How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Ironically, the most fervent advice givers are often those who know fuck-all about the subject matter. They absolutely have no idea about what they are yapping about.
Most Youtube gurus, who plance-about dishing how to guides to unsuspecting victims online.

Despite never being able to get their own act together, having heard of make money from home ideas, and seen other people’s work from home job guides-that is all it takes for most YouTubers of such a type to be able to tell you what it takes to finally make your own website and How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything…


“You know what, I am going to go ahead and level up with you what you are doing wrong, and I won’t even charge you for it!

There’s no such a thing as Make Money Online Without Paying Anything and if you are buying into the idea of How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything then you are just as fucked up as most fake gurus online!

Money may not exchange hands, however you may be required to do all the work by yourself in essence that will turn into what we call sweat equity. While others may not consider that to be worth any money, the last time I heard was that time is money, so if that is the case, how would you turn round and say the three months you worked your butt-off was free?

I can’t help but wonder…

Have you ever wondered why money comes so easily to some people, yet others seem to struggle for every penny they earn? The difference between the two types of people often lies in how they think about money and wealth creation. Obviously, if your thinking is finding How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything literally, then you might be missing a bigger picture here! And I hate to break your bubble.. there is no such a thing as willy nilly money online!

But there is even a better away!

For the record, I have been making money online for a few years now, I actually make money blogging and I do this working from home. So if you are as desperate as I was, please do not waste your time looking for How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything.

Instead look for better ways to make money online fast with little time and investment. Whichever way they sell it to you, there is a price to pay.

When I started, I was as clueless as fuck! But had done thorough research on others who were making money writing blogs.
Because of that research and obviously because of my rabid obsessive nature, I quickly understood that if I had to make money online, I would need an understanding of:

  1. Targeting
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion

Free PDF Checklist: Download a PDF checklist that will walk you through the exact Targeting, Traffic & Conversion Technique process from this post.

There are some wealth creation rules people will shove up your throat or where ever you let them stick up into you as their must-live by rules to help you become one of those who will always have more than what you need, instead of someone who never has quite enough. Please understand that these guides where they show you How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything are not as accurate as you may have been led to believe.

It’s all bullshit! I was able to make money online fast working from home and if you are wondering how I did all this?

I Planned all The Shit Way Before It Happened!

Ever heard of this “Niche” thing every body is talking about? Yeah!

FREE Report

Download This Targeting Guide Which will Show You Exactly How To Do A Niche Research Many Pros Will Charge You For!

I pulled up my sleeves like a gold miner in the Brokeback mountain, researched the f#ck out of every possible low hanging fruit I could lay my blistered hands on…

When I finally got my nuggets, I wrote down three programs or course outlines that I was going to deliver- that way I always knew what would be my next step when I hit publish on my first post.

so I wrote 100 guides on How To Start A blog-A Beginners ultimate guide to WordPress Blogging Success In 90 Days.

This was the birth of my first ever Blogging training guide turned into a course which I am proud to have created.

Listen, changing your money mindset is not good enough. How you also think about ways of making money and eventually wealth is the single most important factor that determines whether you are wealthy or not.

If you hold any wrong beliefs about how to earn money online or believe that you don’t have enough skills to help you get started in creating a blog that will replace your job, that thinking can hold you back from ever becoming wealthy.

Instead, recognize the power that your thoughts have over the way money is made in your life and embrace even newer ways of doing it.

Am not gonna lie- the only reason I bought into the Idea of starting a blog was freedom. Knowing that if I make money online writing blogs, then I wouldn’t have to do all the shite I had to do to earn money to pay for my mortgage and Mobile phone bills.. Gees these fucked up bastards trump up phone bills thinking that money grows on trees!

I’ve had to endure hand jobs and wiping wrinkly bottoms to earn this shite!

So when I read about bloggers having their own personal assistants, who do every shite stuff I hate about my job, I thought it was amazing!


Not having to deal with my gobby boss, having someone to answer my phones, run errands to the post office and fetch my favorite Starbucks cuppa!

It was the culmination of a perfect laptop lifestyle I have ever dreamed of!

But the reality is, to earn money online takes a great deal of work and planning. On the other hand, managing the small change you get from your job and side hustle also takes skill.

A good book to read to help you change your mindset about money is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This book explains how your way of thinking can make you wealthy, or keep you from experiencing the riches you desire.

It’s funny how many people have read that book, yet very little is known why Napoleon Hill wrote that book!

Napoleon Hill wrote that book as part of his wealth management newsletter sales funnel, his goal was to promote an elite membership wealth management portfolio, so he created that book and sold it at almost a giveaway price-his goal was to solicit qualified membership of his program.. more on this later in the next post about List building and funnel design for profitable blogging.


For the sake of helping you not to lose your sanity, first off before you even think of starting a blog, it’s better to lay the groundwork…

Blogging is awesome, that I can tell you! but here’s the truth!

There are plenty of important aspects of this blog that needs addressing way before you even start obsessing about the drought or lack of traffic to your blog.

Plenty of people will tell you how SEO is crucial to growing your readership, but do you even know why you are starting a blog?

Money is important in our society. Not having enough can be a very scary thought. But instead of being driven into starting a blog just for the sake of money, will not be good enough to keep you grounded when you meet challenges.

My blog allows me to earn money however what I do on my blog is not entirely driven by the trappings of mega cheques or having enough money to pay bills and enjoying the finer things in life.

For me, the dream was freedom of time and location.

I was thinking about how great it would be to finally not worry about losing my job or the 14 days annual holiday I had to split between child care appointments and schools activity days!

How Much Money Would You Have To Earn Through Blogging To Allow You To Quit Your Job?

Way before I even made a cent through writing blogs I imagined what it would feel like to have a certain dollar amount in my bank account. But I must also tell you that it wasn’t millions in the bank!

The dream for me, was the lifestyle starting a blog would afford me! So I focused on that image and kept it foremost in my mind when it looked like the tide was against me.

Are You Scared Of Quitting? Is A dreaded Sense Of Job Security Creeping The Fuck Of You?

Aah, this is the fun part! Creeping dread is perfectly normal! Your mind is an automatic stop button- It is pre-programmed to spot danger signs and signals your brain to unleash the fear factor inside of you!
Imagine how long you have been in training to spot dangers or anything that could cause harm to your life? I bet you would be stupid to assume that your mind is always right.. unfortunately some folks do!

Isn’t it ironic how we choose to trust other people’s optimistic forecasts than we do about our own wealth growth hacking?

Many folks spend their most productive lives for a wage in exchange for fewer worries or fear of not having enough, however, if you want to be on the path to overcoming adversity and creating wealth, you need to get yourself out of this circle of job security and become your own boss.

To become a blogger I knew that I needed to be willing to take on risks. The quicker you make peace with yourself and realize there is some risk involved in creating wealth, and that anything worth achieving is worth the risk.

Some people never experience the fulfillment they crave because they’re afraid of failing. Failure isn’t something to be feared. Instead of procrastinating and being afraid of failing, plan the course of your blog and actions to carefully bend the future to your own will. That’s the only way you will be prepared to face whatever happens.

Take action.

Take action where your money is concerned. If you’ve been waiting for wealth to come along and find you, it’s time to start taking action to create wealth instead.

If you own a business, be prepared to work harder and offer better services. Take positive steps that will help you create wealth.

Invest your money wisely.

Make your money work for you. The wealthy don’t keep their money in savings accounts.

To protect the money you have and ensure it continues to grow, it should be invested in a fund that’s well-balanced between safe investments and risks.

This is how the wealthy use money to create more wealth.

When you develop the right mindset toward starting a blog and finally make money online, take smart actions, and manage your time wisely, you will quickly become a successful blogger who creates wealth and stops being someone who is afraid of not having enough.


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