Top Blogs That Make Money Writing Blogs

Make Money Writing Blogs

Top blogs that make money online have one thing in common, and that’s solving problems that readers seeking for a solution are searching for.

Chances are that you might be considering in joining in on the growing trend of six figure top blogs that make money online.

I want to save you some grief and time so you can get to your goals and start crushing it like these other top bloggers earning money while working from home.

Listen, you have probably heard of niche sites and affiliate, maybe you even jumped on youtube to see how to start a website guide and some WordPress tutorial. Actually, that’s a noble thing to do…
Finally, you are taking steps to create a blog and hope to make money blogging…

[fancy_box id=4 align=”center”]Stop! Stop! Please![/fancy_box]

Do you even have a plan in place? I don’t mean that business plan your bank will ask you to bring along when you apply for a small business start up loan…

I mean a Blogging plan

Turns out that if you are dreaming of making money by writing blogs, creating a plan helps quite a lot if you want to become a full-time blogger.

May be the big plan is a side hustle that leads into quitting your job and become a full-time blogger, I recommend that you first create a plan.
If you are new and wondering what the heck does a blog business plan looks like… Don’t worry I will let you in on the secret here…

Starting a blog is not everything, you’ll want to think about a few things, such as:

  • How you’ll make money from blogging
  • How much money you need in order to quit your full-time job
  • When you want to leave your job by
  • How much money you want to save up in an emergency fund
  • How you plan to continually grow your blog
  • What goal(s) you are working towards and much, much more.

Creating a plan allows you to lay everything out in front of you. This way, you’ll know what you’re working towards and know what to do.
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Instead I share with you how you can create a profitable e-course even if you have never created one or taught in class.

But that’s not all…

Each month we email 100 case studies of small scale idea business, where we open up the hood to show you exactly how to start a business with no money or experience, then go on to make money all in 90 days.

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I hope by now you understand what you need to do before you go on to start creating a website, for more reading resources checkout writing blogs technics you can apply as you learn better ways and styles of creative writing.

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