What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work

What Is Email Marketing?

email marketing

What is email marketing? Email marketing is using emails to build a relationship with clients. As part of the internet marketing, email marketing is generated through websites, social media, blogs, and face to face promotions. These form of marketing is designed to keep customers informed and update of products and services.

Email marketing has been a top aspect of what we do online to make internet marketing work seamlessly for years, and businesses are utilizing it to promote their brand, cultivate and grow far-reaching relationships. One common use of email marketing is delivery of goods and services, which entails the use of email to promote a product or service, then deliver the purchased service via email.

Marketers use regular emails to send ads, solicit donations or sales, and make requests for business. Generally, email marketing helps to promote trust, brand awareness, and loyalty.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing?

As common as this type of online marketing is, many business owners do not really realize how much they need email marketing for their business. And you only have to look at how beneficial email marketing can be to your business growth for you to consider jumping in on the [content_upgrade id=755]Email list building[/content_upgrade] so you can start promoting your business products via email marketing.

email marketing

Here are some of the advantages of email marketing;

Benefits of Email Marketing

What are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

  1. Cultivate Lasting Business Relationship Using Email Newsletter
    I love to think that every post I write is open to massive possibilities for my readers to learn and implement the knowledge they get from my post.
    However, learning takes months or years to master a skill, which means just one blog post isn’t enough to make you as an expert.
  2. Email marketing allows us to further inform our fans, through an indoctrination, fans are transformed into knowledgeable fans who turn into leads and buyers or customers.
  3. Easy to design, with this you have the option of sending plain text, graphics, and attachments.
  4. Scalable, easy you reach wider or smaller audience list.
  5. Easy to share, your recipients can forward the message or share by words of mouth.
  6. Easy to convert, recipients who are interested will click on the links and call to action.
  7. It is less intrusive, recipients can choose to read or to ignore or delete the message.
  8. Minimum cost, the cost of email marketing is lesser than other type or form of marketing.
  9. Time effective, it saves time because it can be automated in response to customers interact with your website eg new sign-ups or abandoned the shopping cart.
  10. Eco-friendly, there is no printing, flyers, and vehicles driving with email marketing everything is done online.

email marketing

Problems of Email Marketing

What are the disadvantages of email marketing?

  1. Involves spammers
  2. Wrong emails
  3. Blocked emails
  4. Design problems
  5. Size problem
  6. Limited resources and skills

How Do We Do It?

We are very deliberate with our email marketing strategy because we know our ideal customers are also avid users of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we make sure that all our email marketing efforts are integrated easily with social media marketing.

Many marketers use social platforms like Facebook to integrate their email marketing campaigns. This is simply because building an email list using social platforms is easy and mostly offers exponential benefits like targeting tools, on-demand razor targeted traffic, FREE viral traffic all this at the flick of a button.

And if you are wondering why Youtube and Social Media are our best tools for driving traffic to email list building, here’s why:

email marketing

  • It is easy to manage. Out of many internet marketing options, email marketing has proven to be a Do-It-Yourself strategy. It is not a must to hire an expensive copywriter or design company to handle your campaign.
  • Easy penetration into the market. Over 90% of online shoppers use emails, and most of them check their inboxes every day. That is why it is easy to get to the target audience.
  • A sure customer reach. There is no doubt that e-marketing reaches out to many clients more than other forms of marketing. With e-marketing, the actual market must reach its intended destination.
  • Long lifespan. Another reason for using e-mail marketing is that it tends to have a long lifespan. With the social marketing, the posts and tweets can only be considered active in less than 2 hours. Conversely, emails sent will always remain in the customer inbox.

Other than that, e-marketing delivers a higher Return On Investment compared to other forms of marketing, especially because the initial cost tends to be lower.

Principles of Email Marketing

Before investing in e-mail marketing, it is always advised to understand how to go about it. You can manage this by understanding the core principles that will determine your success. Keeping that in mind, here are the top principles of e-marketing;

1. Understand your audience

You must ensure that you send useful, pertinent, and engaging content in your emails. Suppose the email sent is not as appealing and convincing as such, the customer will just click the Spam button. To avoid that, you will need to know and understand your audience well enough.

Ensure that you know the type or category of the audience, what they love, and what they do not prefer. Never send your emails to audiences you do not know or understand.

2. Captivating headlines

No customer will want to open an email that doesn’t seem appealing to them. Including punchy headlines to your emails is such a priority. Your headlines should contain content that offers new information, highlight top points, grab attention, and even promise specific solutions.

Avoid including numbers, dates or codes in your headlines. Such content is easily predictable, and it can be difficult to lure your target audience to open the email.

3. Audience-Oriented

Another important fact that you should know as a marketer is that the campaign is always not about you. Since you will have known and understood your target audience well, you will need to create emails that are specifically targeted to them. The email communications should be designed to benefit the customer.

email marketing

4. Data Segmentation

Here, you will need to segment your email as much as possible while you study the behavior of the target audience. For instance, you can send several emails for a few weeks, and try to point out the most and less eager fans. How many people always open their emails? What action do they take?

After you segment the avid fans, find ways of utilizing the marketing through them. The same should be applied to those who open but don’t take any action. Segmentation is vital in helping you manage your campaign effectively.

5. Call to Action

Even with all the luring content in the emails, unless you specifically ask the audience to do something, it might be a chance wasted. Have a specified goal, and direct the audience towards it. Integrate a call to action in your emails so as to direct people towards your goal.

Reaching out to customers through email marketing can be easy. Nonetheless, unless you handle it with professionalism, you might not reap the expected results. With the proper observation of the marketing principles, you can be sure of enjoying the Return On Investment in the long run.

email marketing

Types of Email Marketing

Engagement Emails

  • Welcome Emails – The form of email you get once you sign up with the company.
  • Tutorials and Tips Emails – Email offering you a course or tips on how to do certain things.
  • Customer Stories Emails – This is usually for promotions, you too could be like the customers they are sharing their stories. Usually, those customers are being paid.
  • Brand Stories Emails – This is usually about the business or brand, it could be introductory to the brand, of grand achievements. Telling you more about the brand/business.
  • Re-engagement Emails – Retargeting your subscribers who haven’t been active or responding to your emails, trying to encourage them to try out with one of your offers.

Transactional Emails

  • Cart Abandonment Reminders – Customers who abandoned a product added to the shopping basket, offering them a discount.
  • Time-Sensitive Promotions Emails – This is usually last days of sale on a product or service or limited offers of a product or services on sale.
  • Receipts Emails – This is a confirmation of an online order or invoice from an online store following a transaction.
  • Sales Follow-ups Emails – This is a follow up of sales of a product or an update either to notify you of the delivery, shipping, or to offer related products or services based on your order.
  • Review Requests Emails – This is a request for a review of a product you have purchased. COmpanies love reviews because it helps other buyers to make a decision.

email marketing

How To Do Email Marketing

I will give you a step by step guide on how to do email marketing. Following huge resources available online for email marketing, a list of guides will give you an idea of what to do.

  • Establish your goals
  • Build your email list
  • Select the type of campaigns you want to send
  • Create your first campaign
  • Measure your results

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