particular email is of great importance to my business as it sets out the whole centre stage for what is to come next. This is why my choice for Aweber as my autoresponder of choice is undoubted of consequence.

These essential emails can be set up so that straight after somebody signs up to your list, they receive a welcome or onboarding message from your business; a week later they could receive a promo code for specific products; two weeks later they could receive an encouragement to follow you on social media. And soon!

There is no second chance to first time impressions so choose your Autoresponder here carefully.

The idea behind autoresponders is that much of your email marketing gets automated, its a sort of set and forget scenario that saves you the bother sending out e-newsletters manually (although you can still, of course, do this as and when required). Regardless of whether you plump for Aweber or MailChimp, it is well worth investing some time in understanding autoresponders and using them effectively. Am saying this in good faith that you will realize the importance of their role and what sort of implications can autoresponders deal with your business if you get it wrong.

We’ll dig into autoresponder features a bit more comprehensively as we go along. But before we do that, let’s take a look at additional reading that you might want to pay attention to and what we will be covering in the days to come.

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To close this article, let me point out that the Ugly Truth About Buying Email Lists still remains that you are the one to lose. With simple steps, you could easily build yourself a robust and engaged email list of subscribers who are buzzing and willing to do business with your brand.

Sometimes opportunities can be consequential, your actions for seeking to acquire a solo ad campaign could possibly be well-intentioned, Maybe you just want your business to grow, and if you think encountering someone offering an inexpensive shortcut to building an email list is your answer, then you are completely off your marbles.

Solo ad campaigns sound like an awesome quick fix, however, buying email lists has never been an effective way to grow your email list. As a business, you want engaged readers that will find your emails valuable. The people on the for-sale lists did not agree to receive your emails, so the email addresses are not quality.

Additionally, sending unsolicited emails is against the CAN-SPAM act. According to the CAN-SPAM Act, a U.S. law that regulates commercial emails, you cannot sell or transfer email addresses, even in the form of a mailing list. Sending emails to people who didn’t ask for them is spam, and will make the readers will lose trust in your company.

A better way to grow your email list is through confirmed opt-in, which ensures that the people you are sending emails to want your emails. This also means you will get less unsubscribes. To learn about more effective ways to grow your list make sure to download your guide and subscribe to receive our weekly list building tutorials by email. If you have any questions relating to list building tactics, our Facebook Private group will be a great resource for you.

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