Mass Marketing Strategy – What Is Mass Marketing?

Everything To Know About Mass Marketing Strategy

This is a form of marketing which does not use the market segmentation process were by a particular niche market is been targeted.

Mass Marketing Strategy

What Is Mass Marketing?

Mass marketing targets the general market with a particular product regardless of age, sex, location, and beliefs. It uses one strategy for the whole market which is usually an old form of marketing. But today, there is a need for a niche market strategy as more and more products or brand are sold based on the targeted market.

This marketing strategy is often used by new companies to alert or make the market aware of their presence, but this will soon change into a segmented marketing once the goal has been achieved.

Objectives of Mass Marketing Strategy

  1. Is to optimize huge sales
  2. To reach vast number of customers
  3. To make customers aware of the product or brand

Mass Marketing Strategy

Examples of Mass marketing Strategy

We would remember that in the past, a product can satisfy a general market, for example, sandals. People were more interested in wearing something to protect their feet and get some fresh air on their feet, 90% of people don’t think of the brand but rather comfortability.

People are more interested in wearing a branded sandals even if the sandal is expensive, but provides quality. In poorer communities today, mass marketing strategy seems to strive more because everyone just wants to satisfy their needs instead of wants.

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In more developed or rich communities, people are more interested in a branded product because they can afford it. You can’t sell Prada or Gucci sandals to a community which can not even afford electricity or a proper house to sleep in.
Another example where mass marketing still run the show is telecommunications service, soaps and detergents, deodorants personal hygiene products. The products use mass marketing strategy to sell because these are products which the whole market use.

Mass Marketing Strategy

Features of Mass Marketing Strategy

  1. It is used to introduce new products or offers into the market
  2. It is used for brand building and brand recall efforts
  3. It is used to target as many people as possible, unlike the niche market a certain group of people are targeted
  4. It uses mass media as a marketing tool with a simple message for all
  5. It targets a huge section of the market, the bigger the better

Mass Marketing Strategy

Downfall of Mass Marketing

  1. There is a shortage of return on investment, this is due to an increased market research with low cost effective.
  2. The cost reduction in targeted marketing is more effective than random marketing, this is because in mass marketing there is high expenditure (even niche marketing is not all that cheap) and low return on investment, even buying media is costly.
  3. More profit on the targeted market is also a factor, this is because targeted market connects the brand/product to the right market and creates brand loyalty.
  4. Stiff competition growth, this is because many players out there are competing with each other which cause them to make a narrow and more targeted plan instead of a broad marketing plan which in turn increases return.
  5. The creation of SEO search engines like Keyword Everywhere, Buzzsumo, Google Keyword Planner and others are also a contributing factor.

Mass Marketing Strategy

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