What Makes A Good Blog Post?

What Makes A Good Blog Post?

As a new blogger, there are plenty of challenges you are faced with every day as you try to write blog posts that can gain readership.

I get questioned via emails from many people who start a blog, their challenge is trying to figure out what makes a good blog post. It’s hard to start a blog and make a success out of it when you do not even know what makes a good blog post stand out.

Often bloggers get cornered when it comes to writing

Often bloggers get cornered when it comes to writing exceptional blog posts, they want to write for search engine and they also want user-experience to be excellent, how do you find a balance?

What makes a good blog post is the user experience matched by value a reader gets out of every blog post you write. What it means is that every blog post you write, make sure that:

  • It delivers customers’ expectations.
  • It Provides valuable takeaway tips and tricks for the reader who engages with your blog posts.
  • It informs and offers actionable step by step to move the reader from one level of knowledge to the other.

Blog Post

If I write a blog post about how to start a blog and make money, my post should make sure that it takes a newbie from knowing little to nothing and move towards getting started and earning the money through that blog.

Our FREE course- Express 10K is a perfect blog example. It takes new bloggers through real business case studies, showing them exactly behind the scenes in a real business with no holding back step by step and over the shoulder as they build their own real business.

First Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post

Blog post ideas for writers

Writing your first blog post shouldn’t be something to worry too much about. Many new bloggers struggle to write their first blog post, and this is why I choose to write out some ideas for people looking for their first blog post ideas.

List of first blog post ideas

  1. Choose a topic you know very well, a topic you can competent with and ready for questions about it anytime. Alternatively, research about a topic if you don’t know much about it.
  2. People love to read a post with statistics and figures, it is important to share such data.
  3.  Create inspiring quotes relating to your keyword or topic.
  4. In details, write down the process you are taking in creating something.
  5. List of first blog post ideas Share the tactics you use to get results out.
  6. List the tactics other bloggers use in some of their topic or post.
  7. Create easy to use a template for your visitors to use and which saves time.
  8. Don’t forget to share how to make money in your niche.
  9. How fast and better to do something which is related to your topic.
  10. Talk about the common problems your target audience have and how to resolve them. Get a FREE domain with discounted Web Hosting With Cpanel And All Features To Start A Blog Even If [You are A Newbie]
  11. Create an inspiring post with what inspires you.
  12. Share some truth on how you go about your work and how you are making the best of what you do.
  13. Ask friends with online solutions to some problems you may have.
  14. Ask Other bloggers for advice on any problem you may have.
  15. Suggest to your audience what to read and where.
  16. Share with your audience free courses and products that would be helpful to them.
  17. Blog PostWrite detail FAQ on topics of your interest.
  18. Compare other bloggers to identify common things about them.
  19. Find common questions on forums and answer them.
  20. Join social groups online like facebook groups, find their questions and answer them if you can.
  21. Target problems your visitors have and provide answers or solutions.
  22. Pick some successful bloggers that are related to your niche and talk about some of their posts.
  23. Suggest what your audience can do and what they should avoid doing for best results.
  24. Offer your audience a chance to ask questions through email or comment box or offer to help with something.
  25. Share your experience and journey and how you got results.
  26. Share what books and recommendations that have helped you.
  27. While writing a blog post, answer your audience or readers questions.
  28. Blog PostSnoop on their blog comments and gather repeated questions and provide answers.
  29. Share what skills are vital for your chosen niche.
  30. Talk about the common mistakes about the topic you are writing about.
  31. Lessons to be learned from your experience.
  32. Write a list of blog links for guides purposes.
  33. Write a complete review of any products you use.
  34. Talk to other bloggers and ask them questions or for ideas on how you can improve your blog post.
  35. Write a thank you post thanking everyone who had helped you along the way.
  36. Share the latest headline news on your chosen topic.
  37. Make videos tutorials on some of your topics.
  38. Write about some common mistakes other bloggers make and suggest alternatives like what makes a good blog post.
  39. Do thorough keyword research using Keyword Everywhere, Adwords, BuzzSumo, KWFinder, StoryBase.

I really hope this helps someone out there struggling on What Makes A Good Blog Post?. Leave a comment below and share your own experience with Writing a blog post.

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