Reseller Web Hosting Banking Big For Website Designers And Bloggers

Business-Savvy Techpreneures Are Turning Web Hosting Reseller Into Serious Recurring Business Revenue Generation

Many web designers and website developers already use small business web hosting services from companies like Bluehost or Hostigator to provide their clients with reliable cheap web hosting. Majority of these website designers, often make a one time income from selling their web design services while the rest of the web hosting part of the business deal goes to big companies like Bluehost.No wonder these companies are willing to pay huge affiliate commissions for every client you pass on to them. Bloggers earn between $60 to $200 per client for simply recommending these companies. And thats great, but what if you could keep the same customers to yourself and continue to earn recurring income for years by simply renning your very own Web Hosting Reseller Business.Just incase you have no idea what web hosting is, it’s the practice where an internet server links websites files that have been stored on a designated hard drive so they can be served upon request via an internet protocol called http using programing languages like PHP and many more. If you have ever used a website, you have interacted with a website among many which are scatered across the internet, hosted by more than one web hosting company. A myriad of services is offered by many web hosting companies of all sizes and regions across the globe. From dedicated web services catering for one host per server, to shared cloud web hosting catering to mass websites all hosted on one cluster of servers . The good news about reselling web hosting services is that anyone can start and make money either as an addition to web design, graphic design or simply some one who is good at socialmedia, selling and wants to expand their service offerings to include web hosting as a service. You do not need to be very technical, all you need is connecting customers who need web hosting services with Reseller web hosting companies like Data Race Web Hosting resellers.Reselling webhosting services is not really that much different from selling basic web hosting. The best part of it is that no hard selling is involved as the client ordering web design services are very much like going to need a reliable webhosting service provider, quite frankly, if you are a web designer, your client are already on the look out for cheap small business web hosting anyway! For customers who are looking to host a website have an option of either renting a server in a co-location data center or own one on location for their hosting needs. The pro and cons for this is the cost of running your own server, security, and uptime reliability.Now for most regions like Malawi,Nigeria, Kenya and rest of the developing countries, blackouts is a huge problem affecting many businesses. Choosing to own and host you own applications server is not only fooling but self-deplicating as you will spend most of the time with no power suppy even if you have gen set.Most businesses choose to rent the server as it also comes with bundled software applications that run on the server included. These applications can cost significant amount of money to licence if purchased individually,however by renting the server, you get all apps you need for a fraction of a charge per month. As a reseller, you rent a chunk of a fully custom server, which is partitioned into rentable packages for a profitable margin to what you pay to your reseller provider. With that in place you can do as you please with your server as long as you are within the set condition and terms of use set by your co-location manager. As a reseller and web designer, this arrangement gives you autonomous control over your revenue and services you can offer to your customers. Having said all that, running a web hosting reselling service is not for the faint-heart, you need to be agile and think outside the box.Web hosting as a service is much like any other business, you need to understand your customers needs and serve that need. It all begins with renting a reseller web hosting space with the goal of repackaging that space and reselling it by renting those smaller packages out to someone looking to spend less yet still profitable to you as a reseller.Put it simply, as a re-seller web host, you are a middleman in this ever green web hosting business


You probably might think reselling web hosting services for profit is unethical, you are wrong! For a second,think of a bank, that takes in your savings and lends it to your neighbour in exchange for 21% interest, yet that interest is only paid to you as the owner of the money loaned by less than 2% while the bank keeps a whooping 19%! Reselling web hosting is absolutely ethical and the benefits are certainly enormous. For example, many of Data Race Web Hosting clients have no access to credit cards or paypal, so our personal level service allows our clients to pay for web hosting subscription offline via bank deposits and mobile money. This particular feature is not available by many household web hosting service providers like Bluehost or Hostigator. With Data Race Web Hosting , we also combine our web hosting services with free SSL certificates which are extremely expensive, White label reseller services, which allows for our sub resellers to brand our web hosting servers as their own while all the support at technical aspect of the business is handled by our Technical team. This allows for Data race to be the invisible hero while small web site design companies take all the credit and the limelight. Basically, our web hosting services stand out by offering truelly unique selling points that matter to our users beyond the normal web hosting itself. Our business thrives by being the best alternative of the big boys and our clients love the complementary service bundles that come with our web hosting service. If you have ever been wondering why and how we stand out in our market place, we differ from your average basic web host providers.If you are tempted to get your feet wet, there are things you might want to think about and special key features to look for in your reseller before you rent out your account. Do not just go and pick the first thing that calls itself a reseller service provider. Instead look for a web hosting reseller who offer a sizable amount of server space, Bandwidth, access to private control panel for your client, which will essentially allow you to delegate the small rented chunks of space, bandled together with bandwith through a privately allocated control panel for your users to manage their website files and email services.Traditionally, reselling web hosting used to be a reserved space for the few privileged, with all the advancement in technology, coupled by low entry capital needs, the market is wide open for anyone new comers to exploit the possibilities which are limitless.. Where you needed experience to start a digital company, now what you really need is the ability to sell and a will to bank really big. It is also importnat to point out that with this development, the web hosting industry has lately experienced an influx of small to medium web hosting companies all reselling dedicated web servers or cloud hosting web servers to small and medium enterprises.

Make sure to set yourself as unique as possible, solving problems others are not solving on the market.

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